Apple Might Be Releasing a "Drivable" iPhone Soon

Wait.... WHAT?

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You heard correctly: basically, an iPhone on wheels. Let's explain this accurately. For starters, those little smartphones you're holding onto called iPhones honestly aren't cutting it anymore, so the big bad wolf called Apple will be looking for new revenue channels based on the continual technology innovation society sees, everything from machine learning to, get this, self-driving cars.

We Know What You're Thinking, Though: Self-Driving Cars? Science Fiction.

Au contraire.... Science fact. Truly, though, this won't look anything like the iconic Total Recall of Ahnuld Schwarzenegger fame where you ache for a trip to Mars just to satiate your strange curiosity as in the clip:

Enough with the snark, of course. Let's be serious.... Self-driving cars are a real development we'll be seeing very soon. In fact, we're already seeing it right now with Google's Waymo making headlines, already testing automation in Phoenix, Arizona. It's a safe bet that other certain car companies like, well, Tesla Motors, perhaps, will jump on this Johnny cab and ride autonomously as the new innovation continues to evolve, but here's the thing:


Apple wants in on this untapped revenue channel that only began with the likes of EV and hybrid technology. And their self-driving car project Project Titan may be what propels the company into the next level beyond that if the iPhone. It may be the mother of all artificial intelligence projects -- and as you know, Apple's very interested in AI at the moment.

The company, however, as you can see, is totally behind Google at the moment. Not good. But, again, we're talking about Apple here. Even though Apple did lay off 200 employees from its self-driving car division, the fact is the cut was simply a reassignment toward Apple's AI division.

Case in Point, Apple May Be Holding Off on Self-Driving Cars, But Not on the Technology Behind It

The key phrase: it's all about artificial intelligence. If they get that right, we may be seeing that "iPhone on wheels" soon. Just not in twwooooooo weeeeeeks.

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