Apple’s Best Strategies of the Latest AI Acquisition for its Products

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It has been a long time that all tech leaders across industries are working on Artificial intelligence. Whether a retail company or agriculture- almost all big companies across the world have been attempting to implement AI into their products. Perhaps, this is the prime reason that the market for artificial intelligence is developing faster.

Almost all tech giants are participating in the race for Artificial intelligence and Apple is ranking at the top. The total number of AI acquisitions that Apple has made since 2010 is 20. While Google and Microsoft have 14 and 10.

Now the question is how does Apple successfully beat the other tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft? It is about the new features that Apple has added to its iPhone. As an example, you can take the name of FaceID. Only by looking at this advanced feature, users can easily unlock their iPhone X. Even Apple Siri is another big example that comes out of AI acquisition.

To know more about Apple’s latest acquisition, you need to look at the following points.

Apple’s Biggest Achievements with the Latest AI Acquisition:

Apple has taken some big steps for AI Acquisition that help it to overtake other tech giants. In this section, we are going to mention the name of those companies that Apple has collaborated with and make a noticeable difference in its products than other competitors. So, without wasting time let's discuss.

Silk Labs

As per the report, for getting the best qualities of AI software, Apple acquires many companies. Silk laps, a Silicon Valley-based, is one of the best-known companies that produce the top qualities AI software. Even its AI products can easily fit in the consumer’s devices and help in detecting images and audios.

Since its crowdfunded smart home monitoring camera was top at the market when it was first launched in 2016. Apple’s main focus is to get privacy-centric AI and Apple instructs the same to Silk Lab to follow.

With the help of this company, Apple wants to use its deep learning models and thus makes an improvement with the anonymized data. Even its algorithms do not send any constant stream of videos to the cloud for training. Instead of that, only key learning moments will be captured.

Another big change happens when Apple chooses in October 2017. It is a small start-up that Apple selects for working on its personal assistant Siri.


This is another small start-up that is well-known for its facial recognition technology. Apple acquired Real face in February 2017 to include this technology to its iPhone so that users can unlock their device by using the front face camera.


Lattice is a California based company that experts in machine learning technology. They know how to make dark data machines and how to make them readable and usable. Though Apple does not have made any comments on how it is going to apply this technology, it is clear that Apple has some big plans for the team and technology.

Spectral Edge

Apple ties up with this UK based company to make a big change in its picture of smartphones. This company specializes in machine learning technology and is well known for making good quality pictures and accurate colors.

With the help of this startup, you can easily improve the overall depth of the photographs as well as the detail and color. The process that this startup uses is not only reliable for machine learning but also enhances the pictures by combining with the hardware and software.

Another great AI feature that can be found in Apple iPhone 11 pro camera is a triple-lens system. Spectral edge has already helped Apple to improve the quality of apple photos in low-light environments through its technology.

These triple lenses can be found at the back of pro and you can choose them in the pros’ interface. Although there are some differences can be found in them. Wide/ultra-wide and telephoto is one of the major differences between them.

If you compare the previous model with this latest version, you would find the new version that can capture better pictures than the old one. They have been designed in such a way that even in the low amount of natural or artificial light, you can get better quality pictures. Pro’s camera is equally capable and shoots videos in 4k resolution.

Concluding Words...

Hopefully, this page has given you enough information about Apple’s latest AI acquisition. Every tech company prefers to use smaller startups to improve AI and Apple is no exception. Apple ties up with different companies to enhance AI in its products. So, we expect that in the future, Apple will take several initiatives and will keep its position at the top.


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