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Skills And Qualities One Needs To Improve Employability


In an overpopulated world with a plethora of people waiting out there to get employed, what do you think you have different from the rest of the world in you? What any employer digs for is a certain set of qualities and skills that are required and tested in everyday tasks. For any person who wishes to get employed, it is mandatory for him / her to first know what these skills are and to judge himself whether he/she possesses these qualities or not and if not, try to imbibe them in time. For a better job, one can learn employability skills given below:

● Communication skills: An employee needs to have abundance in communication skills. He or she should have aced the art of interacting with his / her boss, colleagues and clients and all other people associated with the job by knowing the use of the right word at the right time and thereby possessing the ability to tackle tricky situations by the use of word power. Possessing excellent communication skills makes it obvious for the employee to be proficient in the required language preferably English.

● Confidence: A confident person can win hearts. No other quality can equate with the quality of being confident. An employee who delivers his statements / tasks / words in a confident way goes a much longer way than his low-confident counterpart. Possessing this little quality makes it so much easier to tackle situations one isn't ready to even face. Of course, if one does not already possess tons of confidence, one needs to start culturing it.

● Adaptivity: While at work, an employee can be faced with varied situations based on various factors such as environment, time availability, people to deal with, etc. In such situations, an employee who can adapt himself to any kind of situation without creating a fuss about it is preferred to one who cannot. Who would want to hire an employee who scares away easy after all?

● Equanimity and versatility: Work could get strenuous at times. An employee might be required to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. All workdays aren't easy! On such occasions, what is expected out of the employee is versatility besides equanimity. What this means is that the employee should not be taken over by the fear of working under pressure. On the other hand, he should be able to cope up with handling various tasks at one go besides not losing his calm and composure.

● Having had previous work experience: Any employer digs for practical experience. Someone who has had even the smallest experience of working stands a higher employment chance than someone who hasn't. This is not a universal step though because students may / may not have had work experience while studying.

● To be able to follow instructions: As basic as this may sound, most people do not follow instructions. This may be because of more than one reason. One, they may not have read the instructions' section carefully enough. Two, they might not have kept in mind the instructions during execution. Three, they might not have bothered to be as precise. All the ways are not accepted. Employers always expect the final product to be delivered as expected by them beforehand. Failure by the employee to do so is a big drawback on his part.

● Having team spirit: As important it is to work well individually, it is equally important to deliver the same level of sincerity when putting together in a team. One should be able to be miscible enough to deal with the other team members with patience and unanimity. Learning how to work as a team member as well as a leader go hand in hand.

One can learn employability skills given above and land the dream job.

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