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Opera Browser VPN - Android Browsers New Updated Free VPN

After multiple glitches, the famous browser Opera brings you it’s free Browser VPN service for Android users. Read the blog and know it future prospects.


Opera make a huge come back as they announced to launch a free VPN to “Android Browser.” The Norwegian browser offered a standalone VPN service before it got sold to the Chinese consortium, but later on, it stopped working afterwards.

Now the service is back on Android. A dedicated app on iOS is expected soon. Unlike other VPN services, Opera VPN is free to use with no additional charges. It requires no sign-up or login, and you can use it every time or anytime you want.

What Does It Do?

Opera browser VPN is a top quality service that will create an encrypted private tunnel connecting the device (Android) and the remote VPN server with a strong AES 256-bit encryption. The encryption will aid the users to have a shield around them to protect geographic location making it hard to track.

This will give leverage to users as the ‘apps’ that use location services will be blocked, and the current location will be hidden to ensure no third party could manipulate it for their own marketing tactics.

Recently, Los Angeles sued a “Weather Channel” for portraying as a local weather data, forecasts and alerts app. This is a money making scam that tracks users throughout the day to sell their data and information to third party companies.

This is among the 75 companies presented in the New York Times that have been found getting purportedly “anonymous,” and it pinpoints exact location data of 200 million smartphones in the United States. The information collected is being shared with our location data to different advertisers and hedge funds making it a worrying situation.

Opera VPN claims to be a no-log service and states not to log any user activity or online sessions to protect and respect user privacy. Having a built in VPN allows users to easily avoid public WiFis such as in hotels, cafes, airports through encrypted VPN servers.

Senior Vice President (SVP) Peter Wallman of Opera Browser for Android stated:

By enabling Opera’s browser VPN service, users make it very difficult for third parties to steal pieces of their information and can avoid being tracked. Users no longer need to question if or how they can protect their personal information in these situations.

A report was used as a reference by Opera from the Global World Index that noted there are above 650 million VPN users as of 2018 and the use of VPN on mobile is increasing. Surprisingly the trend of keeping online privacy safe has become a norm, and people are adopting this practice.

How Safe is Opera VPN - Can we trust the VPN Service?

Previously, Opera was being operated in Norway, but now a representative of TechCrunch Frederic Lardinois asked Opera about its base of operations and the company quoted it is still based in Norway and ruling under its privacy laws.


The message being that a Chinese consortium may own it but that it’s still very much a Norwegian company.

However, the company is now working under Chinese owners. Opera focuses more on the VPN service that it does not log user activities and doesn't attempt to monetize the VPN as well said by VentureBeat:

The service is provided fully free of charge as a unique feature to improve privacy and security. Opera monetizes from other unrelated mechanisms, and unlike other VPN services, Opera doesn’t depend on monetizing the browser VPN service.

Don’t Confuse Online Privacy and Anonymity with a VPN

It is a fact your online presence and activities can be seen by the VPN and users confuse it with having 100% anonymity. For users who have no knowledge and fall prey to these advertising gimmicks, it’s better to use a VPN for Android. A best Android VPN does not monitor your online activities.

There have been incidents where cybercriminals used a VPN to cover their tracks while harassing users online. Few years back the Department of Justice lodged and published a complaint that revolved around a cybersecurity case. The case included a US resident who started harassing and stalking people while using a VPN tool.

At the end of the day, you cannot expect a lot from a free VPN as it has a history of harvesting user data and bombarding users with a bunch of advertisements. The encryption level on free VPNs are limited, and they don’t provide the extensive list of servers, protocols and device connections to choose from.

The same applies for Opera VPN browser. However, you cannot say much with authority unless you use the service for yourself. 

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