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Custom Made Hair Extension Boxes for Boosting up the Sales of the Brand

Custom made the box is bound to earn you a competitive advantage and here is to know how:

For something as fragile as hair extensions, a customary box is a must-have in terms of convincing customers into buying your product. What goes inside the box is of obvious importance but what is the point in selling away hand knitted human hair extensions worth $500 and 50 hours of detailed precision work when the packaging it arrives in barely salvages the weaves.


With delicacies such as high-end hair extensions, brands ought to dedicate more effort in the protective boxing of its products. Custom made the box is bound to earn you a competitive advantage and here is to know how:

The Durability Factor:

As much as hair extensions are quickly becoming a must-have for just about anyone, there have been countless returns and complaints about these particular items in regards of the product arriving at the doorstep all soiled and out of shape. With online buying gaining dominance over the commonplace departmental store purchasing, almost 85% of consumerism is satisfied online.

A result is an ever-increasing number of items being shipped through the mail. Although it gives the customer a great deal of feasibility of having their prized possessions being delivered right at their doorstep, the mail delivery is not always a safe option for something as delicate as hair extensions. Therefore, quality boxing is crucial. Another factor that justifies quality packaging is the fact that hair extensions are fairly an innovation and there are only so many brands that are manufacturing quality hair extensions.

This is why there is a huge number of overseas orders that those brands have to satisfy. With all the border checks and security scans, the hair extensions are bound to suffer wear and tear if it is not boxed adequately. Therefore, brands selling hair extensions need to pay special attention to the durability of the box they will be selling their product in. The box should be completely waterproof and sealed.

The Design Factor:

With a purchase worth at least a good few hundred dollars, will it make sense to let the box that it arrives in looking not even half as good as the product inside? No, it so does not. Believe it or not, the design of the box is of just as much importance. There are certain key factors to keep in mind when deciding upon the box of something like hair extensions. First and foremost is the design of it.


When I think of hair extensions, it entices the feel of high-end jewelry. Something as precious as a branded watch or designer earrings and hence, the packaging should be much of the same caliber. Velvet coatings or even faux suede are all the hype right now. Not only will they perform well in terms of keeping the hair extensions safe and away from any wear and tear, but it will also give the customer a sense of luxury and money well spent.


When it comes to boxing up hair extensions, brands should make sure the product is easy to unbox as well. There is nothing more annoying than having to fidget your way into a box of something you cannot wait to get your hands on. With the fragility of an item like hair extensions, the box it comes in should be made in a way it keeps a balance between durability and easy unboxing.

If it is going to be one of those hard sealed plastic boxes, tearing it open might do more damage than any good. The customer might chip a nail, and the abrupt ripping might damage the weave. If the product is as fragile as a delicate piece of jewelry, the box it comes in should be much like that of a jewelry box. It should be something that opens up easily and reveals a completely untouched weave ready to be used instead of having to make excruciating efforts of untangling the hair in it.


If a brand is trying to get itself known for its products, a logo is all the game. The packaging it sells its products in should bear the logo in a manner it translates the brand's worth and its identity, both. The physical appeal of a logo plays an important part in carving out the aura a brand is trying to give away. Something like hair extensions should opt for a logo that gives it a luxurious feel with the added bit of femininity. Apart from that, something like hair extensions cannot have its mark imprinted on the product itself, so the only thing paying homage to the brand itself is its Hair Extension Packaging and more importantly, its logo.

Any brand trying to get recognized for hair extensions has to give the logo its best effort. Something that bears the name of the brand noticeably and a cursive credible with gold against black is bound to let the brand name stand out.

Celebrity collaborations:

There is a particular protocol to follow when it comes to selling luxury items like hair extensions. The fact that the customer is paying a whopping $500-$1000 has to be justified by not just the product itself but also through bringing them a feeling of having possessed something special that they will cherish each time they glance at what they bought. A little bow or a tiny keepsake ornament will bring that special appeal to the product.

A personal note signed by the brand ambassador or a little autograph may do the brand some major wonders. A handful of particular hair extensions brands have been investing quite a lot in advertising their products, more specifically through YouTube makeup gurus and a good part of their success owes up to the YouTuber's fan base. Adding a little personal touch of a celebrity artist will not only give away a Hollywood feel to the product but will also, help the customer relate to the brand on a more personal level.

