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Here's how to print multiple Gmail message in one go!

Sometimes, there arises a need to print multiple mails and printing them one at a time could really take a long time. But what if it was possible to print multiple mails at one go?

New Delhi: Sometimes, there arises a need to print multiple mails and printing them one at a time could really take a long time. But what if it was possible to print multiple mails at one go?

Though Gmail does not have the facility of such either considering that a lot of people these days use the Google mail, there sure is a way to print multiple mails at one go.

Follow these simple steps and you could print multiple mails at one go.

1) Go to Gmail, select multiple mails and aplly a common label to it.

2) Now, go to Google Drive and create a folder, says 'Mail for Print' and add those selected mails as formatted PDF files in the Google Drive.

3) Now, you can print the PDF format mails through Google Cloud Print or download them to the desktop and print them. OR..

4) Download and install the Save Emails add-on for Google Sheets.

5) Inside the Google Sheet, go to Add-ons > Save Emails and Attachments > Create New Rule. Here select the Print Gmail label from the dropdown and then select your Google Drive folder. Then, download the PDF format mails and print them at one go.

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Facebook is the most famous social media platform where people use to share. There are many ways to get views on your Facebook video, it depends on you what methodology you want to follow. Every strategy having its own advantages and disadvantages, after understanding your target audience and what types of videos you are posting. Every single user follows a different plan of action to get more views on their Facebook videos. Some want to upload a post at the time when most of the people using Facebook like at night, on weekends and on holidays.

What is Facebook?

Facebook does not require introduction because most of the people using Facebook and they are familiar, still, some of you don't know about Facebook. So for them, I want to explain, it is a very popular social media website where users share images, videos, text with the persons who are on their friends list. You can connect to your friends, family, relatives, near and dear ones. Facebook shows its existence all over the world, the users are not from any particular geographical region. The active monthly user of Facebook is more than two billion. The number is very huge, and if you want to do the promotion of your brand then it must be a better bet. Because it is cheap, fast and effective, almost all people of every niche, age or gender is available on Facebook so you can target them easily.

What is a Facebook video view?

Whenever you are scrolling down the feeds if any video comes out on your Facebook wall. So it will play automatically and if you see the video for more than three seconds than it will treat it as a view for the video. If the creator of the video successfully engages the viewer in the starting few seconds, then it is a high possibility that they can view your full video. It also enhances the chance of getting like comment and share on your post. At least it will benefit the business, product, service or brand for which we are creating the video. If you want to do instant views on your video then you have to Buy video views. Try to make short videos if you want that people will see your full video. Nowadays it is a very cheap and effective manner of promoting your website.

How to upload a video on Facebook

If you are new to Facebook, so I want to discuss the steps to upload a video from your Facebook account. In case the video is already is saved in your phone, laptop or PC just select the file and click on the photo/video button your wall, you can also select the title to describe your videos. Then click on the upload button once the processing is done, click on the share button with the title and your video will be published. In another case, if the video not saved in your gadget then click on the camera button of your phone, shoot the video and follow the similar process of uploading your video. Facebook also provides you a new feature called Facebook live, by using this feature you can easily stream your live videos with your friends. Your friends also notified if you are going live it will surely increase the engagement.

Strategy to get more Facebook video

I want to share the strategies which I used personally. When I am new to Facebook only one process I know to get more views on the Facebook post. According to this process firstly we have to know what type of content our audience wants to see. It also depends that we are creating videos from our personal account or posting on the business page. The content should be crisp and informative, it will help to connect with your audience and targeting them. The title of the video is very important to generate more views, you can put a short and attractive title. If you use proper keywords while creating the title, it will help to get more hits on searching and improves your ranking also. Then I run an ad campaign with the help of my friend because to run you need someone expert and I am a layman. It cost me more and the result is not that effective. Then someone suggests me to buy likes from the market. Then I search on the internet and shortlist one service provider to buy, I am totally surprised by the results it is very much effective at affordable prices.

Benefits of buying Facebook video views

There are various benefits of using paid Facebook video views, after the purchase, it will reflect on your selected video in a very short time. By using these services you will surely get famous, create brand awareness, promote your product and also shares the deals and offers with your customers. You can also gain new customers by increasing the reach. The prices it offers are very much budget-friendly who don't create many effects on your pocket. You can get real and actual likes and it will make the change in your video post.


At last from my personal experience and exposure, I want to suggest that all the readers who are reading that if they want to get likes on Facebook video views instantly without any effort so the best option is to Buy Real Facebook video views. I can understand you will hesitate in buying, but believe me, it is effective and boosts your post. After the research, I take the package from BuySocialBuzz, but the service and the quality of the views they provide me are totally unbelievable. They are very genuine and having experienced experts who execute your orders with full efficiency. I am telling this from my personal experience, if you get any other option please update me also. Because I am also a user like you all.

