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Human races in existence have not accepted the difference of other people’s life styles. If people accept the diversity of the world’s population, it is likely to reduce violence to a considerable degree. It is the failure of accepting the human dignity and their way of live, which makes individuals and groups cause a fear and pains.

1. It Is a Myth that Violence “Comes out of Nowhere”

Violence is the application and use of a physical force to destroy property and injure people. It leads to the emotional distress of people, who see and experience it, and a physical pain to those, who face a direct violence. It is not justified by the exact root of violence. DeBecker believes that violence is a part of the human condition that is inherent. He argues that violence is random and comes with alarming signals that people see and if they ignore them they become victims. A person with a different opinion shows many signs to alarm the disagreement, which later becomes a violent act. DeBecker explains how those people, who want to harm others, will behave and how crucial it is to follow the intuition guidance. Intuition is an effective weapon to fight violence threats, and it also helps to evade physical and emotional pains.

Today, violence still exists because people lack a respect towards others, and this forms a substantial pain, which later develops to violence. When a person disrespects things, like religious beliefs, knowledge and technology, there emerge a considerable difference, which leads to violence. When there is no respect between individuals or groups, a simple joke can result in violation of human rights. Misunderstanding is another way, which brings violence. When people do not understand the way of life or ideology of each other, crises arise and violence happens. Human races have a difference in understanding and appreciating what others have and created to look like. People have problems in realizing the fact that they are different from others and their way of life. Violence can occur due to the diversity of ideologies, which brings misunderstanding among people, who vow to fight for their positions through violence.

Human races in existence have not accepted the difference of other people’s life styles. If people accept the diversity of the world’s population, it is likely to reduce violence to a considerable degree. It is the failure of accepting the human dignity and their way of live, which makes individuals and groups cause a fear and pains. An example of this violence America is facing today is because of a differed ideology between Americans and Muslims in some aspects. This difference caused the American troops to fight Afghanistan based Taliban group. In return, terrorists have turned their anger to innocent Americans citizens as a form of violence, and they have caused fear, emotional and physical pains and distress. Another violence existing between Israel and Palestine is because of Gaza city, whereas no country wants to let it go. People have developed anger because of different understanding of how they treat each other. It is unfortunate that poor people believe that rich ones limit them to get wealth. They envy them, and the final decision is to cause them pain and make them suffer.

Violence originates from fear, which leads to sadness, anger, suffering and destruction of the individuals’ character. Fear allows people’s mind to be manipulated and suffer from the psychological violence. Some have coerced women and harassed them in attempts to gain sexual advantage. This type of violence lowers the esteem of woman and spoils the pride and impact to short and long term psychological effects. Violence is in three perspectives that are political, economic and social violence. Political counterparts develop differences, where there is a misunderstanding of ideologies. This leads to anger of the defeated group and, thus, fight over, who controls the political power. Social violence emerges when a social class does not respect a lower or upper class. The disrespect makes some people suffer humiliation, and the desire to earn respect results in violence. Economical violence occurs because some group or individuals control factors of production, and the other struggles to get access to them. The wealthy individuals tend to put fear to the other groups through the intimidation. This is unacceptable to different individuals, and this lead to a disagreement and eventually violence. Thus, violence has a cause, and once the problem has been addressed, some damages and pains can be avoided.

2. Listen to Your Intuition – Do Not Suppress It

Intuition is an inner guidance that helps a person to make decisions. It is a feeling that many people refer to as the emotional and spiritual wisdom that comes deep from within the body and gives guidance. Intuition also appears as a voice that strikes the mind of an individual, when he or she has a difficult decision to make. It is a form of the unforced instinct that only requires the mind of a person to make the correct decision. Intuition is a mysterious reasoning feeling that originates from the brains working system and how it collects and stores the information. Through learning, observation and experience, human brains forms a pattern of events, which reflects fast once a similar event happens again. These reflections are the intuition that gives a first decision to take, and this is at most times the right decision. The heart is a seat of emotions, reasoning and thoughts according to philosopher Aristotle and other scientists. It is necessary to understand your heart and follow what it guides your brain to do. Intuition may not be the correct answer, but it is good to listen to the feelings that may be of help in making decisions.

