All You Need To Know About Jaundice - Cause, Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

We all are aware of the term jaundice. So, what is Jaundice? The disease is also known as Icterus. It is a greenish and yellowish skin pigmentation, and the white part of the eyes also turns to yellow

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We all are aware of the term jaundice. So, what is Jaundice? The disease is also known as Icterus. It is a greenish and yellowish skin pigmentation, and the white part of the eyes also turns to yellow. The face becomes pale, and urine changes its color. Kids, adults anyone can face this. Even newborn baby also can have Jaundice. In some children, the bilirubin levels are very high. Your skin color and the color of the eye depends on the bilirubin level.

What Is Bilirubin?

Bilirubin is the main reason for Jaundice. We all are much aware of this. Do you know what Bilirubin is precise? It is nothing but a waste material which can be found in the blood. Moderate bilirubin level leads to a yellowish color, while higher degree leads to brownish. It is dangerous if anyone has a high level of Bilirubin. From research, it is clear that more than 60% of infants face Jaundice in the United States of America. It can occur any time, at any age. It indicates the liver problem or bile duct problem.

Facts of Jaundice

The leading cause of Jaundice is Bilirubin. It is a waste material of the human body. It is found in our blood. Skin tone becomes yellow, the white portion of the eye also become yellow, as well as urine too. You might feel like itching

Risk Factors

Too much bilirubin production can lead to Jaundice.

Bile duct inflammation- The bile duct inflammation stops the bile secretion and removes Bilirubin which causes Jaundice

Obstruction of the bile duct

Hemolytic anemia- bilirubin production increase when a large number of red blood cell broke down

Gilbert's syndrome

Cholestasis- interrupts the bile flow from the liver. Bile consists of conjugated Bilirubin which remains in the liver.

Jaundice Symptoms

Some of the unavoidable symptoms are

Pale stools

Yellowish skin tone


Dark urine

Abdominal pain


Weight loss



Complications Of Jaundice

Itching in Jaundice is common. It can be intense. Patients scratch their raw skin, face sleeping disorder (insomnia). Some in extreme case-patients tend suicide. For example, the bile duct obstruction is the reason for Jaundice.

Medication For Jaundice

Jaundice can be induced due to several reasons, so the target treatments are also different depending upon the causes. They can be Hepatitis induced; Anaemia produced or due to some obstruction. If it's due to Hepatitis, then a doctor might give you anti-viral medicines with support of steroids to boost body strength. While for Anaemia induced reasons, doctors prescribe iron tablets or syrups and recommend food rich in iron content. For obstructions, doctors usually perform a surgery to get rid of the same. Sometimes few medicines also cause the liver to malfunction as a side effect resulting in Jaundice, for that case Doctor change the dose and move to other drugs.

Diet For Jaundice

Jaundice is pretty much everything about the liver malfunction. So we must offer our liver a balanced diet and stuff that it can quickly assimilate. Other than the support by medicines which physicians are giving, you must have a proper diet to follow on.

Diet should be focussed on lowering the Bilirubin content in the body to the recommended level. Ingest as much fluid you can to your body, keep your body hydrated. Water helps to catalyze the digestion process and let's go easy on the liver. It is advisable to take purified water. Having RO system in the house is the best option.

During the whole period of Jaundice, the patient must take purified water. In-case if the RO water purifier is not working correctly, go for the RO repair. Contact an RO repair near me or Kent RO Service and fix your RO machine, so that you can get clean, purified water. Have 3 litres of water at least every day.

Fruits and fresh vegetables is another essential thing to have this time as they have loads of antioxidants like lemon, oranges, tomatoes, olives, rooted veggies, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, berries and many more. It's just that when you have Jaundice, you don't want to eat as you always feel that you might puke so you have to win over that and have your diet correctly. High calorie and fat-rich oily items must be avoided as they are difficult to digest. In staples, you can have rice, oats. For proteins, you should rely on fish, soya but avoid red meat. Fishes like salmon which are rich in omega 3 are excellent for the liver as it neutralizes other fatty acids. You should avoid alcohol, canned food with preservatives, smoked items, etc.  


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