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Local SEO: Find Out How To Use It To Attract More Clients!

Find out in this article what it is and how to do the local SEO to attract more and more clients and visibility to your company!

Mobile search is a worldwide trend, and Google has revealed that 86% of smartphone users search for purchases using the device.

Google also reinforced the importance of mobile in organic searches, with punishment of sites that do not adapt to responsive web design .

Among the many changes brought about by the new trends, one stands out: the importance of local SEO .

What is Local SEO?

SEO , Search Engine Optimization, consists of optimizing pages of the website and the domain as a whole to achieve organic positioning in search engines.

The strategy has been used for years by companies of different segments and sizes to improve the ranking of pages on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others and increase website traffic and sales.

What would the local SEO be?

Local SEO is a strategy that targets other optimization alternatives to allow the user to find a solution near the place where they are located and thus have easier access to the service or product they are searching for.

For example, if you search for "Japanese restaurant" on your smartphone, Google understands that you are looking for a result close to you, with which you can contact immediately and have the problem fixed, and you can move to the location in the shortest time .

For this he presents the results of Japanese food restaurants that are closer, according to their location at the time of the search.

Local SEO also works when the user searches for "Japanese restaurant in freedom" and will present the most relevant search results, even if the location at the moment is different.

In this way, we can understand local SEO as an attempt by search engines to deliver more accurate and relevant results to the user.

But how can strategy interfere with a company's digital marketing plan?

What are the benefits of local SEO?

The initial goal of local SEO is to be advantageous and practical for users, however, many companies can benefit from the solution.

Especially SMEs that find in this alternative a possibility of competing directly with larger companies.

For this they need to properly run the local optimization and take the updates of the Google algorithm into consideration.

Among the benefits of local searches for smaller companies are:

Attract a new audience

Local SEO allows you to attract potential customers who are close to the business but who did not yet know it, such as tourists .

When searching and finding the business, close and well evaluated, with all the information accessible, the first impression is already positive.

Increase in sales

With more people finding the business by searching the smartphone, they also increase opportunities for growth in sales.

Customer loyalty

Good service and quality in the service or product offered are essential to loyalty to the customer who knew the business through a local search.

Loyal customers make spontaneous advertising, so prioritize the quality of service and encourage positive reviews.

Most relevant online presence

Being between organic results and local search results is critical to increasing user trust in the business and making it add value to the business image.

Local SEO offers several advantages for businesses in different areas and since Google's "Pigeon" update, this type of specification has gained more weight and allowed local businesses to excel in search results.

In order for the company to have a prominent position among the results, however, it is fundamental that it follow a series of good practices related to local SEO, using relevant keywords and other solutions so that search engines understand which actual relevance of the site for that search.

How to take advantage of this digital marketing strategy?

Like any digital marketing strategy it is necessary to properly work the local SEO so that it provides the expected results.

Professionals who have been working in the area for some years have pointed out that the search trends are that they become more local, directly impacting companies that have this concern - and also those that have not yet developed specific strategies.

Some tactics are almost unanimous among the experts and we separate those that have presented better results.

Local .NET Quote

The acronym NET references the three essential business information: name, address, and phone number.

They are the first information that should appear for the user who performs the search since he will already have the option to contact or follow the site if he wishes.

According to an Inside survey, 41% of companies that have inconsistent NEP data have trouble ranking pages locally.

NET should be included in all pages of the site, in case the user is browsing, and also as a direct result in search engines.

In the first case, it is usual for these contact data to be in the fixed footer, in the second case the information can be added from Google My Business.

This data should not be added in the image format, since this prevents the searcher identifies them, it is also necessary that the phone contains the area code, so that it can be related to a location.

Positive local ratings

One of the first elements that are observed when doing a search for the hiring of a service or product is the evaluation of other consumers .

It is critical to leave this option enabled so that users can evaluate and comment on the business.

If ratings are bad, use this feedback to investigate what needs to be improved and invite loyal customers to do the reviews.

Disabling the checkbox will give the impression that the business has something to hide and prevents the business from benefiting from the experience of other consumers who enjoyed the experience.

In addition to the evaluation option that appears directly on searches as part of Google My Business information, several searches result in review sites or guides, such as TripAdvisor, Guide of the Week and also local guides.

To appear in the results for these searches it is vital to optimize the lists in these local directories, in addition to maintaining the correct information, since it is common for incorrect and outdated data in these directories.

Google My Business

As we have already stated, Google My Business is essential in a local SEO strategy, if you do not already have your company registered, start now!

After subscribing to the Google service a number of features can be leveraged to optimize the placement of the site and make it more relevant to the search engines and especially to the user.

Some of the configuration care that can be highlighted include:

Add a business description with more than 400 words, preferably with links and relevant terms;

Include the business in the appropriate categories;

Upload multiple photos with good quality, including a high-resolution profile photo;

Add business hours;

Fill in the basic information correctly: name, address and phone number;

Enable the Feedback and Feedback option for customers.

With Google My Business correctly filled in the chances of getting good results in local searches grow considerably, and offer the information in a more interesting and intuitive way for the user.

Responsive site

When talking about local SEO the responsive website is the basis of the whole strategy.

With mobile searches increasing exponentially and Google updating its algorithm to value this aspect, it is imperative that the user can access the site of any device.

Remember that a really responsive site is organized in another way in the mobile in order to offer the most relevant information to the user without harming the navigability and intuitiveness in the process.

Company data must remain accessible and images must be configured to meet this demand.

Local SEO on pages

Local SEO requires some similar efforts to the traditional SEO On Page when the topic is page optimization.

The most recurring tactics may already be known, but it is important to emphasize that if the goal is to be found locally, it is interesting to make local references to the content being produced.

It is possible to cite the city or region in relevant aspects of the page, such as page title, URL, alt title of the image, etc.

Local Content Marketing

Finally, relevance in a city or region is constructed by talking about it.

Not by facts of the city, but contents can be created presenting the main tourist attractions of the region, talk about the tour options, indicate typical regional events, among others.

In addition to the content created for a blog of its own, backlinks and social networks remain relevant to this type of SEO.

According to a Moz research, local backlinks influence 18.3% of the positioning, while social networks, 5.8%.

This shows that even locally, caring about traditional strategies is critical.

To help you develop a publication that is more focused on Google's local business requirements, you can use plugins such as Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO, among other tools that help in the process.

When to Invest in Local SEO?

After this series of tips and benefits on local SEO, the reader may wonder if the strategy would or would not be relevant to the company in which it works.

A good way to think about this is to think how many clients close to the business have been impacted positively.

If this is not an audience that has gained attention in the digital marketing strategy, perhaps it is time to rethink the online performance.

Stagnant sales may also indicate that the company is not properly exploiting its potential with potential customers who are close to the business but who do not yet know it.

About Author:

The above extensive information is shared by Yousuf A. Raza a digital marketing specialist at Local SEO Blast that provides result oriented Local SEO Services across the world for reasonable prices.

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