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Translate languages not your Privacy

Guys are you serious about your online privacy, So Translate languages not your Privacy

The translation had never been that easy before the advent of online translation tools. Translating a piece of work is as easy as posting a picture on any social media; you copy paste your work into an online translation tool and pick the language and presto! Isn’t great? You can read any content in your mother tongue in moments.

It is becoming an everyday routine for some professionals to use translation tools and translate their essential documents instantly; according to the report published by amasuk.wordpress, 50% users use online translation tools twice or more a week, and approximately 10 million users translate their content in a month.

The importance of translation between businesses, companies, and countries, and ease of online translation tool is undeniable. But hold on! Have you ever think of the questions like; Who is paying for the translation? Why is it free? Does it have any cost attached to it? What about the privacy of your content? While translating your content online.

Or, You are also being fooled by these freebies, like the Statoil, Norway’s state oil company. Yes, you heard it right, on Sep. 3, the Norwegian news agency NRK reported that all the sensitive Statoil information (workforce reduction plans, contracts, dismissal letters, etc.) were available online. Upon investigation, it was revealed that employees were using a well known online translator - Translate.com; and their data has sent to the cloud. As the news spread in Scandinavian countries, Oslo stock exchange blocked employees to Translate.com and other translators.

Slator, translation industry news site investigated the matter further and highlight the shocking facts; sure you will be astonished. It’s reported that sensitive information ranging from exchange emails between physician and global pharmaceuticals about tax matters, late payment notices, global investment bank report, and termination letter; Personal and public data are freely accessible all over the internet. Translate.com and other online translating tools are a massive security breach.

It’s nearly impossible for online translating software to translate like a pro; only human can do that. As language is not a collection of binary digits to be translated into words, it’s a communication media and reflects a way of life. A computer software does not take related elements while translating; like the tone of the text, cultural and contractual references, slang, familiar language, specific expressions and such. Only a human can keep the original meaning of the text, keeping all the natural factors into consideration.

We second the opinion that machine translation is way quick and cheap but what about the actual meaning (real essence) of the content; that lost in the process. Machines either offer literal translation - word-for-word that leads to the terrible results and sounds so unreal in a target language. Or propose to rephrase or recompose, by simply breaking the language structure into elements and translate; it’s a good practice though but, what where is the structure of a target language? Lost obviously. You have also noticed source texts in translated content in case online translators failed to translate some native jargons.

In short, use machine translation only when you don’t need perfect translation for the non-crucial projects but, don’t trust online translation in important projects; that you want to be understood to your audience. The point we are trying to register is to stop trusting blindly in online translation tools and believe in the fact that there is no alternative to human translation; machines are quick in translation but only at the cost of your privacy. The choice is yours….

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