Achieving Security Without Compromising Our Humanity

Security issues must be dealt with seriously. However, once addressed, there should be no barrier to a warm welcome.

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Skimming through headlines on one’s mobile, it is clear we live in very uncertain times – with security (or the lack thereof) being a topic of recurrent discussion.

The articles are often negative, focusing on the seemingly endless number of potential threats.

This led me to wonder, how we can achieve a secure world without creating a society in which people are suspicious of everything and everyone?

In the following, I attempt to build a foundation for how we - as businesses and in society - can tackle security issues without losing our humanity.

Security Not a New Issue

The level of security seems to have heightened within companies and organizations, which is understandable, but where is the warm welcome? It appears to be put to one side while certain measures are double-checked.

The dilemma posed is simple: if someone is coming to your office for the first time, they have to get past security. While reception passes on the message that your client has arrived, the client’s first impression will be dictated by how they are greeted downstairs.

But no matter how well trained and polite reception staff is, they will still have to take on an interrogatory role. The client is forced to wait while reception confirms that they are indeed who they say they are. 

Harnessing the Speed of Modern Communication

The way to bypass this barrier lies in the speed of communication and the fact that you and the client know each other already.

Instead of the client running the necessarily frosty gauntlet of reception in the traditional manner, what if he could contact you and then you contact the reception desk in advance? Thus, providing smooth entry to your company.

The difference is subtle but absolutely central:

Instead of arriving as a stranger and a vague potential threat, the valuable client arrives at reception to a prepared welcome.

We know who you are, we’ve been expecting you, we’re looking forward to your visit and your visitor badge is already prepared.

New Technology Means New Opportunities

The levels of technology that we possess today have developed at a stunning speed. Ideas that were pure science fiction only 20 years ago are now mundane and workaday occurrences.

Security tech has certainly become a priority in recent years, but that is only because there is the potential of new threats.

With this technology being used in so many applications, it is important to bridge the gap between humanity and cold risk analysis – a gap that seems to be getting wider and more entrenched every day.

Striking the Right Chord for Future

Something that will strike a chord with just about everyone is the simple belief that, generally speaking, people are good and civil to one another. Behind our security frameworks lies a universal human warmth.

Security issues must be dealt with seriously. However, once addressed, there should be no barrier to a warm welcome. Hugs, smiles and hearty handshakes can all emerge with confidence if security issues are addressed efficiently with the aid of technology.

First impressions are vital. In business, the first impression can literally mean the difference between getting that contract or not, or between the client taking to you and your business or feeling that it’s not a good fit.

If we can extend a warm welcome to our clients, then we possess edge in an uncertain world. We can embrace and welcome new clients and acquaintances into our businesses and homes with human compassion, and forgo uncomfortable security waits. 


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