Attractive mountains

In this blog u will get to know the magic of mountains.

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Mountains are the beautiful and powerful creation of nature on this planet they are strong enough to destroy you approach them humbly.

Hi everyone m Shailesh semwal from uttarkashi, uttrakhand,india. a normal child of a normal family from my childhood I feel  special for mountains. because I belong to mountaineer family my father shiv prakash is also a mountaineer.first trek of my life in 2009 I was 15 years old and I get a chance to see the mountains (high mountains) first time and believe me I don't know what happened I just felt a deep connection with mountains.then after I did so many Trek's in uttrakhand Himalayas and one day 13/Oct/2015 I was in a trek called tapovan base camp of mount.shivling I wake up  so early in morning like 4:30 am automatically and it was so cold out there I came outside and I started watching shivlinga peak contiuesly. and first time in my life I felt something which is undescribable in words I have tears in my eyes I was so confused. that day i found that nature exists or super power or I m in a satisfied and peaceful state so the moral of story if u really want to conquer urself which is a different world full of joy so come near to nature or m so happy in my life no matter what happens I,ll remain same peaceful m happy because I love my work. Passion is the only thing which makes u happy and world will know you just keep going what you love to do in your life one life make it count not for others but for yourself.


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