DeBecker is an outstanding expert in violence and human nature essay example in response to the fear of bad things to happen. He refers to intuition as an impressive process of brain towards making a decision or detecting important information from someone. According to DeBecker, intuition is at times seen as just unreasonable and inexplicably emotional, and many people, especially men, do not take it serious. Many people ignore the inner feelings and instead concentrate on logical thinking and practical decisions. Men refer to intuition as the women’s thing, and they at many times deny and ignore intuition, even when it is right. According to DeBecker, many Americans worship a logic process in making decisions. He says that people should respect the feeling, which is the natural guidance, and it is appropriate to follow it because it is correct and right, even more than a computer calculation. Intuition is a link to the human nature and the natural world, which if not ignored leads to good decisions and exciting moments. It helps people to follow the right predictions and avoid a denial of their feeling leading to their safety. It is essential to learn and know how to identify the signals of intuition, because it helps to take the right action to evade dangers. Each human being, whether or not exposed to risk, has different intuitions that guide and protect one from violent acts and assassinations. Intuition helps people to know when others have bad ideas towards them and when others are lying. When one talks to another, it is easy to notice the state of the individual, whether sick or in great fear just by the help of their intuitions.

A guidance of the heart is available to every person, whether one needs it or not, and listening to it creates deeper connections between the heart, brain and body signals. However, people decide not to follow their intuitions and act according to their logical thinking in order to make decisions. This leads to wrong decisions and makes people find themselves in the center of trouble. If intuition warns a person that there is a likelihood of assassination conducted by his friend, and this person denies that feeling, then he or she may get affected. When people suppress the intuition, they at times take the second answer of logical thinking, which might lead to problems and make people suffer.

3. Losing a Job Can Be as Traumatic as the Loss of a Loved One

Trauma is a physical and emotional condition that may cause harm to one’s life due to the change in the daily course of life. It causes pains and fear to person’s feelings, and if not treated, it can get worse over time. There are many events that can cause trauma besides death, losing a well paid job, severe illness and many others. It may just occur once and what makes a situation be traumatic is the extraordinary character of events that are hard to bear. Losing a loved one is painful no matter how that person was taken away from one’s love. The daily companion is gone, and despite the support of friends and relatives during the hard time or period, they eventually get back to their daily duties. The loneliness, with which a person is left after the loss gets worse, and many people do not bear it in many circumstances. The memories get worse during weekends and evening hours, when one has nothing to do, but just miss their loved ones. In cases, where one loses a spouse, then the grief is intensive to bear due to the lonely heart and missed love.

According to DeBecker, losing a close person, like a child and spouse, results into the emotional pain and grief. This grief is experienced differently by various people, and they grieve in distinct ways. Some cry for hours and days, others observe silence, and no matter how one grieves, it is crucial for the person to accept the loss in order to avoid trauma. People can reduce trauma or stop it from developing or getting worse by reassuring the bereaved ones and allowing them to speak about the loss. There is no correct or right way and a timetable to grieve. Every person experiences the pain of the loss as a different emotional feeling; hence, the healing is also different. As friends and relatives, people can only be there to console and support the affected person or persons. It is essential to be open to address the problem and let the person know what one’s feeling towards the loss is. It is also crucial to be genuine to avoid hurting the bereaved person and making the situation get worse. If one addresses the grief and fears of such people in a correct way, he or she can prevent a traumatic condition from getting worse. The bereaved person gets the assurance that the world and friends are there, and he or she is not alone to bear the loss.

