Appearances Are Deceptive: A Truth Unveiled

My neighbor Mr. Jefferson has always been a man of honor because he served in the military all his life.

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 Now, he has retired from his post and living his old life all alone. It is very sad to see a happy and friendly man living like this. There was a time when he lived here with his whole family; a beautiful wife and three sons, but no one knows what happened with them. Today, I helped him reaching out to different companies offering dumpster rental services in TX and I had a great time with him.

Recently, Mr. Jefferson’s house was under construction. The upper story was demolished, and a new room is now constructed there. Although he lives alone, his discipline and responsible nature compel him to maintain everything. Some people spread rumors that his children left him, and her wife ran away because of his overly perfect nature. Since I was a kid, this mystery has always revolved around my mind. I always wanted to engage myself in a talk with Mr. Jefferson but never dared to because of his expressionless facial features. Today was the day when fate decided to resolve the mystery of Mr. Jefferson.

I saw Mr. Jefferson walking here and there in distress soon after the construction work was done, and the contractors left. I was curious and excited at the same time because I got a chance to talk to him. I rushed out from my front gate and addressed him, “Is everything ok sir?” to which he just nodded his head. “I can help if you need anything.” This time, he looked up and called me in. He said, “You see this mess? This is why I am worried. I don’t know what to do with it. I am vigilant in everything, but with technology . . . you know I am an old man!” I got the idea that he was looking for a dumpster rental company in Houston TX. He was actually very friendly unlike the rumors about his temper. I knew about a company that was perfect to help Mr. Jefferson. I called them, and he took me in to wait for them to come.

He told me that people think his wife ran away while they were on a holiday whereas she was sick and wanted to die and be buried in her hometown in a countryside area. She died after a month when they went to her hometown. The rumors about the children were also not completely true because all Mr. Jefferson ever wanted was his sons to get a stable position to spend a secure life while all they wanted was their father to spend on them. “They didn’t leave me actually. I had to made them leave me for their better.” A tear rolled down from his eyes. Soon the technicians brought the dumpster and cleared all the debris. Mr. Jefferson thanked me for helping him get the best dumpster rental in Houston TX

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