Branding efforts like that have been all the rage since a long now and have been proving successful time and time again. Having celebrities step forward into the world of manufacturing and even marketing has scored success and recognition to brands at a skyrocketing pace, and when the customers get a little something personal coming from a celebrity, they are bound to grow a deeper connection with the brand.

This best way to incorporate a personal appeal to hair extensions is through adding an inspirational slip onto the box signed by the celebrity. Positive messages advertisement spreading love is all that matters when it comes to the beauty industry!

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When one hears the word 'Charcoal,' the mind may hark back to the days of middle school when charcoal was exemplified by the blacksmith’s forging, the creation of black powder for fireworks, and in general something to be used in bright burning furnaces and forges. 

This middle school view of charcoal is possibly embedded in most young minds. A high number of people are unaware of what charcoal is, what it’s qualities are, and the sheer breadth of use it can have for us, especially dermatologically! 

Scientific Properties of Charcoal

Charcoal, at its basic level, is a carbon of lighter weight, produced through heating organic, carbon-rich materials in an inert atmosphere, a process known as slow pyrolysis. Sounds quite complicated right? Don’t worry. You do not have to know about the chemical processes behind charcoal. Knowing it’s characteristics, which in turn determine its utility, is enough. 

Charcoal can burn at high temperatures with little to zero smoke, which makes it immensely useful as an industrial and metallurgical fuel. Furthermore, charcoal produces little soot, the black powdery substance left behind by the burning of wood. Therefore, it becomes a very convenient material for using as a burning agent. 

Charcoal as Skin Care

Charcoal, arguably saw its rise at industrial scale through the efforts of Henry Ford, who used it for automobile fabrication. Using charcoal for ‘skincare’ is an age-old practice carried out by Egyptians, although there is an asterisk on the ‘care’ part, as it was used to preserve the skin of the dead in circa 1500 BC.

But, there is another uncanny characteristic of charcoal, which has made it popular as a product in the cosmetic industry, especially in the form of charcoal face washes

Active Charcoal  

The form of charcoal that is popularly used in the industry is activated charcoal. What is so special about it? The answer lies in the range of its surface area - between 950 to 2000 square metres per gram. If you cannot imagine what that number means then consider this: ~22 kgs of activated charcoal will potentially have a greater surface area than the area of New Delhi (just the city).

Contain Pores

The reason why charcoal has such a high surface area is because of the extremely high number of pores! These pores ensure that certain chemicals stick to the carbon surface when charcoal is applied and get adsorbed, which in simple terms is sticking of things to a surface at an atomic and microscopic level. 

Highly Absorbent 

Charcoal finds various applications in different industries due to its adsorption capabilities. More than 180 years ago, charcoal’s adsorption characteristics were first utilised to treat patients of poisoning. Activated charcoal is now commonly used in treating many types of poisonings. Another common use of the adsorption capabilities of activated charcoal is the filtration and purification of water through charcoal filters. Such filters are also sometimes used in gas masks.

The super-adsorption properties of activated charcoal make it a good ingredient for men’s face wash. The male skin is usually exposed to a lot of pollutants, especially if you are doing a job that requires travel or spending long-hours outside. 

Removes Pollutants

Face wash activated charcoal will help you remove some of the pollutants from your skin, helping clean your skin pores much more microscopically than a normal face wash. It may be claimed at places that charcoal-based face wash is the solution to rescue the beauty of mankind, but such a claim can be an exaggeration. 

Filters Impurities

The activated charcoal will filter some, but not all, pollutants from your skin. Activated charcoal is known to absorb chlorine-based substances, such as chlorine and chloramines. It also absorbs volatile compounds with odours, such as hydrogen sulphide, and minuscule amounts of metals, such as iron, mercury, and chelated copper. Although, if you have absorbed some amounts of metal, then charcoal adsorption may not be the ideal solution. Visiting a doctor might be better!

In a nutshell

When you use an activated charcoal-based face wash, a dose of realism is called for. While it will improve the condition of your skin, and even help with some gentle exfoliation, you should know that taking care of your skin is through a combination of using the right products, such as the charcoal face wash and making sure you take preventive measures to avoid the wear and tear on your skin.

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