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What is Domicile Certificate ? How we can apply for it ?

What is Domicile Certificate ?

If you are a student or you are circling offices for any government work, then you will be very familiar with the term domicile certificate. You may know Domicile Certificate as Residential Certificate. Domicile Certificate Any student is required to enroll in college or filling any government form in which your residence and state are certified. Let's talk in detail in this article how you can make a Domicile Certificate online or offline and what procedure you will have to follow.

What is Domicile Certificate?

Domicile Certificate is a document without which any government work is not completed. If you are a student or a student, then whether you want to enroll in a college or fill the form of scholarship etc., Residence certificate is required. It is not necessary that you are a student, then you need it. It requires every person to work in any government work, which is why everyone has to make it.

Residential Certificate has given many names, in which you do not need to be confused. If someone asks you a residency certificate, he is still asking about Domicile Certificate or domicile certificate. This is a document that has the proof of living in the same state for the last 15 years. It is said to have your name, address, nationality and for 15 years you are living here.

Documents For Domicile

To create a Domicile Certificate, you need some documents, so whenever you have to make the original residence certificate or apply online then keep all these things with you beforehand.

Two photos

Ration card

Aadhar Card

Voter card

Electricity bill

If you are applying online for Domicile Certificate, then you need to have a scan copy of all the documents and if you are offline, then you have to take photostat of all these documents.

Online Domicile Certificate

If you want to apply the Domicile Certificate online, you can easily apply for your residency certificate while following some of the steps given below.

For the application you must first go to your state's official portal. Keep in mind this is different for every state. If you are from Uttar Pradesh then you have to go to If you do not know about your state's portal, then you can give your state name to Domicile Certificate on Google which will give you a link to the portal. After going to the portal you will need to create a new account here, after which you can proceed. After creating the account, Search Domicile Certificate.

After that you will come to the Domicile Certificate Form. In which you have to fill all your information properly and carefully. After filling the Domicile Certificate Form, attach the requested documents and fill the fees. After all the information and fees your process has been completed. After that you will have to wait 15 days after which you will be able to download your Domicile Certificate online.

If for some reason your form is rejected then you can correct it again by submitting it to your dashboard. Keep in mind, the information should be complete and correct and you are the resident of the same district where you are applying Domicile Certificate. Otherwise, if there is any kind of disturbance, you can come under legal proceedings.

Offline Domicile Certificate

If you do not want to process online for the original residency certificate, you have the option to apply offline for which you will have to go to your nearest Digital Services Center with all the documents. Where you will be fully assisted.


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