Beginners Guide To Corporate Photography

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If you want to pursue professional photography, you have to first be a visual learner. Corporate photography involves company brand promotion through photography and videography. Corporate photography is also known as event photography. Such photography is used by businesses to document their social events. Visual content is created to be included in the company reports, internal newsletters, and promotional activities.


There are two different types of corporate photography; they include portrait photography and event photography. Event photography refers to the pictures taken during any major company events such as sales and promotional events, Diwali and Christmas parties, seminars, and conferences.

If you are a budding photographer, fresh out of training, then you may have to watch and learn from experienced photographers. If you are keen to make a career in corporate event photography, then it is best to consult your seniors and take their guidance. You can also work as a trainee under experienced a senior photographer.

Let us explore some handy tips on corporate event photography:

Creative Shots

If you have to click pictures of a business event or meet wherein everyone is seated, it can be a bit tricky. You have to use your creativity to get vivid and engaging images. You can try different unique angles and perspectives so that the shots are also interesting. For example, a shot taken from between a floral arrangement can look beautiful. You have to look from an outsider’s point of view and visualise the broader picture.

Posed Fun Shots

Conference photography shots need not be plain or serious, the pictures can also be shot in a fun and relaxed way. If you are taking snaps of a dinner meeting, the normal grinning pictures can feel repetitive. As an event photographer, you can capture the essence of the moment for an amazing image to be uploaded on social media. Try to click images when the attendees are in a relaxed mode. You have to take images quickly so that people are not tired of posing for you.

Natural Lighting

As a professional photographer, you should know to use natural lighting from outside or inside the venue. Do not use flash or unnatural light as far as possible. Even the flash in a camera should be used sparingly. It is best to invest in superior photography equipment with a camera flash on/off option. You can also take sideways images and reduce the red-eye effect.

Plan Picture Usage

You should have a plan for the images beforehand. You can form an idea where to put the images like in your office event page, banner ads or Facebook posts. It is best to snap pictures according to their immediate usage. For instance, a training event can be used all year round as a promotional tool. Find out if the corporate function is a repeat event or a unique fresh event. In the case of repeat events, you have to make sure that you do not repeat the photos and also click snaps in a different way. The same mundane images may seem boring and can even affect your marketing plans.

As a beginner to the world of corporate event photography, you can work as an in-house photographer or a freelancer. You can find numerous career opportunities as a professional photographer. With some real talent and creativity up your sleeves, you can be successful in the field of videography and photography.

As an event photographer, you have to tell a compelling story for the benefit of the viewers and the target audience. You have to create power-packed images that capture the most wondrous moments of the events.

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