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Colours And Designs Forming Beautiful Background For Indian Wedding Cards

Best colorful Indian wedding cards and Indian wedding invitations which rocks your weddings with sweet memory.

Indian wedding cards, as rich as their inclusions, as enchanting are their designs. They not only can lure anyone with just a single sight but can totally portray the rich ecstasy of this ceremonial bond of marriage.

So are you looking for something exceptional for your wedding invite background design? Well, look no further. We have stated the:

Colours that form the beautiful background for Indian wedding cards

Popular designs used as background design for these invites.

Most popular choices

1. Among colours for Indian wedding cards

Classic Red: the colour of Love


Most of the Indian wedding cards are all embellished in the classic hues of red shade. Not only this looks prolific in wedding invites owing to its vibrancy, but it is also believed to be pious too. With the background colour red, you can use a gold-hued or yellow collared font which forms the classic combination of several wedding invites. Add some beautiful motifs and adornments and you are all set to rock with the “classic Indian wedding card”.

Glittery Golden: The Regal Colour

Are you totally drooled over something shimmery yet elegant? Then glittery golden forms the ideal background. This is quite eloquent in its appearance and portrays the royalty at its best. Golden is primarily used in invites for royal weddings. You can use it too. From simple paper material to beautiful hand-woven fibrous sheets, from woods painted in glittery golden to veneers textured with silk or leather of the same hue, you can use this colour. Forming the ideal backdrop of your beautiful wedding invitations, it is popularly used in Indian wedding cards.

2. Among Beautifully designed background choices for Indian wedding cards

Abstract Floral designs




Who doesn’t love flowers? Be it in decorations or for religious ceremonies at Weddings, they form a substantial element in any wedding. Even the brides are wearing floral pieces of jewellery on several ceremonial events of the wedding. So why not adopt their finest appearance and refined visual charms as abstract floral designs. These designs form the beautiful background of any traditional yet modern Indian wedding cards. The blooming elements are contemporary yet conventional and add up to a stylised wedding invite.

Traditional Mandalas

Mandalas are primarily built on walls of the household as a sign of good luck. Moreover, they look too luring. They also form a beautiful background for Indian wedding cards. Its intricacy and delicacy at the same time make it a popular design for a background as well as for border. They can be used to add the bohemian vibe in a wedding card for a beach wedding. At the same time, they can be used to add regal intricacy for a more “high profile” wedding card. This forms one of the top choices in designed Indian wedding cards.

These beautiful colours and designs can be used for a traditional Indian wedding invite or even for a modern wedding card too. Choose your pick and let your wedding card steal the spotlight too like you always do. 

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