A Holiday Trip To The USA For The Way Farmers of Dubai

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Coming holiday season, Dubaites can pep up their travel plans. The vacation time can be for adventure, soul seeking, happy time with the family, etc and the wanderlust catches the fancy of all. After all, our lifetime is too small and living monotonously gives us just about enough knowledge to fill a page in the book called ‘the world’.

Traveling to exotic and fascinating locations is all about experiencing a new culture, cuisine, and climate. If enjoying contrasts and vividness is on your cards for your next vacation, then the United States is the best destination to backpack to and set your wayfarer’s mode on.

This democracy is the land of Silicon Valley with countless rags-to-riches stories. There is endless evidence that creativity and the right attitude can be the springboard to building great nations. Here people of different ethnicities and religions live together with common ideologies. A vacation trip to the USA is almost like experiencing the flavors of life in every other country on the earth.


In Dubai, it is summer time almost throughout the year and the scorching Sun reigns supreme in the vacation months of April and May. The United States of America, being a huge country, falls under continental, tropical, and temperate zones. It is also possible to have a brush with homely aridness.

The vivacious reason is, however, that the travel may not cost you a fortune. There are numerous cheap holiday packages from Dubai to look into. The USA tour packages like ‘super budget America’ cost AED 9999 per person whereas the ‘Exclusive America’ costs AED 17500 per person. The plus point with the latter is that a child’s travel is free of cost.

Super Budget America:

This tour package has a total duration of 10 days. Facilities such as accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing arrangement, guide, and taxes are included.

On the first day, you land in the commercial and financial city of New York. Then you move on to planned visits to the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and World Trade Center observatory.

Day 3 of the trip is for the national capital Washington D.C. Here one cannot afford to miss the White House. The unique The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum is also the part of the guided tour.

On day 4, one can have the best of the chocolate world in Hershey’s chocolate factory. Then you embark on a long drive to the city of Buffalo where one can have a glimpse into the Polish culture.

On day 5, you have a most enthralling visit to the Niagara Falls. After the visit, one flies straight to the east coast city of San Francisco. This city has a pleasant climate with year-round fog. The Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars, and distinctive skyscrapers add further verve to the trip. The architecture of the local houses takes one back to the Victorian era.

On day 7, you get to finally tick off Las Vegas on your bucket list! The dazzling city with casinos and hippie culture is every wayfarer’s delight.

On day 8, Fremont Street and neon light strip usher in a new zing. Hiking, mule trips to Arizona’s Grand Canyon are arranged.

On day 9, one lands in the epicenter of Hollywood: Los Angeles. The Universal Studios, the Disneyland park, Hollywood Walk of Fame- Sojourning here is surreal, dream come true experience for many. The rich movie and entertainment world becomes live in Hollywood Boulevard.

On day 10, one bids adieu to this wonderland and flies back home with memories to be cherished for life. This is one of the best and not-to-be-missed cheap holiday packages from Dubai.

The ‘Exclusive America’ might be slightly on the higher end but comes with free travel cost for a single child. So if the family also includes a child, then this might be a more economic option than most.

Moreover, this tour is for 15 days and gives you ample time to shop. When coupon offers are applied, the cost reduces to AED 15000 per person. Along with the places in the east and the west coast one also gets to visit Orlando city in Florida.

Orlando is a city of theme parks and children are sure to have their best moments here. Planned visits to Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World, Epcot future world park and Kennedy space center are arranged.

These USA tour packages are budget friendly and provide the best holiday experience to every Dubaite!

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