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Live-In Relationships: Let’s Test How Strong Your Relationship is?

Are you ready to test the strength of your relationship with your live-In partner?

The trend of live-in relationships is at an all-time high now. Couples find the concept of marriage too outdated and unnecessary. Instead of burdening themselves with the pressures of responsibilities and commitment of marriage, couples now prefer to invest themselves in live-in relationships.

Benefits Of Opting For Live-In Relationship:

A live-in relationship is quite similar to marriage minus the legal complexities and responsibilities of marriage. Couples who are serious about their relationship and want to take it a step further often move into this type of arrangement as it helps them to understand each other. It gives you the chance to evaluate the areas that you both may need to work on as a couple. You get to wake up next to each other every morning and do everything that you can do after marriage without the baggage of commitment. However, this advantage is also the biggest disadvantage of marriage.

If you are also involved in such a relationship and are planning to get married to your partner, then the following test can help you understand your relationship better and whether or not you should get married.

Is your partner your best friend?

Your partner should be your best friend who knows you inside out. In fact, he should be the one to whom you turn up whenever you need some help.


Do you enjoy being in each other’s company:

Spending time with the person you love should always excite you and make you happy. Every relationship has its share of challenges however, for the most part, you should enjoy being in the company of each other.

Do You Love To Cook For Each Other:

The best way to start a day is having a good breakfast with your special one but if you both love to cook for each other then chances are high that you two will live happily ever after together.


Do You Tell Any Good Or Bad News To Your Partner First:

We can share the good news with everyone but we can share the bad ones only with those who are close to us. If your partner is the first person with whom you share the not so happy incidents too, then you are definitely in a good relationship.

How Many Times Do You Question The Need Of Your Relationship:

It is okay to question your relationship as it is one of the most serious things in our life which affects the overall quality of our day to day life. The question is do you often debate about whether you should stay in the relationship or not.

Would You Like Your Partner To Change Some Of His Habits:

No one's perfect - we all need improvements. But do you often see many flaws in your partner? It is actually not a good sign and you should think about calling it off.

Do You Have Your Partner’s Back Through Thick And Thin:

Bad times test the strength of every relationship. If your partner stays by your side through thick and thin and he is really for all your love and affection.


Does Your Partner Inspire You:

The person you want to spend your life with should be a source of motivation for you who inspires you to move ahead in life and achieve better things in life.

Do You Respect Each Other:

You cannot imagine a healthy relationship with someone if there is a lack of mutual respect between you too. Stop and think whether you give and get respect from your partner or not?

The Relationship Should Be Smooth:

A relationship between true lovers should not be too demanding where you have to be on your toes all the time and hard to keep up. If things don’t flow smoothly between you two then you should better stay away from it.

Is Your Partner Still The Most Handsome Or The Most Beautiful For You:

No doubt, You were the most girl for him and he was the most handsome guy for you at the beginning of your relationship. But do both of you still feel the same now when you two have spent quite some time with each other? If yes, then congratulations! Your Mr. Right can be your future husband too.


Are You Always Honest With Each Other:

Honest communication is the defining factor of a healthy relationship. If you constantly lie and hide things from each other, then this is not the person you should be with.

Do You Share The Same Values:

It is necessary for the partners to have some common values otherwise you will face conflict on every small issue throughout your relationship. Choose someone who shares the same values if you want your relationship to last long.

No two individuals are the same and every relationship has its own dynamics. Observe the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and work on them if you see your future with your partner. 

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These are now pretty popular date ideas but have you ever thought about recreating it at home? If you have any fancy paints and canvas. You can find tons of tutorials on YouTube. Be together and create the best moments by capturing each other best moments. Don’t forget to give the name of your canvas of memories.

2. Cooking Together

Usually, when it is raining we all have a craving for eating something. Rainy days are not only meant to enjoy the cheesy-balls and a cup of tea. Well, have you ever thought of cooking this delicious stuff together? I know you haven’t, just imagine you and your loved one to be together in the kitchen with bit cuddling and kisses and enjoying the rain. Woah! So here is your recipe for rain is ready with the perfect indoor date.

3. Cozy up to an indoor picnic on a rainy day date

We always plan picnic outdoor but this time is different and tries out the indoor picnic. Make a set up with blanket and pillows along with the fireplace. Make some special yummy food. This can be a great time to play romantic and funny games that bring you both closer. You can also add to your creative ideas.


4. Have Rainy Swim

Why not go swimming in the rain? You won’t be worried about getting wet but it will more charming to see you both together enjoying the rain. Some of you might not have your home pool so you can join the community pool. Rain swim is surprisingly romantic.

5. Singing and Dancing at the rain for a Cute and Romantic Rainy Day Date

If your hobby is dancing and singing then why not try out your hands on singing and dancing. Dance with madness by holding a cute umbrella with the pain of colorful rain-boots. Well! Now you’ll be ready to be the own director of this musical movie. Make your partner sing and dance with you.

6. Rain Photography

Rain Photography can be more beautiful. Head out and find some magical water-soaked streets, trees, flowers, and more for your photos. Make sure to have a raincoat for your camera. If you love photography then this can be a tough competition. Make your photography unique and capture the best moments. This can be a photo scavenger hunt. Well, your date still goes on when you are back home by figuring out a way to put them in use.

These ideas seem to be simple but they’ll let you create memorable romantic moments. I hope these ideas will help you out to create the best moments. Make sure to find out the best ideas and create them with your personal touch. This above-mentioned idea will help you in making your moment more special. 

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