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Domain Name Taken! What Should You Do Now?

You have thought of a great domain name and found it your dismay that it is already occupied. What can you do in such situations? You have the option to buy it, but then it may cost you thousands of extra dollars to acquire the domain. But there are other alternatives as well. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Add Industry in the Domain Name

If you find that the domain name that you have decided for is showing occupied in the results shown by the domain name generator, you can try to put an industry word in the domain name.

The best practice is to add the title of the industry that you are in. It is far better than picking a generic extension which will be hard for the visitors to remember and keep track of. Will, you do not like to have a name that adds to your brand name?

2. Try Using a Country Code TLD

It is not very popular, but you can still try this trick. If you have kept the ‘.com.’ Domain name, you can try to have the country code TLS, e.g. ‘.in.’ It will also help you to connect with the local market in the best possible manner.

3. Try New TLDs

You might be aware of the traditional TLDs like the ‘.com.’ And ‘.org.’ But are you must also know that many new TLDs have been recently used by the startups and businesses alike. Try for ‘.co.’ If you are looking to have the website for the private limited company, then this extension may be the best.

In the same way, you can also try for ‘.biz’ domain extension as well. It is gaining in popularity quickly, and you can find numerous sites with the domain name these days.

4. Add Country Name

If you don’t want to go with other TLDs and prefer to remain with ‘.com.’ TLDs, you will have to then make changes to the domain name. If you are targeting a particular country, you can add its name to the domain. You can try to check the name in domain name generator to ensure that it is not taken.


These are a few ways that you can take if the domain name that you have is occupied. You will surely get a unique name working in this manner.

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