All About Purity & Innocence: What Does A White Aura Mean?

If you ever need to answer the question that what does a white aura mean you should say that it is all about purity and innocence.

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The purest of them all, white auras signify the profound purity of an individual that makes them shine inside out. This aura never succumbs to corruption or negative energies like hatred and envy. Infants are the purest souls, free from anything that is negative and fake. It is believed that most of the infants are surrounded by a white aura. It is with life, experiences and various emotions that their auras change. 

It’s not that only infants have this untainted and innocent white aura. In fact, some adults, who have strong spiritual connections and are true and selfless, also possess white auras. Orange aura and blue aura are also considered as spiritual auras.

Personality Traits For White Auras

As we discussed above, the white aura is the purest and the most innocent, let’s get to know about the other personality traits of white aura.

Healing and Protective:

The white aura is associated with healing but not in a conventional sense. As a reflective aura, white often wards off bad energy and negative auras by their presence alone. White aura individuals are very protective by nature. They like to stand for the weak and protect vulnerable people from their enemies real or imagined.  Red aura personalities are also protective but only for their loved ones.


Empathetic :

Not traditional empaths though, white aura individuals are empathetic. They are similarly prone to be drawn to those in need. Those who have a white aura can easily sense that something wrong is going on or someone is facing a bad time. But their innocence often works against them as they may be perceived as cunning or deceitful. Their desire to help others often gets them manipulated. Purple aura shares this quality with a white aura.

Spiritual and Divine:

Being the purest aura, the white aura individual is also the most divine and spiritual. They have a strong connection with the omnipotent and omnipresent and are protected by angels. These individuals can come out safe even under the most catastrophic situations. White aura individuals are gentle, kind and wholesome people. They are honest, loyal, selfless and untouched by any malice. But like every other aura, white aura too can change. The children lose it while growing up and become less immune to the surrounding energies.


Love And Friendship For White Aura

White aura individuals are nurturing and caring. Friendship and love with white aura are smooth and easy. You may lose their friendship and support the moment you deviate from the right path. You must keep them close because they will always be there to help you.

However, friendships with white aura individuals can be demoralizing for the average individuals who have their own flaws and negatives. They will feel judged, unworthy and guilty too as they will compare their flaws with the goodness of the white aura owners. Whites have very high morals and they are often motivated by a higher power to work for the betterment of humanity. This can become very irritating and frustrating for their partners who find it hard to relate to this concept.

“White sheets are the easiest to stain, the same can be said for individuals with a white aura too. They are pure and naive. It is a great responsibility to be in a relationship with white Aura individuals as they have to protect them from the deception and abuse by cunning and clever people. The white aura individuals can protect everyone but not themselves. They will love as truly and deeply as possible but their innate desire to help and heal others will not let them focus only on you. Therefore, if you ever get to be in a relationship with a white aura individual, you know that you will need to protect them without blocking their path.


Suitable Workplaces For White Aura

People with white auras need social interaction and they work best in fields where they can communicate with people and work for their benefit. They won’t be able to perform and will remain unfocused if their job lacks these traits. Working with NGO’s, rescue organizations, or getting into occupations such as nursing or therapy brings happiness and satisfaction to them. They are devoted workers and will never create problems at the workplace. The motives are always well-intentioned and just like the yellow aura, they never hesitate from making the biggest sacrifices just to help someone in need.

To conclude we can say that the white aura personifies purity, divinity, loyalty, and honesty. They are very sensitive and selfless and will always be there in your hour of need. 

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