Add An Extra Glow to Your Wedding Day with These Bridal Makeup Tips

Whether it’s glowing skin and rosy cheeks, or a full glam face, read our tips on how to choose your bridal makeup look so that you can present the best version of yourself on your big day.

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You’ll naturally be glowing already on your big day, but sometimes you just need a little boost to help you radiate that little bit more - bright-eyed and ethereal. 

Do your research

Browse Pinterest, Instagram, and bridal magazines and see what kind of looks you fall in love with. It might be that you’ll feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of different wedding looks that appeal to you: natural, bold, vintage, classic, glamorous, boho, edgy…

It might be tempting to drift toward current fashion trend, but remember that a timeless look won’t appear dated or tacky when you’re looking back on your wedding photos decades from now. It’s your wedding day, so ultimately you are free to make yourself up in whatever style you choose - but often with bridal looks, less is more.

Collate examples of your favourite looks into a mood board, if it helps.

Coordinate your makeup to your dress and venue

When thinking about wedding makeup, be mindful of what styles will complement your choice of wedding theme and décor. Does the look match the aesthetic of your dress and venue? Going full glam with a traditional, modest-cut dress in a rustic countryside venue may feel a little incohesive… A dramatic dress can pair well with more dramatic makeup, but if you have a more traditional, romantic gown, then softer makeup will complement this look best.

There is nothing wrong with blending different styles to your own style and preference. In fact, it can even make for a wonderfully unique and memorable wedding. But make sure that it still makes sense.

How will you be wearing your hair?

If you already know how you’ll be wearing your hair, find photos of makeup looks paired with your chosen hairstyle.

Will you be wearing your hair up or down? An out-of-your-face updo will emphasis your face so unless you’re going super dramatic, every makeup detail is going to look bolder.

Make sure you’re comfortable

Don’t stray too far from what you’re already comfortable with. If you don’t usually wear makeup but are looking at heavy full-face looks, you may feel self-conscious or uncomfortable on the day. Similarly, if you wouldn’t usually be seen dead without false lashes and full-coverage foundation then you may feel a little over-exposed with a nude face. If you don’t feel comfortable au naturale, then your lack of confidence will show in photos and amongst your guests. Displaying a little innocence and vulnerability with a natural face is a popular bridal look, but not everyone has the confidence for it and that’s okay. Just be aware of your comfort zone, on both ends of the spectrum, as you’re browsing makeup looks.

You still want to look like yourself, after all! It’s about looking like a more perfect, more polished you. Enhancing your natural beauty; not experimenting with your look to the point where you’re hardly recognisable. (You will, however, most probably be wearing a little more makeup than you might ordinarily be used to…)

If you feel confident, then you will look confident.

Prepare yourself for the big day!

Most of your preparations, you may think, will have things to do with skin beauty - ensuring that your complexion is flawless far in advance. But don’t neglect things that you might need on the day itself! This means that you absolutely should be packing a touch-up kit.

If you’re not going to have your wedding makeup artist on hand all day, then you will want to keep some basics on you so that you can touch up throughout the day.

Think blush, powder, tissues, lip gloss… Maybe emergency eyeliner in case you need to neaten it up and are confident in wielding an eyeliner wand or pencil! The most important thing is that you feel confident about how you look. One of the worst things you can feel on the day of your wedding is unconfident.

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