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Holiday Season; Here Are Some Unique Ideas For Christmas Decorations

Christmas is around the corner and if you have not already done up your house, here is a list of some unique ways to do it up.

It is that time of year when you can relax with your family and friends after working hard throughout the year and enjoy the holiday season in the truly festive mood. And what is the best way to welcome the holiday season than a well-decorated house especially for festivities and get-togethers. Take inspiration from the list below and get ready to win some compliments.:

Keep it classic; play with red, green and white. Bring lots of green garlands and wreaths, red and white stockings and cushions.

Holiday Season; Here Are Some Unique Ideas For Christmas Decorations

Go organic, use pinecone wreaths with white or red ribbon.

Use fairy lightings to decorate your entryway

Wooden snowmen on the entryway or with the Christmas tree is also a good idea.

Experimenting with shapes will add creativity to the decoration of the house. Use rectangular or square wreaths instead of regular round wreaths and candles of different shapes to surprise your guests.

Kids love balloons and ribbons. Use them as much as you can.

Holiday Season; Here Are Some Unique Ideas For Christmas Decorations

Keep it sweet and simple with selective decorative pieces and flowers and vases.

Use the evergreen garland and decorate it with colorful galaxy ornaments. A colorful wreath hanging on the main door of the house will look cheerful.

Go multicolor this Christmas and decorate the house with different colored decorative items.

If you prefer monochromes, decorate the entire living area with your favorite color and keep it effortlessly classy and festive with scented candles and traditional lights.

Holiday Season; Here Are Some Unique Ideas For Christmas Decorations

Show off your creative skills by creating Christmas tree decorations, flower vase ribbons or some beautiful festive frames.

Use more of gold, copper or silver and give an all metallic glam look to your house.

Let red rule the holiday season and bring holiday cheer to the living space. Plaid pillows, cushions, rugs, a teapot, candles, lanterns, and vintage Santa mugs, everything is there in the living room keep all in red.

Holiday Season; Here Are Some Unique Ideas For Christmas Decorations

Why not keep it warm, cozy and festive by following the true Christmas theme of red and white. .

Guests love to sit around the fireplace in the living. Adorn the mantel with beautiful decorative pieces like red and white candles, garlands, etc.

Enjoy the festivities and let every corner of your house welcome Christmas in true holiday spirit.

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Are you tired of doing card-making and scrapbooking? Cheer up! We have a unique crafting idea for making wooden embellishments. You can use these embellishments in your own handmade cards, scrapbook pages, or art journals. Also, you can create wooden ornaments for your home or yourself using this method. You can create these adornments by using stamping techniques on wooden discs or any other wooden shape. For this, you can buy stamps for card-making from an online store at a great deal and also check out their latest promotions.


Materials Required - Wooden discs or wooden surfaces of any other shape, rubber stamps, and ink pads.

Which Stamp to Pick?

You can choose any rubber stamp of your choice, mounted or unmounted, keeping the size of the surface you want to stamp on in mind. If the stamp does not fit the wooden surface then the image will not look good and attractive. And also, you can use the same stamps as the ones you use for card-making to make an attractive and abstract image.

Stamping on Wooden Discs

We have chosen wooden discs as they are ideal for stamping, you can use any other wooden shape of your choice if you like. Make sure to select the wood wisely as the porous surface of the untreated wood can cause the ink or colors to bleed through. It is also better to practice stamping on rough sheets or other unknown surfaces before stamping on wooden discs. After enough practice, take the stamps, add some dark color ink, and stamp it on the discs. If you see ink running through the grains of the wood, then paint the surface of the wood to seal the pores.

When you do this, put even pressure from all sides so that the image does not look smudged or blotchy. Also, you need to be very careful with your fingers while stamping to make sure that the disc does not slip. Afterward, leave the piece to dry for some time.

Add a Finishing Touch

You can leave the stamped images on the wooden discs uncolored so that the wood is seen through. And if you want to color the image, then first check if the color bleeds or else, it will have a distorted and unfinished effect on the image. You can use color pencils or chalk to color as they are dry colors and won’t run through the grains. Seal the piece with a clear varnish to protect the image on wood.  

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