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Who are we?

Everyone has a story to tell and an experience to share! Vigyaa is an online platform for bloggers and authors to publish their articles and stories to a mass global market. Founded by Jitin Tuli and Gaurav Goel, their passion for story telling has allowed them to reach the creative minds of bloggers and authors around the globe and bring their stories to passionate online readers.

Vigyaa's core is centered on evolving ideas through knowledge. As a hub focused on the power of storytelling, we thrive on real world accounts of global events. Our content spans across several culturally relevant and universally advanced topics. We invite you to share your story, your experience and expertise with us and engage in conversations that matter. Connect with the world and let everybody know what you think. Become a writer - because your story is the most powerful way to inspire millions of people along their journey and help them to branch out beyond the world they know.

Our story

Vigyaa is a platform that was created to highlight ideas that make us think. As thought leaders we invite bloggers and authors to challenge their audiences with provoking articles that will create buzzing topics among your very own Vigyaa audience.

We are looking for articles that solve problems rather than get caught in the problems. Articles that deliver inspirational stories and give people hope, allowing them to question their ability to become better individuals through consuming our provoking article content.

We encourage fun, playful and crazy entertaining stories that are centered on making us think. Think thoughts that actually take us forward in a human race. At Vigyaa you will find articles ranging from technology, to lifestyle, to business strategy and on society. We carefully curate articles written by famous writers and authors and serve to you in our own unique manner. Anyone can upload their articles on Vigyaa. Front page articles are then chosen by our editorial team. The cooler your thoughts, the better your ideas, the more likely you are to land on the front page.


Vigyaa.com is an online self-publishing platform where you will find massive collection of handpicked articles from expert authors all over the world.
We welcome all the new and experienced authors to write on our platform and reach to highly-targeted traffic instantly.


Vigyaa is a platform that was created to highlight ideas that make us think. We are looking for articles that solve problems, rather than get caught in the problems. We seek inspirational stories that give people hope. We want thought provoking ideas that will turn us into better humans. We want fun and playful and crazy entertainingtoo, but we want it all to make us think. Think thoughts that actually move us forward as a human race.

Benefits of Writing on Vigyaa:

We are a thought provoking and inspirational forum; content found on the front page is of high quality; it’s a respected place to

- be seen

- we pay to promote the front page articles

- we have good traffic

- two line sales pitch (if wanted) and bio under each article, as well as links within the article (SEO, marketing)

Brand Guidelines:

- inspirational

- thought provoking

- looking for solutions

- backed by facts/science/studies when relevant

Guidelines for Submitting a Post:

- All posts must be at least 500 words. Posts that are 1,000+ words have a better chance of making the front page and have a higher chance of ranking well.

- Your article should have a catchy title, long shelf life

- Your article should have an introduction, or brief description of the article contents.

- Your article should have a conclusion or takeaways.

- The article you are going to submit should be:

 a. Well-written, thus without abusing passive voice, obvious grammar mistakes and typos; use spellcheck and Grammarly (www.grammarly.com) to check your post before submitting it.

 b. Well-written, thus without abusing passive voice, obvious grammar mistakes and typos; use spellcheck and Grammarly (www.grammarly.com) to check your post before submitting it.Well-readable, clear structured meaning it should have sub-headlines, bullet-pointed lists and be broken down into paragraphs that are no longer than 6 lines.

- You may import articles you’ve written for other sites, given you own the copyright and it’s evergreen content (i.e. forever relevant), or seasonally appropriate (for example, top social media trends in 2016 is no longer relevant, but your Christmas recipe in 2016 is probably still relevant for Christmas in 2019, so long as you post it around Christmas time). We do encourage new content, however.

- Use relevant, high-quality, images for your posts — you need to own the copyright to the images, or use copyright free images (images in the public domain). You can find free images on sites like www.pexels.com. Please state the photographer’s name where possible.

- You can upload your own, or import videos from YouTube when relevant.

- You may use outbound links that improve the overall experience of our community. No more than 2 do-follow links should point back to any particular domain. While lots of internal links make sense on your site, on ours they can come across as being spammy. Articles with more than three links to one domain risk being deleted.

- Don't make claims that can't be backed up; focus on facts, and not opinions. Opinion pieces that don’t make claims are, on the other hand, welcome.

- Always site your sources at the bottom of the article, numbering them within the article.

- You may not copy someone else’s article and pass it off as your own. We use Copyscape to check articles and any articles we find that use plagiarism will be deleted from the platform.

- “Spinning” another person’s work is strictly prohibited.

- While not required, it’s recommended you write in short sentences, break up large blocks of text with bold headings and bullet your major points.

- While we may contact you with an offer to edit your article if we are interested in featuring it on the front page, chances are that poor spelling and grammar will ensure your article does not end up on the front page.

- You may not post content that is hateful, or pornographic, nor link to sites that are hateful or pornographic in nature.

- You may not post content that is illegal in nature, nor link to illegal sites.

- To be featured on the front page, you need to adhere to above guidelines — we are seeking inspirational and thought provoking posts that foster ideas to be born from reading them. Good luck!

It is challenging for writers and bloggers to get their brand and message in front of an audience. Vigyaa offers writers and bloggers the opportunity to build a brand from a platform that hosts a group of international authors and allows you to leverage your stories to the world from our unique platform.

You will engage with a network of readers who will take interest in following you and keeping their eyes open for your next exciting articles. This social platform will allow you to engage and connect with people looking to either pass time, build their knowledge base or even just read and share your interesting pieces to their networks.

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