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How I came to start using a Wi-Fi extender.

I have a great Wi-Fi network which I never had problems with. The speed was great, the wireless range was also great unlike most of the rest of the Wi-Fi networks. This was till a few weeks ago when the signals started to weaken. It happened slowly, first the range decreased, then the speed slowed and eventually the bandwidth also reduced.

I have a great Wi-Fi network which I never had problems with. The speed was great, the wireless range was also great unlike most of the rest of the Wi-Fi networks. This was still a few weeks ago when the signals started to weaken. It happened slowly, first, the range decreased, then the speed slowed and eventually the bandwidth also reduced.

At the start, I ignored it and thought that it was just a minor issue, that was temporary and that it will restore to its original state itself. But I was wrong, instead of improving, it became worse. I didn’t know why that was happening when a friend of mine came over and saw that the speed and range of my Wi-Fi were reduced and told me that that was happening because I had been using the same router for far too long. He also suggested me to either replace my router or to use a Wi-Fi booster or one of the Wi-Fi Extenders in Paris, whichever suited me best. I asked him what a Wi-Fi extender was. He told me that a Wi-Fi extender is a plug-in or desktop device that connects to an existing Wi-Fi network, then boosts the current signal to increase the wireless network's coverage area. That was when I started checking my different alternatives to increase the speed and range of my Wi-Fi network. I learned about Wi-Fi booster, Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi repeaters, and different TP links.

I wanted to use a Wi-Fi extender, but they were far too expensive, so I decide to use a TP-link instead. I went out and bought the best one I found. I came back home and set it up. It was easy to set, and I was really happy with the speed after I set it up. It was worked great for the first few weeks but then suddenly it stopped working and I started to have the same problems as before and so I decided to give a Wi-Fi extender a try.

This time I did my research before deciding on an extender. I took into consideration the cost and performance and purchased the best option I had. I then set it up. It was also really easy to set up. It took me a few minutes to install it. First, I decided on the place I wanted to set the extender. I chose a place that was free of obstructions and a place that was in between the router and the place I wanted the signals to reach. I chose a place where I didn’t go much, where there was no furniture. It also needs to be placed near an AC outlet and plugged into the power outlet. I couldn’t find a good place where there was an AC outlet, so I used an AC extension cord to get the extender to where it works best. The signals were still too weak and so I kept changing the position till the signals were as strong as I wanted them to be. I decided to use the same network name as the name of my router, so I don’t have to, again and again, log into both of them. Then I installed an app to monitor the performance of the Wi-Fi network so that I know if the Wi-Fi extender starts to weaken. It showed me the Internet speed and the device’s signal strength too. I know this sounds like a really tough and long process, I did too but believe me, it isn’t. As I said before, it took me less than an hour to set I up.

The Wi-Fi extender worked great, it allowed more devices to utilize a single router, overcame some of the obstacles like cabinets, increased the signal strength and also improved the router’s performance. This all provided me better speed and a longer range. It extended the coverage area of my existing wireless network by amplifying the signals and then transmitting those signals to a wider area. This provided me a "bubble" of additional network coverage that I could access when I was out of range of my router's finite coverage area.

At first, I thought that it would stop working, just like the TP-link but that didn’t happen and it is still working great, after many months. This saved me loads of effort, the money and the time that I would have been required to spend on changing the Wi-Fi network’s router. It would have saved me even more time, effort and money if I had decided to install it at the start, instead of the TP-link.

Is your Wi-Fi network also not working so great? If yes, I recommend you to waste no more time and purchase the extender that suits you best and I hope that you don’t waste any more time and money, trying to decide if you should choose a Wi-Fi extender or one of its alternative. Visit our site click here

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