Similarly, losing a job in this stressing life and economy is a bad thing to happen to an individual. It subjects one to strained economical challenges and experiences that are hard to bear and let go. The firing from the place of work may be because of a simple mistake, rumors, office politics and any other possible reason; the truth is it hurts and causes pain. Many people lose a direction and focus and are unable to come back to their normal life styles. There is a bad feeling that one will not get a new job and the possibility of rough economical times, which subjects people to grief. They see the job loss as the end of their happy life and beginning of grief and sufferings. The loneliness increases, when it is time to get to work, and one has nowhere to report, and he or she can see other people going to work. An outstanding scholar Holmes describes losing a job as one of the most traumatic experiences just like death, divorce, illness and many other experiences. People get through the same process like in the event of losing a loved one or severe illness. It begins with denial, shock, anxiety, fear and non-acceptance of the truth. Not everyone will be subjected to this process because of different priorities of life. For example, a young person has fewer responsibilities than an elderly man or woman does, who has a family to care and expenses to meet. The stress is predicted to come because of financial problems and lost attachments with the family at the working place. It results in depressions and life bargaining before getting the next job. This condition is painful, and people suffer emotionally, which leads to the traumatic condition. This happens because there is a feeling of betrayal and fear to lose all the person had worked for. Their self-esteem is lowered; they see a world falling apart and a difficult life ahead just as the person, who has lost a loved spouse or a child.

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According to the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, a “zombie” is defined as “someone who moves around as if unconscious and being controlled by someone else”. Another definition according to stories and movie is “a dead person brought back to life without the ability to speak or move easily”.

Now when you see the world around you today can you relate to the above definition? Can you see your own life in action? Can you see how people are rushing around doing their daily chores? You get up in the morning, have breakfast, catch a bus or train, or drive to work. When you come home in the evening, you have your dinner, put up your feet, watch TV and then go to bed.

If you are a housewife with children, you have your own routine for the day. If you are a husband, you have your own routine too. Then if you are a student, you have a different routine. No matter which role you play or what job you do there will be some routine involved.

As one can see, the world is turning us all into zombies. Do you think the educational system we have is helping us to think clearly? If you think so, I am afraid you are wrong. You do not realise that it is, in fact, conditioning us to believe in a particular way. It teaches us what to think, not how to think.

It means that if you have a good memory and regurgitate all the information they want, you will pass the exam. If you do not produce what the establishment expects from you, you fail.

Yes, even if you are a professional with lots of degrees behind your name, it does not mean you cannot be a zombie. In fact, professionals are more likely to be zombies because they are stuck in a groove of their own making. They think bureaucratic control is the way to raise standards This is a false perception. To raise standards in any profession one has to have an ethical approach. It is the only way to instil positive behaviour and attitude in the individual. How else can we develop a sense of responsibility towards our fellow beings? Bureaucracy numbs your mind, makes you insensitive, and thus turns you into a zombie.

This is because we live in a hypnotic world. Our thinking process is hypnotic. We use words and sentences to express our thoughts and feelings to communicate. But we do not realise that these words and phrases directly influence our subconscious mind. So we do not understand that we are hypnotising ourselves.

If you look at the world around you, you will find everything you see or hear is hypnotic. The media including the Newspapers, TV and radio, are all trying to influence you. The computer and mobile phone industry are all hypnotic. They are out there to keep you mesmerised and entertained all day long. They are manipulating you.

In a recent newspaper report (Brisbane, Courier-Mail 21/09/2018), a former Google manager has accused the company of “manipulating human nature”. He said that their No.1 goal was to keep people plugged into its services. He also claimed governments around the world had given the tech industry “a free pass on regulation”.

Is this not a disorder of perception? Whichever media you turn to, you must accept the fact that they are there because you want them there. You want to be informed and entertained. You allow them to exploit yourself.

Surely it is for you to decide when to switch off the TV, the Computer or the Cell Phone if it does not suit you. If you have lost that ability of decision making are you not turning into a zombie?

