Art & Music Therapy: The way To Physical And Emotional Well Being

Art and Music therapy offers healing properties that deal with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and other mental disorders. Read here!

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Art and music are highly valued because they are related to brilliant cognitive functioning and capturing the imagination. They make our hearts happy and bring joy to our souls. However, art and music are just limited to casual enjoyment, the creativity of art and music is being used by professional therapists to treat people of all ages with psychological disorders like depression, pediatric trauma, and other health conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s and even heart disease. It is being widely used in schools, hospitals, wellness, and centers for the elderly, private practices, for counseling the patients.

Art & Music Therapy: The way To Physical And Emotional Well Being


What Is Art And Music Therapy:

In Art therapy, the therapist guides the patient in using visual art to express and communicate his thoughts and feelings which he finds painful or difficult to express in words, by using materials like paints, pens, pencils, and many other types of materials.

Art therapy has especially proved beneficial in treating trauma, addictions, grief, anxiety, and stress. It helps the patients by uplifting their moods, resolving the confusion and conflicts of emotions, providing them personal fulfillment, reduces stress and helps them to know about themselves. All these factors help the patients to cope up with the pain and trauma of diseases and past experiences in a better way.

As obvious from the term music therapy, music is used to help and treat the patient in providing relief from hurt and pain to the patients suffering from sensory impairments and physical disabilities.

Music therapy involves listening to music, or singing, playing an instrument, or writing a song. A trained therapist guides the patient to indulge in these activities according to the patient’s interest and need. The music lessons are customized for individual goals. Music therapy improves motor and communication skills and has proved to be helpful for people living with medical conditions such as cancer or brain injuries. It also makes childbirth and labor a bit easier and less painful for women. Apart from reducing pain, music therapy also subsides loneliness and improves self-confidence.

Other Creative Arts Therapies:

Dance therapy: Dance therapy uses body movement to improve emotional health, social skills and physical abilities of a person living with mental or physical health problems. This therapy helps patients to express himself with his dance or body movements instead of using words. Dance therapy does not reduce stress but also improves health and body image and uplifts mood.

Dramatic Arts Therapy: Dramatic art therapy uses role-playing, scripts, or improvisations to help patients to express their emotions and confront through difficult or sensitive dramatic events or feelings. It has proved to be useful for people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, grief, or substance abuse.

Bibliotherapy: Bibliotherapy uses books and poetry specially selected to let the patient find his way to express himself and grow at a personal level. The selected books help the patient in learning to deal with mental, physical or social situations or problems by teaching them coping skills or showing them that problems are actually universal and there are many who are living or dealing with such problems. Bibliotherapy or poetry therapy can be used to treat relationship issues and past traumatic social situations.

Art and music therapy not only help in resolving many health issues but also improves self-esteem and personal growth.

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