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5 types of wireless technologies for IOT

Everyone these days has an urge for wireless technologies for IOT since they are incredibly easy to carry and use. This article focuses on wireless technologies.

Technology- a marvel

Science and technology is what plays a very vital role in a country’s progress and development. In the twenty first century that we are living in, in order to achieve and make name, a country needs to excel in the discoveries being made in its field of science and technology.

Wireless technologies

Every country is progressing and making higher and higher advances in its technology. Wireless technologies are being discovered and making peoples’ lives easier and better. The better technology enables an individual to live a better life by taking countless advantages of all the benefits that newer technologies are offering us.

Shaping lives

Our lives are being shaped to the best of levels via the rapid advances being made in science and technology. In older times when there was no technology, people lived difficult lives. But today owing to the countless gadgets that we are surrounded with has made our life much better, easy and different from before.


Internet of things is basically a term that includes the dozen wireless technologies that we have surrounded ourselves with. IOT does not only refer to the cellular phones that we have made the part and parcel of our lives but also those trillions of machines that we use in our daily routines and so are also inclusive in this broad term. Now here is the big deal. What is it that makes these gadgets wireless? How do they connect to internet and play their specific roles. The details of five such wireless technologies have been mentioned in the account below.


Let us first talk about how Wi-Fi has changed our lives. Well Wi-Fi has made all that possible for us which could never have been in any way. We go anywhere; we find Wi-Fi and well not many details will be shared in this context since majority of the population already knows about what a blessing Wi-Fi has been and forever be for us. So you are reading this, well thank your Wi-Fi for this. If Wi-Fi was not there you would never be reading this.


Next that will talk about is Bluetooth. Yes the earphones that you have as an all-day essential these days. Bluetooth is being used in a big number of industries. If we start mentioning the names of all of them it will be a big deal so would not do that here. But yes all the readers will have to believe that without this essential that we call by the name Bluetooth has made our lives very easy, simple and better.


So many of you who are reading this will not be aware of the Z wave. Well not your fault in any case because Z wave is not being used by majority of the population like z the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi. But keeping that aside, it is becoming famous among people day by day. The reason that is becoming all popular is due to the reason that it is being used excessively. And when do we use something excessively? Well that happens when something is of great use and yes Z-wave is one of those technologies that is very useful and helpful for a large population.


LoRaWAN is also well known these days by a big number of people. It is of great use in carrying out communications at rates of low bits. Well are you amazed after listening to this? If not then that is very peculiar because whoever hears of it gets pretty astonished that what a wonderful piece of technology it is.


Zigbee, a name that most of you will not be very familiar with but this name has become a big name today. The reason it is so is that it is in use by a number of industries. Yes a large number of applications exist which use it in one way or the other. One of the many advantages that it has is that it takes very low power in its efficient functioning. Therefore it has great features which make it one of the five technologies that are mentrioned in this account.

Advantages of Wireless technology:

Wireless technology that is in use by the people all over the world has a big number of advantages. Not only this wireless technology easily accessible but also it is very easy to manage and handle. Since wires with the gadgets make a lot of chaos the wireless gadgets have made life a lot simpler and better for the individuals now.

Easy to carry and bring to use:

Not only is the wireless technology very easy to carry but also it is very simple to use. We can easily carry the wireless device while travelling through long distances without worrying about the complications and etc. that occur with the wires which are an essential part of the technology. This and a lot of other advantages that if written will make the word limit exceed to a thousand fold have made the lives of people of twenty first century better and simpler.

Author’s bio:

Susan Gilbert uses her laser focus knowledge to coach and provide online assignment writing and social sharing programs for authors, speaker, experts and small businesses. An entrepreneur since 1987, Susan has advanced long stretches of customary business encounter into a few bleeding edge ventures which incorporates her computerized promoting organization.

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