Amazon Prime Application, Value For Money

Amazon Prime Application is a competitive service that offers a variety of choices to its subscribers.

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Amazon Prime application is a value for money application that offers multiple features like, TV, music and movie streaming. The best part is the free next day delivery of the chosen items. Other than these amazing features, Amazon Prime application is also loved for its outstanding value and the other perks that the subscribers get every now and then.

However, there are a few things that go against this application. First is that you cannot run this app on your desktop and second that its ecosystem can really lock you in.

Amazon Prime Application: All You Should Know

Amazon launched Amazon Prime in 2005 in the US and in Europe in 2007 as a free shopping scheme. With time, Amazon has been continuously adding new features to Prime, making it a must-have and the most favorite service throughout the world.

Apart from free and fast delivery, there are also a number of other benefits, like music and movie streaming, and availability of a huge collection of movies and TV shows available through Amazon Prime Instant Video. All this for just $10.99/month in the US or £7.99/month in the UK. The annual subscription is cheaper than the monthly subscription as it is $119 in the US and £79 in the UK.

Amazon first gives you the benefit of a one month free trial for the Amazon Prime application. Amazon also gives you the reset option and the facility of a free one month trial if you've been away for very long from Amazon Prime, like more than 2 years or something like that. Amazon takes special care of the Amazon Prime application subscribers. Every July Amazon celebrates Amazon Prime day when Prime subscribers get the benefit of exclusive offers and deals. It's a win-win situation for both the customers and Amazon as they both benefit from it.


What Exactly Amazon Prime Application Offers:

Free shipping

The next-day delivery facility is the most loved feature of Amazon Prime in the UK and the two-day delivery is the most favorite in the US. Amazon has also come up with the same-day delivery but in limited areas. Prime Now, goes a mile ahead and delivers you certain items only in 2 hours or less.

Free Kindle books Prime's Kindle Lending Library

Amazon Prime membership gives you access to a free ebook every month from the Kindle First service and to a free book from the Amazon Kindle Lending Library. As an Amazon Prime member, you get to borrow one book from the Kindle store in a month. Among the 600,000 titles that are included in the Library deal, series like Harry Potter books are also included. Interestingly, the whole series is considered as one book. The "Kindle Unlimited" service has been designed by keeping in mind book lovers. It costs $9.99/month in the US and £7.99/month in the UK. You can borrow almost any Kindle book by subscribing to this service.


Amazon Prime Video

The subscribers get access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service on Amazon Prime application with hundreds of your favorite movies and TV shows. Though Amazon Prime application offers all these services Amazon Video only alone is actually worth the Prime subscription. This is because it is way cheaper than Netflix’s annual subscription. Everything else on the Amazon Prime application should be considered as a bonus. Amazon Prime Instant Video, the streaming video service is an important part of Amazon Prime application which is very impressive and value for money service. You can avail this service through various apps and all sorts of smart devices. Like Netflix, Amazon also gives you the freedom to download shows to your devices and that helps you to watch your favorite videos in the flight without disturbing anyone. But you can only download 25 items on one account. But this restriction is limited to your account and not your device.

You have to pay for 'not included with Prime'

Prime Video no doubt is an excellent service. You get to see the excellent shows and films through this service. But the only spoiler is that not every show or video is free. Amazon Prime Instant Video is not included in your subscription. You will need to pay for them separately. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime lacks clarity here.


Prime Music

Amazon Prime Application also provides Prime Music, where you get access to free music streaming of millions of tracks. With Prime Photos you get to back up your photographs from your phone or computer. The best thing about the Amazon Prime Music service is that it permits you to upload your own music too. You get to keep the backup of the music that you buy from Amazon and those tracks directly add to your online streaming package. This works like Google Photos or Apple's iCloud - files are automatically uploaded so you know your shots are always backed up, and you get unlimited storage too.

Best Picture and sound quality

Amazon offers 4K and HDR video. Its collection of TV shows and movies is growing and getting better and better with every passing day. Amazon seals deal with international broadcasters to entertain its subscribers by their shows. It also invests a lot in creating its own content. Amazon Prime runs best on the Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Pantry

You will need to pay an extra $5.99 delivery charge in the US (£2.99 in the UK) for this service. You get a box in which you can fill various items of your choice like bottled water, confectionery, and other supplies.

The free shipping deals that are offered from time to time make Amazon Pantry an attractive deal. But Amazon's grocery and household goods is a complicated business. It has three different services that sell the same range of things but at different prices. For example, Amazon Fresh is an additional monthly subscription for Prime membership.

Amazon Prime application is an incredible service that comes with numerous benefits. Subscribe it because it is cheap and very useful.

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