All About Love: When To Call Him Your Boyfriend

You are happily floating in the wonder-fizz of a fresh new relationship.

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You might be dating the most happening man that every woman desires. You are happily floating in the wonder-fizz of a fresh new relationship. Does the question click in everyone's mind at what time he is ready to be your boyfriend? It seems a bit confusing and yes it is. Maybe instead of focusing on him, you should think about how you feel. So here are a few points that you need to focus on and notice them and before calling him your boyfriend. Just be sure about everything before taking a step ahead towards any relationship.

Some of the few noticeable points in him are as follows:

1. He Plans a Date for You

To be honest does he plans anything sweet for you, that still counts. Some guys you will find interesting they actually can plan great things, that you are not aware of. You just want someone who takes the time to think about you and wants to make sure that you are happy.

2. He Is Upfront About Where his head is at

Have you ever wondered about the vague feeling? It’s not cool to be vague about how you feel about someone you’ve been dating. Some guys are much attractive but they do not have guts to say that they are really into you. If you guy does so then he is a keeper.

3. He can end your evening gracefully

It’s a bit crazy how politely and smartly he handles you. The relationship is not about expensive gifts or dinner nights. If you’re sitting with each other then he must be a good finisher of the evening. Like making your night more special with a single kiss that is witnessed by the stars. Trust me! He is boyfriend material. Even little things can build a stronger relationship.

4. His friends and family know about you

Weirdly, many of them take the step to make genuine efforts in the relationship. If he won’t introduce you to his friends and family then he can’t be a perfect boyfriend. Moreover, you are now part of his life so he should never hesitate to allow you to meet his friends and family.

5. What you both like

You both love music or travel either belongs to the homebody society. You share similar interests. Their company doesn’t make you boring. You should respect each other whether you have different or the same hobby.

6. Priority to Career

This is a pretty big deal and can end the strongest relationship before it begins. You don’t want to be with someone who makes you feel bad about your work. He should understand that your career is important and discussing it can be better. Sometimes your ideas clash but trust me that your career should be the priority to you.

7. Fun with him

It is more fun to be with him you never find him boring. And he is always ready to make you laugh no matter what the situation is and where you are. He’ll try to bring you to your comfort zone and that will be a great effort. Dating is sometimes stressful but not with the right person.

8. You see the future together

You’re not into a boyfriend label just for the show-off. You guys are heading up together towards a new beginning and he is ready for all those responsibilities. You should be sure that you see a bright future with him. Well! that depends on your choices.

If all these things have happened to go ahead and talk to him.                                    


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