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The Steps You Need To Follow If You Have Come Up With A Brilliant New Idea

All the things that have made life easy and efficiently such as electronic gadgets, cars, and machines have once been an idea that pop in a person’s hand and he made it into a reality.

Nearly all the inventions done is earlier times have stemmed from a need or necessity and providing practical and functional solutions of different things. An invention is termed as a distinctive and effective method, device, or process that helps people to solve a particular problem. A design change, innovation, and invention is an on-going process that will continue along the technological advancements.

Technology has played a vital role in transforming and influencing nearly all aspects of life whether it is communicating, doing business, doing work, buying things, and even traveling. The inventions done decades ago were done to fulfill particular need or want of the people, and many were quite successful that people still use them after addition of modern technology, the example of such inventions are automobiles, airplanes, computers, elevators, and other industrial, electrical, and mechanical inventions.

Today, making a new invention is tough, and a person needs to be creative and thoughtful as most of the devices and machines are already being invented and used by people. The basic of all the inventions have been thought, or an idea just clicked and helped to solve the problems people were facing. Many of the consumer products we see and use solve a problem such as you are feeling bored you can play on a gaming console, when you have a headache you will take an aspirin. Once your emphasis on the problem then you would ask questions and then address them and find the best solution for it. You can think of the different problems that you see in your surroundings, which are not solved easily, and your idea can make a difference. Some of the tips that can help you in the thinking process and lead to a breakthrough idea are

• You should identify the problem and write down all the thoughts, opinions, and solutions that come into your mind regardless of the degree of their practicality. Today, with advanced technology you can make even remote ideas possible

• You should think from one perspective and try to be flexible in your approach which will help you find better possibilities

• You should think critically, which will help you compare existing solutions and breakdown the problem in different aspects.

• Try to visualize the problem and denote it with any common object; this will help you think different ideas in less duration of time.

• Do not be let down by the already established views and opinions of people

The modern-day inventors come up with brilliant new ideas just by studying the trends and expanding their vision. The inventors apply their knowledge and observation and have an open mind to try new things regardless if would end in failure or success. The world we live in is shaped by people who believed in their ideas and pushed others towards progression. Many of us are familiar with the phrase ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ and there is no manual or degree that you have first to pass to become an inventor, all a person needs to do is come up with a brilliant idea to solve a problem.

The one thing that nags a person is who is going to finance the new idea which can be a device, a process, or advancement in technology, as idea implementation requires investment needed for production and marketing purposes. There are certain companies where a person can present his idea, and if is feasible then such companies can provide the finances to make the idea a reality. The investment companies invest in Invention project ideas that have some value proposition and can easily be converted into a consumable product. The essential steps you must follow to make your idea into reality are

1. Have firm belief in your idea

Coming up with something unique requires hours or thinking, researching, studying, and committing yourself. You should discuss your idea with your family, friends, and knowledgeable people who will encourage you, add to your idea, and help you to fulfill your goal

2. Identify a problem that you can fix

Everybody face problems, many seek help from already available solutions at their disposal, and some ponder on the problem and try to come up with better solutions to fix them. They are still many problems that lie in the surroundings, and you have to identify them and try to invent a thing that can fix one particular problem

3. Do adequate market research

Once you think you have identified the problem, come up with a brilliant idea, then the next thing would be to research in the market and internet and see if the idea you have already exist or not. You also need to know if other people are facing the same problem or not.

4. Document everything from problem identification to your ideas

If you are coming up with something unique and effective, then you must first safe-keep your idea. There are many times when other people tend to steal an idea and reap of rewards while the person with original idea gets nothing for his effort, time, and thinking. You must document everything so that it shows that you were the first person to come up with the idea.

5. Ensure that your invention is unique and not already patented

It does not mean that if you have come up with the idea, as there is always chance that someone else may have thought a similar thing too. You should do a patent search; if no patent comes then you must file for the patent of your idea by fulfilling the criteria of the patent.

6. Make a prototype and test it

Once you have got idea, and also validated it, then the next step is to design and develop a prototype to see whether your idea is successful and can serve in long run in solving problems. You have to first design a 3D-model of your design and then buy the equipment and tools to make your idea into reality

7. Make a plan to sell your idea

If your prototype works, then you must make a plan on how to sell your invention to respective investors. You need to know the answer of following questions that the investor will ask which are

* The purpose of your invention

* The uniqueness and features of your invention

* The customers who may need or want your product

* If your invention marketable and if customers are going to buy it or not

The best thing about investment companies is that they will give you time and ask you to present your idea and invention. The investors will evaluate the idea, help you to develop the idea, license the idea, and also help to market the idea.

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