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Custom Made Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are unique and distinct packaging you can pack gift, or any other thing in it which can distinguish your gift from others pillow boxes is one of the eye-catching, unique, and well-made boxes which can be used for various purposes, i.e., gift and cosmetic purpose.

When comes to packaging you can find different types of boxes in the market. As the name suggest pillow boxes look like a pillow. One can print any pattern on it like Florentine and damask. They are usually made-up of cardboard material. It depends on the budget of the customer that which material is used.

These type of boxes look graceful and suitable. Moreover, they can be popped in any shape and size depending on the stipulation provided by the customers. Every small and large company can use it for branding, makes a company leave an everlasting impression towards the existing as well as potential customers. Apart from looking great, it has many other benefits. They are convenient and possess many properties that make them very usable and practical. It is not a very modern packaging style but now it’s used has been increasing in industry.

Benefits of the pillow boxes

These type of boxes has numerous advantages which are discussed below;

There are Open choices for material of pillow boxes

When we consider its practical importance, then it shows that it uses the economical material in packaging. It can be made from a variety of different material, depend on the demand and budget of the customer. It is feasible in both Kraft and cardboard material.

Moreover, Kraft and cardboard, both materials are eco-friendly and light-weight, which makes shipping and carrying the product easy. Apart from that, one can print or emboss anything on his choice on it. In short, pillow boxes which are made of Kraft and cardboard can look great and have several other useful characteristics or features.

It is a convenience and used less material

It has less production cost. It makes them very appropriate for low scale business which includes soap, jewellery, oils, fragrances, candles, and etc. By cutting down on the prices of packaging, it helps the companies to keep the product cost low. Furthermore, they are very easy to assemble and they may come flat from the production site, and can be popped easily. These boxes are readily available in the market for packaging, and they are easy to pack things in it.

Ready packaging and easy access to product

These boxes can be used for a wide range of products. The packaging merchandise does not only use pillow boxes, but these can be used as a gift box too. You can use it for the gift of the individual, or you can pack something special in it for any festive. One can do any printing in it according to the festival. Then you don’t need anything else in it, tell about your specification to the production company. One can easily convert pillow boxes into festive seasonal boxes because of it easy and secure packaging.

Furthermore, it is easy to unwrap. It is easy for the consumer to unpack things in it one can quickly get access to the product. It depends on the product type, on the base of which pillow box have front, top or side closures as well.

It offers customisation options in a minimal packaging margin

Wholesaler of pillow boxes can give the merchandiser a professional standard packaging that looks great. And it is realistic for all types of products. These boxes can print in a variety of different printing styles and can be coloured or decorate with tiny display windows which slightly reveal the product which is present inside.one can design its personalise or customise box easily on demand.

It is suitable for a wide variety of products

One can order pillow boxes in different sizes. There are available in various sizes, i.e., small, medium and large sizes. It sizes depend on the fact that what thing you want to put inside them. One can use large boxes for bigger things. Typically, these types of boxes are like a tubular in shape, it has two straight boundaries running parallel to each other and two bowl-shaped edges that are also parallel to each other. If a box has another shape than this, then it is not pillow shape.

In short, pillow boxes are the most convenient and highly suitable boxes for almost all types of merchandise, and they are very economical. One can use it for various purposes. Although they are usually made-up of kraft and cardboard but can also find in market pillow boxes which are made up of different material like clear pillow boxes the plastic makes them.

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 Christmas is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. Forget birthdays, parties and everything else. The best celebration of the year is just a few days away. Every Christmas, we all get the Christmas tree, decorate it with ornaments. We exchange presents and have a hearty meal with our loved ones. That is what this occasion is all about. Love and joy and celebration.

Chocolates are regarded as the best treat for any occasion. These sweet delights, wrapped in a beautiful chocolate bar packaging, are best suited for this special day.

Why do we need to package these chocolates?

It is a very special day. To make it even more beautiful and special, we wrap these chocolates in attractive. You might be wondering why are chocolates so important?

Well, they are the most popular confectionery item in the world. And the reason behind this popularity is the fact that chocolate is simply magical. It can make you feel better in an instant. A treat for your taste buds, and a perfect way to bring a touch of sweetness to your memories of Christmas.

Chocolate packaging helps to create an impact and impression on the consumer and tells them that they are eating something special. The packaging plays the same roles as any packaging. It keeps the chocolate in good shape and preserves its rich taste. Also, effective packaging is a treat for your eyes and the feat of aesthetic and fancy chocolate bar packaging.



Ideas for making your chocolate bar stand out

After all that, you might be wondering how to make your very own chocolate boxes  Australia. You can give it as a gift to a loved one, or wrap it up to attract customers to your confectionary. Either way, we have made a list of some amazing ideas to make your packaging as beautiful as possible.

• Bark boxes and bars: one of the most popular designs is by taking a box that is textured like wood bark. You can design it by adding clip art and designs made by a marker. Ideas for designs could be a central text telling about the company, the name of the chocolate, the flavor, etc. Then, you can add designs with a red, gold and green marker, to help it give a Christmas theme.

• Clear cellophane: you can use this design for a bar which is highly decorated and aesthetic in itself. You don’t want to hide all that effort you spent on decorating it. Use a cellophane sheet, and close the package using a simple ribbon. Do remember to attach a beautiful gift card, providing all the textual information.

• Brown paper and lace: this is one of the most popular designs in use. Just take some simple brown paper and wrap your bar in it. Then, cover the ends of the box in a wide and fancy lace, with vibrant and contrasting colors. Add a strip of silk in the center. Attach a ribbon, or a gift card top this strip and gift it.

• Custom cardboard: one of the easiest and best design is using a printed cardboard sheet, to create your printed chocolate boxes. You can go for any sort of theme that you wish. We would recommend something which includes Christmas: Santa, snowmen, reindeers, the Christmas tree, presents, etc. You will have a free choice to make the wrapping in any way that you wish. Just wrap your bar in this sheet and marvel at the wonders of custom printed packaging.


 • Textured sheets: to make your packaging just as appealing to touch, as to the eyes, you can use this technique. You will look at different textures and select the one which you are going to wrap your chocolate in. popular choices include the glossy texture, matt, silk, bubbly and many, many more. You can further increase the appeal of this packaging, by printing a custom image or text on the sheets and wrapping the chocolate.

• Colors, themes, ornaments: the chocolate needs to be presented in the best chocolate box packaging. Use Christmas themed colors to make it feel special. You can use ribbons, bows, frills, and laces to make designs on the box. Or you can attach little candy figurines to the box, and make it a double treat. Candy canes, peppermint ribbons, stickers, and glitter, etc., would make your [packaging look even greater.

These are just some of how you can present your chocolates in the best possible way. Make sure that you give special attention to the way you use these ideas. Don’t overdo it, and don’t hesitate to let your creativity flow. The sweetness of the chocolate will go away, but the sweetness of the gesture should remain.

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