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Vigyaa (a part of DigiNext Education Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the best presentation tools used around the world. It acts as a tool that helps to quickly plan, collaborate and present the content of various formats to your audience along with providing a choice of picking content from several sources. Vigyaa is an easy to decipher app, for anyone and everyone, who believes in systematic planning and placement of their documents and content. This app has accommodated the best features of various assistance apps combined, thus becoming the one stop shop for any educator. The educator can help plan lessons with the digital media to be used and implement it in the simplest way possible. So, if you are an educator, Vigyaa is meant for you. It does a few things to make your life easy:

  1. Vigyaa helps you gather content - In the digital world you have so many free and paid resources all over the place. While all of it maybe accessible but are scattered over your hard drive, the cloud drive or over the internet. We help you put them in order for your use
  2. We help build context - Like you make your favorite music playlist, similarly Vigyaa allows you to create a playlist for your content (from anywhere). You can make multiple playlists for different context and even sequence them in the manner you would like to consume it.
  3. Makes conducting classes a - You have to gather and sequence the content once, and then just hit play every time you have to teach a particular topic. And what is more amazing is when you have to go to the next content which is a different format file, just swipe on your screen and the next planned content will be played/presented.
  4. Some handy - While presenting your playlist to your students you can always use our handy tools to scribble or describe something right over your content.

We at Vigyaa believe that teachers are the key to digital transformation and our mission is to make it easy for the teachers to adopt technology. We have no doubt that the teachers with the help of technology can help our children become great leaders of tomorrow


Our Roots Vigyaa is a product of Essel Group of companies. ESSEL is conglomerate that promotes brands such as ZEE TV (broadcast), Dish TV (DTH), Essel Propack (packaging) and Zee Learn (education). Under Zee Learn, we have K-12 schools (Mt. Litera), world’s largest franchise of play school called ‘KidZee’ and few other offshoots.