Again in the same newspaper and same date, there was a report titled “We’re not in control of our career, social life, or meals”. It says one in five of us don’t know what we’ll be cooking most days. One in four said they were not on top of their careers, social lives or running a household. Two-thirds said they would be embarrassed if unexpected guests popped round as their homes are a mess. Half of the people surveyed did not plan ahead, and 40 per cent did not make any inroads on their to-do lists. Two-thirds admitted they regularly have to rewash clothes because they forget to take them out of the machine. And so the survey report goes on.

What a society we are turning into? It seems we are losing the ability to think for ourselves and nobody cares. Of course, the government is happy that you cannot think for yourself. Social welfare is the tool the government uses to make you dependent. Politicians are thus glad buying votes from you. So when people vote, they vote for the type of government they deserve, not what the country deserves.

Mental illness is a disorder of perception. It is increasing in every society in the world today because our perceptions are being distorted continuously. Can we depend on the government to clear up our perceptions? Can we depend on the scientists to clear up our perceptions? If you think the medical profession might help us in this direction, please think again. This profession has a duty to look after the physical and mental health of people. Yet when it comes to mental health, they cannot even clear up their own perceptions. They have their own mental health problems. How can the blind lead the blind?

In the right mind, no doctor should play politics as it is a game of distorting people’s perceptions. To pursue this path is bad for mental health and is unethical behaviour. The medical profession should be independent of politics. They should expose politics. At present all they do is categorise you and prescribe medications for you.

So unless you wake up and think for yourself, can you see that the world is turning you into a zombie? Learn to understand your own mind and how you feel. Gain some insight and self-knowledge, so you know how you operate in your mind. The words you use in your mind have a powerful hypnotic effect. They have a direct impact on your subconscious mind. Learn how to manipulate the subconscious mind to make you feel better.

If you follow someone, no matter how great or wise, you will always be a follower. It is the same thing when you are travelling in a car. If you always occupy the passenger seat and let someone else drive the car, you will never learn to drive. It is only when you take the driver’s seat and start driving yourself that you can learn to become an expert driver.

Awareness dehypnotises you. Read “The Enchanted Time Traveller–A Book of Self-knowledge and the Subconscious Mind” to awaken your mind. Please become aware. Do not turn into a zombie. Visit the website: http://theenchantedtimetraveller.com.au/ 

Overall, these invitation boxes have a large variety of roles that they paly inn making your invite seem more special. We will be looking at these aspects later on. But first, we must know what we are talking about. We have all seen these boxes at least once in our lives. They are the basic requirement for any event invite. Let’s have a look at what these invitation boxes are. What Are These Boxes? The invite that we receive is packaged in a box that helps it to look grander and more effective. These boxes are made of cardboard that has been designed in the most attractive and eye-catching manner. These boxes are often decorated. That is because the invitation box is the first thing that the receiver will see. And that is why they must look their best. These boxes will determine the way that the receiver views the invitation. A well-designed box will convey the impression that the event is special as well. And more importantly, when you are inviting someone, you have to make sure that they feel valued and appreciated. That is why you have to make an effort to appeal to them. Invitation packaging will help you to do that. You have to have the best boxes to make sure that people feel valued and special after receiving them. Now that we know what the basic role of invitation packaging is, we can have a look at the importance of these boxes in detail as well. Why Use These Boxes? Many factors lead us to use invitation packaging. We have made a list of some of the most major aspects of thee boxes and the role that they play in making your invitation look better and create a better impression on the people that you invite. The Protection Of The Invitation We talked about how these boxes are sued to make the best impression on people. But there is another very effective role in the invitation packaging. These boxes are made of cardboard that serves as the perfect form of packaging for these boxes. The invite is written on paper usually, and that is why it at risk of getting damaged. These boxes have a stable design and a strong structure. These boxes can be used to protect the invite from any harm. The box will not allow the invite to get folded, torn, or damaged in any other way. Also, invitation packaging has a lidded structure. That will prevent any action of moisture from destroying the paper or the printing. These boxes will make sure that the invite reaches you in the best condition and is as beautiful as possible. They Enhance The Appearance The main role of any display box is to make sure that the product looks even more special. We have talked about how you need to make sure that the visual impact of these boxes is as great as possible. That can be achieved if you have the most attractive display boxes. There are many ways in which these boxes can be made attractive. You can easily have them, custom-designed, as they are made of cardboard. That will allow you to make the boxes according to the design that you have in mind. It will also allow making sure that the boxes are well made and are as unique as possible. That is the only way you can make the display boxes stand out and set the importance of the invite itself. If you are using these boxes, you will have to make sure that they are cut, folded, printed, and designed in the best possible way. If you can do that, the invite display boxes will make your invite even more compelling. And we also talked about how the boxes will make the invitee feel special. This is the only way to make sure that it happens in the most effective way possible. These are the two main reasons why we see the display boxes for any event being given so much importance. These boxes will help you to make sure that the invite reflects quality and standards, making a much better impact on the people.

