Application: Shop Till You Drop needs no introduction today and with the application, it is surely setting some high standards.

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Amazon’s customers who like to use smartphones and tablets for buying products have two options. You can search for on their web browser, and then search for the product, but this is definitely a long and irritating process.

You l need to navigate the full website on your mobile or tablet. However, those who are smart will choose the second option. It is a simpler and more swift solution. All you need to do is download the free application. And it will open the gates of a whole new shopping experience for you. You would be able to buy goods, check out new and highly recommended products and create your own wish lists of the products you desire to buy. That’s not all! You can also use the camera of your device to scan real-world items like books, clothing, and more in the marketplace's database without searching manually for them.

The Basics

Signing up on the app is a fairly easy task which takes only a minute or two. You can sign in either by using your existing Amazon account credentials or you can create a new account and start fresh. After signing in Amazon will display some recommended products in some categories just like the way you see on You will get the recommendations for Prime Instant Video movies and television shows but only if you subscribe to Amazon Prime for which you will need to install a Prime Instant Video app.


Unlimited Features

Android users who have installed Amazon Music With Prime Music app on their Android smartphones or tablets also get to enjoy the benefits of automatic digital music downloads. It is a very cool feature, but one can argue the need for three different apps. It would have been better if the music downloads and the video watching were included in the main app. Installing three different apps on your smartphone's home screen doesn’t seem like a very cool idea.

Browsing and Scanning

With the application, you get to browse by category. Navigation is swift and very simple. You can swipe in any direction, from left and right to up and down. However, the interface is a bit cluttered and broken as the product icons displayed on the application are too large for the on-screen platform.

Searching or browsing for a product on application is also easy. You can search for items manually by going to the search box and typing the term or product name or by using the integrated barcode reader. For barcode activation, you need to tap the barcode reader icon which is located in the search box at its far-right side. Hold your smartphone or tablet in landscape mode so that you can fit a product's barcode in the orange viewfinder.

The barcode reader works fast and swiftly. It not only recognizes the barcodes of the products it also pulls up the associated product pages to make the purchase easy for you. But it won’t work right in dim light.

There is also an alternate scanning feature known as Flow. It allows the app to recognize the items without a barcode. It can scan the items like the front of a magazine, a Blu-ray disc, etc by pulling up product pages that are related to the images. Flow and the barcode reader help you a great deal in comparison shopping when you are shopping in the malls or shops. Once you add the product of your interest to the cart or your wish list the application allows you to review the purchased products. You can read product reviews and have a look at the recently viewed items.


Buy Anything And Everything has emerged as the most favorite online shopping store in the world. You get what you want and that too at a very reasonable price. From the customer care support system to the exchange and return policy everything has been designed by keeping the customer comfort and satisfaction their priority. Those who frequently visit will surely have an application on their Android smartphone or tablet. Other than providing you the Amazon shopping experience you get access to some other additional features, that makes it a breeze to compare Amazon's prices while shopping. The application may not be perfect but it definitely gives you good online shopping experience. 

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