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Pakistan’s complex Economy Structure

Pakistan’s economy can also be described as an agricultural economy, facets of which enable the country to exports its produce to countries worldwide. Whereas the current economic predicament of the country has had its fair share of ups and downs due to which the imports far exceeded the exports, in turn, resulting in the closing of agricultural businesses and industries, the situation has somewhat improved due to political and social reforms resulting in agricultural industries returning to their former glory. One of the most vital catalysts of this agricultural industry is the organic rice producers actively contributing to Pakistan’s economy.

Agricultural industries and their importance in Pakistan

One of the businesses who was vitalized and saw the recent developments being made to strengthen the industry as an opportunity were the organic rice producers. The companies realized that the local markets were anxiously waiting for someone who would innovate by bringing organic produce at affordable rates at the market’s disposal. Whilst addressing this niche that had existed for quite some time, the companies would increase their turnover and gross profit margins dramatically by strategically placing its products where they would gather the most consumer attention. To make this possible, companies like AKC commodities limited work in conjunctions with their affiliate suppliers and producers to constantly improve their product so it remains relevant and up to date.



 Product Portfolio

Other than being the leading organic rice producers that have the export standard quality oriented lineup of various varieties of rice, agricultural industries have a plethora of different products that are appreciated and exported across the world apart from being bought off the shelves of supermarkets across Pakistan which greatly help the local economies. These companies are also leading suppliers of organic and locally sourced dried fruits. The product lineup includes different types of apricots such as sweet and sour and apricot kernels which help in treating in various different ailments in men and women and provide relief to strained muscles.

Different variations

Furthermore, a variety of different dates and their styles of presentations are also offered by the company with chopped dates and pitted dates being the most popular. Mulberries of both white and black species which are vital for anthocyanin regeneration; a compound that increases immunity against various different diseases is also supplied with various different products such as pine nuts and raisins such as the green raisins, sultana raisins and Thompson raisins to meet the demands of the diverse markets.

New standards and their implementation to revive the industry

In this pursuit of quality oriented and customer satisfaction based business, IFS, Fairtrade, and Sedex certified manufacturing plants in Pakistan were set up, a quality that is testament to the forward thinking initiatives of the government in the form of strategies of being ahead of other organic rice producers whose product is imported at a premium. This manufacturing standard also enables the agriculture sector to provide the best variety of organic products such as rice at affordable prices without compromising on quality whatsoever giving the economy a much needed boost.

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