Outdoor Furniture

In a country that loves the outdoors, Australian backyards have long been their pride and joy. As outdoor furniture design evolves into the modern-day, gone is the tired old plastic table and chairs or weathered umbrellas. The outdoor area is becoming a seamless extension of our indoors. More enjoyable than ever before and better equipped for entertainment in any environment. Whether you’re searching for summer outdoor furniture Brisbane based, or something that can withstand four seasons in one day in Melbourne, here’s how to take the time to make your outdoor areas feel as good as the ones indoors.

How To Bring Your Indoors, Out

If your indoor entertainment areas are close to your outdoors, then you’re off to a great start. Having your living or dining areas, and even your kitchen, close to your backyard or decking means your job of making the transition between the two seamless is cut, almost in half. Being able to open up your living room into an outdoor space makes it look and feel as if it’s simply an extension of your home. In turn, if your outdoor areas sit directly off your home, your job of trying to connect the two is significantly easier. If your decking, patio, or entertainment area is stand-alone or down another end of your yard, never fear. By employing the right design techniques, picking up elements of the indoors, and staying cohesive in design, you can still create that seamless bridge between the two areas.

How To Bring Your Indoors, Out

Outdoor Lighting

A good outdoor area should never be limited by the time of day. If your indoors are lit beautifully but you haven't really put any outdoor lighting solutions in place you instantly drive a wedge between the two. Choosing the right lighting is choosing the mood and atmosphere you want your outdoors to have. By bringing elements of your indoor lighting out, you can also make the two feel more harmonious. Drop lights, pendant lighting, and even outdoor floor lamps are a great way to make your outdoors feel a little more polished and in line with the inside of your home. Lanterns, string lights, and candles can feel a little more casual or seasonal. Enjoy your outdoor areas late into the evenings with the right lighting.

Outdoor Rugs

If you want your outdoors to be just as comfortable as the indoors then make sure you find furniture that flows. Outdoor furniture by no means needs to be boring or purely functional either. Give your outdoor spaces the opportunity to reach their design potential by picking furniture that you’d be proud to have inside your home too. Many people feel limited when it comes to picking their outdoor furniture but this shouldn’t be the case. So long as your materials are durable and somewhat weatherproof or protected, there’s no reason you can't enjoy a beautiful comfortable outdoor couch. As the outdoor design progresses we’re seeing designers and homeowners make bolder choices. Outdoor rugs are a great way to cosy up space. Who’s to say a rug cant live outside either, as long as it’s well looked after or sheltered from the seasons, a rug will make your outdoor area feel as cosy as your living room.

One of the most obvious ways to control the way your indoor and outdoor areas connect is the actual passage in which they do so. Picking the right doors and windows is crucial. Think sliding or bi-fold doors. Once opened, these literally remove any barrier that could have existed between the two. Minimising any obstruction of view is important too. Breezy light curtains that can flow between the areas or chic shutters that allow you to see directly indoors are good options if you want a seamless transition.

Outdoor Area

Versatility is another key thing to keep in mind. Any good outdoor area should be versatile in use. Create a place that can be enjoyed by one or many, in different seasons, weather conditions, and occasions. Weatherproof your outdoor areas and it will instantly feel as though its part of your home.

How to Become a Painting Contractor

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a painting contractor? Before you actually make that leap you should know that there are quite a few steps that you need to take to get started.

1. Get your qualifications

The first thing that you should do is make sure you’re actually qualified to be a painting contractor. In the United States all painting contractors need to complete the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program.

Other countries and jurisdictions may have different requirements too – and you should look them up.

2. Apply for a license

If you’re going to be running a business or working as an independent painting contractor you’ll normally need to apply for a license. The regulations for licensing tend to vary by state, so you should look them up then apply.

3. Build up experience

Experience is crucial if you want to be a painting contractor, and it will help you to hone your skills and get a better idea of what the business is all about. It may be a good idea to take part in a painter’s apprenticeship, or sign on to work with a professional painting contractor before starting out on your own.

4. Get the tools you need

In order to work as a painting contractor you’ll need a wide range of tools including different types of rollers, sprayers, extension poles, ladders, brushes, sandpaper, and much more. On top of that you’ll also need a reliable supplier of various types of paint.

How to Become a Painting Contractor

If you intend to run a business there may be other business tools and software that you’ll want to prepare as well. It would be extremely useful to have paint estimating software in particular to help you estimate your costs.

5. Register your business

The process of registering a business as a painting contractor can be quite involved. Not only will you have to register the actual business, but you may have to pass your contractor’s certification exam, acquire liability insurance, purchase surety bonds, and fulfill other requirements.

Once again the exact requirements will vary from one jurisdiction to the next, so some research will be needed on your end.

6. Attend business classes

Make no mistake running your own business is no joke, and initially you may find it difficult to market your business, sign on potential clients, calculate project expenses, keep track of your accounts, and so on. If you have no prior experience, attending business classes or enrolling in a course of some sort may be a good idea.

That should give you a rough idea of what’s involved in becoming a painting contractor. As you can see it is mainly focused on working as an independent contractor or starting your own business, and you can skip those areas if you just want to start by pursuing an apprenticeship.

Although there is a lot involved in becoming a painting contractor, it is definitely an appealing career and one that is constantly in-demand.

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