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Installing High Quality Led Signs are a No-Brainer!

So, what are your thoughts on high-quality LED signs? If you’re a large organisation, you’re probably already using them. If you’re a small to medium-sized enterprise, you may think the investment is too big.

After reading the following, however, you may very well decide that switching to LED signs is the best business decision you could make this year.

As with most new technology, the price of LED signs has dropped substantially over the last 12 months, making it more affordable than many people realise. Besides, the buying price is meaningless on its own; what you need to consider is the return on your investment. When you look at the costs of running LED signage, and the benefits to be gained, the cost per sale is far less than most traditional marketing methods, such as TV and print advertising.

High Quality Led Signs

It was a given that high-quality LED signs would quickly catch-on, as marketing and advertising adapts to the rapidly changing online world. Businesses also discovered that they could boost their customer base and their turnover when they tapped into social media platforms.

LED signage offers that ability, helping businesses offer customers a more interactive experience. It also allows businesses to change their message as often as they like, without the cost of producing new signage.

High-quality LED signs boost visibility, sales and profits, whilst building your brand and customer base. It is especially useful to businesses in the more competitive industries.

Practically speaking, LED signs are unbeatable. They produce an exceptional level of brightness using very little power. LED signs come in many different forms, such as monocromatic (one single colour, usually amber or red), tri-colour, full colour and custom LED signs. You’d be right in thinking LED signs are similar to neon, except LED is brighter, safer and cheaper to run.

Amazingly, high-quality LED can last up to 100,000 hours – that’s around six years longer than neon and fluorescent. And there are no toxic gasses to worry about.

High Quality LED Signs Provider

Regardless of the time of day, LED remains bright and easily readable, both up close and from a distance. And the signs are significantly slimmer than their neon counterparts, as they don’t use tubes.

Your best source of detailed technical information is a high-quality LED signs provider, such as Sunquest Industries on the Sunshine Coast.

They say one of the first questions they are usually asked is, what type of LED sign is best for a particular organisation. This really comes down to budget, location, target audience and the amount and type of information you wish to convey.

Do I have to buy a full colour LED sign? Not necessarily. In fact, the monochrome display is the most popular, because it offers eye-catching colour and design at an affordable price.

How do I know I’m getting a high-quality LED sign? The first thing to look for is a model designed for use in Australia. This means it is tougher and can withstand our extreme temperatures and weather. Ensure the sign comes with a warranty; if no warranty is offered, you should be very cautious. Also, you should only buy from a reputable LED sign company, that offers installation, training and servicing.

Still not convinced about LED signage? Here are some statistics that prove it’s a no-brainer!


Compared to traditional advertising mediums, LED signs are far more noticeable. They are also far cheaper than running TV campaigns and are shown to be seen by over 60% of potential customers.


Being seen doesn’t necessarily mean you get the customer, right? But the reach of your LED sign is around 70% and that’s more than Facebook!


Best of all, LED signs are proven to increase brand awareness, which means customers that don’t shop with you on the day they see the sign, will remember you when they need your product.


Consumers admit they are more likely to enter a store than uses LED signage as it shows the business is on-trend and digitally aware.


What happens when your customers have to queue for service? Do they get frustrated, even aggressive? Do they walk out? Research shows that where LED signs are visible to queuing customers, the wait time is perceived to be shorter.


LED signs boost sales. It’s a proven fact. They catch the eye and encourage the customer to buy additional products, specials and so on. LED signs can be strategically placed in your store to push certain products, advertise sales and markdowns and launch new products.


Let’s say you invested $10,000 in a high-quality LED sign, but then experienced an increase in business of up to 150%. I’m not that good at math but even I can see that’s an unbeatable return on your investment!




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