The Loan Against Property(LAP) is considered to be an all-purpose loan. It can be used for education, marriage, expansion of business or medical expenses. The cash crunch in the life of an individual can be eased out with the help of a loan against property. This multipurpose loan can be availed at a much cheaper rate. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can avail offers based on customized property loans. There are several other benefits related to Loan Against Property which are discussed as follows.


Benefits of Loan Against Property(LAP)

Loan Against Property(LAP) is regarded as a multipurpose loan with no restriction in usage. The following are the benefits of availing LAP:

Ease of Approval

Availing to LAP is way simpler than availing for other unsecured personal loans. The only thing that has to be kept in check before availing for LAP is that it should be free from all sorts of mortgage litigations.

Usage of Fund

The borrower can use the fund for any purpose. For example, the fund borrowed can be used for foreign study expenses, medical expenses, home construction or renovation, and so on. It can fulfil all the monetary needs of the borrower.

Cheaper rates

The LAP offers an economical way of handling the financial crunch. The LAP offers interest rates which are less expensive than other unsecured financial product. The interest rate of LAP ranges between 12% to 15%. On the other hand, personal loan offers an interest rate that ranges between 12% to 25%.

Loan Tenure

The loan tenure under loan against property is stretched over a long period of time. The loan tenure may extend up to 15 years. This is beneficial as the borrower’s premium, spread over the tenure will be low in comparison to the personal loan. This will create a less financial burden on the borrower.

Mortgage Different property Types

The loan against property can be availed on different types of property. The borrower can mortgage his self-occupied property, commercial property, rented residential property or piece of land owned by the borrower.


The borrower can close the loan agreement by paying the outstanding amount even before the term period ends. The pre-closure of a loan against property is free from any charges or penalty. But if the loan is on the fixed interest rate, then the borrower has to pay a nominal amount as repayment charges.

Top-up loan

One can take a top-up loan on the existing loan against property. Under this facility, the borrower can take another loan on the same property with minimal paperwork.


The loan against property creates less burden on the borrower. The low EMIs and the longer tenure lowers the financial burden. Together these offers under LAP make it more attractive than the personal loan.

Ownership Authority

Under loan against property, the borrower of the loan enjoys the continuous ownership of the property. Just the mother deed and the sale deed of the property will be under the custody of the lender until the loan is paid off.

Unlock Real Potential

Loan against property unlocks the real potential of the property. Loan against property offers the best value of the property with a lower interest rate.

Loan Amount

The loan against property depends on the price of the property. The borrower will get up to 70% of the property value. The loan amount can reach as high as 5 crores.

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The facilities and ease of getting the loan against property make this loan facility more attractive. Besides the benefits enjoyed by the borrower, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that if the loan amount is not paid, then one can lose his property. 

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