A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry and How to Select the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

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Cosmetic dentistry is that field of dentistry, which focuses on fashioning a positive makeover to your smile and teeth. Most people associate cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers and tooth whitening, but a cosmetic dentist is capable of much more.

An experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist can improve the person’s smile, appearance, and thus, confidence and self-esteem. Today, such a dentist who is the best cosmetic dentist Melbourne can deal with aesthetic and functional concerns of patients.

A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry and How to Select the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

Responsible Aesthetics

Cosmetic dentists have to practice responsible aesthetics. This implies helping patients to maintain their oral function, health, and appearance in their lifetime. They realize that beauty is more than skin deep. So, cosmetic dentistry will complement the complete general and oral health of the patient. As such, decisions about cosmetic dental treatment are based on the foundation of protocols that are evidence-based and combined with wise clinical judgment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

There are several options for procedures of cosmetic dentistry such as:

Tooth whitening:

Using this procedure, the tooth that is discoloured or stained is brightened up. Teeth bleaching or whitening can be done at home or a dentistry clinic. Over the counter, whitening products are available in the market.


This can enhance the appearance of teeth which are stained, chipped, cracked, broken or have wide gaps. This is done by bonding teeth-coloured material to the surface of the tooth.


These refer to custom-made, thin porcelain shells which cover the teeth front to disguise imperfections and discolouration.

Reshaping of Tooth

In this process, the teeth are changed to enhance their appearance by removing or modifying enamel. Reshaping of teeth (also called dental contouring) is mostly combined with bonding.

Crown lengthening

This procedure can correct a ‘gummy’ smile - a condition where more gum than teeth is visible when the patient smiles. This uneven gum line is corrected by getting rid of excess gum tissue and exposing more of the crown of the teeth. This results in the appearance of longer teeth and involves surgery of a minor nature.

Makeovers of Smiles

Such procedures include a comprehensive evaluation of the overall appearance of smile and teeth. Usually, many procedures of cosmetic dentistry are needed to transform the looks of the smile of a patient. This procedure amounts to a ‘facelift’ for the smile.

How to select a cosmetic dentist?

There are numerous criteria to select a cosmetic dentist. For some people, it amounts to considerations of cost and convenience. But there are other considerations:

Education and training in cosmetic dentistry

Not many dental colleges offer general courses in cosmetic dentistry. Hence, a cosmetic dentist has to pursue post-graduate education in this field. There are several reputed education programs in cosmetic dentistry.

Experience and Skill

Apart from education and training, it is crucial to know how many years of experience that the dentist has in cosmetic surgery. Enquire how much of the dental practice of a professional is devoted to cosmetic procedures. Though there is no well-defined specialty, yet the best cosmetic dentist Melbourne deals with a substantial volume of patients for restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. The level of skills often depends on years of experience. At the same time, a new dentist without much experience may also provide good treatment.

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