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Winter Wonderland: 8 Must-Visit National Parks

Make out the best out of these winters, visit these national parks and witness nature at its best.

If You are planning to go on vacation with your family this winter, then you should definitely think about National Parks this time. Away from the madness of crowd and noise of towns, the Nature Parks will give you an experience of a lifetime. Here is a list of some of the National Parks that you must visit this winter.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

. The cold temperatures and high elevation of winter weather offer visitors a unique opportunity of cross-country skiing. You can lay your own tracks or glide up the already laid trails to check out the snow-covered hills.


Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park is the most visited national park in the winter months. Hop into a boat from Gulf Coast side of the park and canoe through the exquisite coastal mangroves, never seen sawgrass marshes, and beautiful pine Flatwoods. The place is no less than heaven for bird lovers as you get to see a world-renowned variety of migrating birds. Amazing, right!


Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

This is the only national park where you will get to see seven islands together. It lies about 70 miles off the coast of Key West. The only way to reach there is by a seaplane or ferry. Divers love it for its crystal clear waters and coral reefs. You will also get to enjoy the guided tours of unfinished 19th century Fort Jefferson that were built to protect one of the most important deep-water anchorages in North America.


Joshua Tree National Park, California

You will get to see the most captivating assortment of flora and fauna at Joshua Tree. The hikers, horseback riders, birders and rock climbers love to visit Joshua Tree because they can scale the cracks of giant monzogranite slab there. Mojave and Colorado deserts also converge here.


Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Though, You will not get to watch the nightly Bat Flight during winters., but the network of 119 caves of this moniker park maintains an internal temperature of 56 degrees throughout the year. Stroll around the Big Room — the largest single cave chamber by volume in North America. And that’s not all! ? You will also get to see the stalactites, lily pads, and cave pools.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The one among the most visited national parks in the nation, Grand Canyon National Park is famous for its Seven Natural Wonders of the World due to its awe-inspiring scale and size. Winters is the best time to admire the layers of red rock covered with white snow from the famous Bright Angel Trail.


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Colorado Rockies is all about snow and snow activities. It is the favorite place of visitors in winter. They love to do snowshoe, cross-country skiing. Sliding through the pristine wilderness gives an out of the world experience to the nature lovers.


Channel Islands National Park, California

Made by the five islands, the isolated Channel Islands National Park is home to some of the rare species like the island fox and island deer that are found nowhere else on earth. Winters is actually the best time to visit this national park as you get to watch migrating gray whales along with resident seals, sea lions, dolphins and the occasional pod of orcas.


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