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Welcome to Vigyaa – The Place Where We Serve the Exact Information that You Need and When You Need it

A New Way to Consume Content That Improves Your Knowledge and Understanding

In the digital mobile-first world, we all create, consume, and share a variety of content in equal measure. Our personal rise in expectation levels is also responsible for creating an on-demand economy where we can get our hands on almost any product or service with minimal effort.


We stream music and movies through services such as Spotify and Netflix, but in an age of disruption, our consumption of web content is beginning to feel a little dated. For example, sharing a series of articles or blog posts involves sending links that will arrive in blue underlined text, which then forces the recipient to drift between a browser and their messaging app of choice each time they click on the URL.


Equally, when reading or researching a particular subject on any publishing platform, it quickly becomes difficult to explore other relevant information on the same topic without having to perform another search. In an era where tech giants such as Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb are building their success by removing pain points or unnecessary steps, how we learn through online content remains largely the same.


After reading an online article or researching a particular subject on any publishing platform, users often feel the urge to go on an online quest for additional knowledge to find the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. But knowledge absorption shouldn't have to be a magical mystery tour. These are just a few of the pain points that the founders set out to solve and create an alternative to the tired and disjointed approach to digesting and learning from content online.


Vigyaa is headquartered in the New Delhi, India and was founded by Jitin Tuli and Gaurav Goel. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Jitin had been producing content for Films and TV since 2003 decoding market needs and content production. Gaurav is a 2nd generation entrepreneur from a large business group, Essel Group. Armed with a keen eye for understanding user perspective and appreciation for simplicity in processes, the creation of Vigyaa was inevitable.


The founders embarked on a mission to give readers more of what they want, without having to flip between browser tabs and apps by leveraging advances in machine learning and AI technology. These advancements have enabled Vigyaa to create a publishing platform fit for the future that provides readers with more articles that interest them without having to leave the platform.


What makes Vigyaa unique from other platforms is that it shows anchor texts to relevant information that appear immediately. Whereas services such as Wikipedia only provide links to its own content, Vigyaa unites all sources of valuable information from multiple platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.


For example, if you are looking at an article on cryptocurrency or cybersecurity, imagine being able to further explore relevant content on the topic without having to search or open another tab. Vigyaa offers an alternative experience where everything related to the subject is provided for you, without having to leave your browser.


Ultimately, Vigyaa’s aim is not just about increasing retention rates, but more importantly, delivering an excellent understanding of every article users read by surrounding them with all the supporting sources that they need. Having one location, where you have access to all the information on a topic from a variety of credible sources feels like a game changer moment.


The problem with the current digital content landscape is that it is failing everyone. When consuming or producing content, the authors and visitor’s goals conflict with each other in the current format. Readers want to save valuable time and digest their information in the most efficient manner possible and also increase their knowledge and understanding of their chosen subject.


By contrast, authors are looking to increase their audience or following, and the publisher is motivated by the length of time users spend on their platform.  The needs and requirements of all involved parties highlight why the current ecosystem is broken.


Online users from the global community now expect the same seamless online experience across a myriad of devices. These are just a few reasons why the team at Vigyaa are passionate about delivering one web journey across mobile apps and desktops browsers.


By providing readers with additional resources alongside articles, the startup is enhancing the reading experience. Research also shows that this new approach is improving understanding of any subject by up to 20%.


Essentially, this next generation publishing platform is implementing a new way to consume content that works for everyone. Leveraging AI technology to provide users with the exact information they are searching for while also increasing their level of understanding of any online content they consume is long overdue.


In a digital world, it’s often reported that there are few words more damaging to a company than "We've Always Done It This Way." Vigyaa not only gets this, but they are actively doing something about it by enabling the global community to upgrade how they learn from online content on any device and at any time.