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Signage and advertising boards are an integral part of the component in terms of branding.

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Signage and advertising boards are an integral part of the component in terms of branding. Opting for the right kind of lighting, base, and color; however, can be a challenging task. For example, channel letters can either lay as a compliment to the front end of your store or the business to grab more customers. Custom LED channel letters or signage boards that are poorly made might have an opposite effect on the overall aspect of the business. 

Here is the quick guide to help you in guiding on how to design a beautiful LED channel letter that will elevate your business and get you the much-deserved business:

Benefits of channel letter signs

This article will guide you to show the basic reason why channel letter signage should be the right kind of your business:

● Visibility: Channel letter signage increases visibility especially when they are lighted.

● Durability: The aluminum and acrylic channel letters are made up of durable, one can expect channel letter signage that is being held in different kinds of weather for a prolonged time.

● Customization: Some numerous combinations and varieties are combined with the channel letter. The flexibility and variety is something that makes the whole signage choice; a perfect sign of the business.

● Longevity: LED channels have the set durability and they are energy efficient which works for many years.

It is important to know exactly what your brand wants, your mission and an overall image of your brand. One has to do research about your competition and with some decent examples of the channel letter, experts say that is important to design the signage keeping in mind the competitors and your mission

Size: One thing one must carefully consider is the proportion of the board, it doesn’t have to be too big or too small; look out for location and how far it is going to be placed from the road, the regulatory rules for the signage in your area.

Shape: Traditionally, the channel letter signs are cut keeping in the mind the individual letter and considering them as one unit. There are other elements like the inclusion of the logo and stylizing the pieces of the single section and illuminating them from the back. One can even use aluminum and acrylic to cut in the way without any boundation.

Font: Some businesses prefer a stylized and contemporary channel letter and are usually when the signage board is used for decoration than anything else. You want your signage to be legible and curated just for your business.

Color: One can consider their brand identity; be it local and the overall theme of their business. The color should be relevant to your business, one should make their sign more visible and placed in a legible distance. One wants to prepare signage that is curated and customized especially for their business and doesn’t blend into the surroundings. One should take care and pay attention to the building color, surroundings and what exactly you wish to convey. One can even include LED neon signs for more bifurcation.

Vida Signs- Your one-stop solution

You can opt for customized LED channel letter signage, one can design the way they want for their business. One has to tailor the signs to your business image to match the tone and style of their business. Considering the option carefully, editing several designs and choosing the one that speaks about your business the most.

Do you have queries about channel letter signage, contact Vida Signs for more information.


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