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Say thanks to technology because now you can make your travel experience greener and eco-friendly. With the availability of the eco-friendly hotels, paperless environment, and nature-friendly places you can now evolve to green living and traveling. If you’re fond of traveling but also look for a cost-friendly journey, then here are some ideas that will help you to turn eco-friendly while touring different places.

1. Search Eco-Friendly Vendors

With the passing years, more and more eco-friendly vendors are joining the bandwagon. They are ready to accommodate your traveling while giving you a greener experience. Search for these vendors and book them for your traveling.

You may not find the perfect eco-friendly vendor, but you can find someone close to it and can help you minimize the carbon footprint by eliminating the use of plastic or adopting more eco-friendly practices.

2. Search an Energy-Efficient Condo

If you have reached around your destination and looking for Toronto condos for sale to stay, I’d prefer you going with a nature-friendly one. It won’t only save your electricity bills but will also help you to preserve the environment. Since it will be a short stay so it’s not wise to spend your money on a luxury condo that can cost you dollars.

A condo that is close to nature will not only help you to save the fuel but will also add in improving your lifestyle.

3. Don’t Waste Too Much on Shopping

If you have finally made up your mind for green traveling then it’s useless to waste your money on shopping from exquisite places. First of all, don’t shop things that aren’t required and if it’s important to shop then go for local purchasing.

Buying from local vendors helps in boosting the economy and also helps the local vendor to bring food for their family. And while you’re shopping, avoid plastic shopping bags completely and replace it with reusable cloth bags.

4. Don’t Rent a Car

If you have to stay at a location for months don’t make the mistake of renting a car for your travels. Take the local guide and if the destination is near, consider walking or cycling. It’s better than renting a private car and it’s also a money-saving tip. However, if your location is far-flung within the city, you can book a ride-hailing cab like Uber or other private taxis.

It’s not only sustainable but also affordable and healthier. Plus, while walking or cycling to the destination you’ll be able to stop at your own and can spend maximum time exploring the city.

5. Drop the Papers

There shouldn’t be more paper associated with travel. The lighter the burden of your suitcase, the greater focus you can put on traveling. So, if someone says you have to keep a thick travel guide, map or all your official documents then don’t follow. A good tip is to keep the scanned copy of the documents in your smartphones.

So, avoid the paper clutter and lighten your burden. In addition, if you love to take travel notes then do it on your mobile instead of papers. Apps like EverNote and notepad let you take notes on the go.

6. Pack your Suitcase Responsibly

It’s not wise to fill your suitcase with everything you want. Only pack the necessary items such as your outfits, shoes or other necessary things. You can get many things during your stay at Toronto lofts or hotels. Like you can be accommodated for food items during your travel, if you’re planning to keep extra water bottles then don’t because you’ll get the chance to refill your bottles at the gas stations.

You’d be carrying your suitcase everywhere you go, so it’s better to keep the burden light with the necessary stuff only, If you overdo, then it won’t add up in eco-friendly traveling, remember.

When you’ve decided to travel so pack your bags depending on the number of days you’ll need to stay and the places you’d be travelling. Eco-friendly traveling not only saves the planet but also adds to your experience while exploring the beautiful planet.

So, what’s your next travel spot and what you’ll be packing in your suitcase for traveling now, if you wanna know more regarding this visit.

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The Loan Against Property(LAP) is considered to be an all-purpose loan. It can be used for education, marriage, expansion of business or medical expenses. The cash crunch in the life of an individual can be eased out with the help of a loan against property. This multipurpose loan can be availed at a much cheaper rate. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can avail offers based on customized property loans. There are several other benefits related to Loan Against Property which are discussed as follows.


Benefits of Loan Against Property(LAP)

Loan Against Property(LAP) is regarded as a multipurpose loan with no restriction in usage. The following are the benefits of availing LAP:

Ease of Approval

Availing to LAP is way simpler than availing for other unsecured personal loans. The only thing that has to be kept in check before availing for LAP is that it should be free from all sorts of mortgage litigations.

Usage of Fund

The borrower can use the fund for any purpose. For example, the fund borrowed can be used for foreign study expenses, medical expenses, home construction or renovation, and so on. It can fulfil all the monetary needs of the borrower.

Cheaper rates

The LAP offers an economical way of handling the financial crunch. The LAP offers interest rates which are less expensive than other unsecured financial product. The interest rate of LAP ranges between 12% to 15%. On the other hand, personal loan offers an interest rate that ranges between 12% to 25%.

Loan Tenure

The loan tenure under loan against property is stretched over a long period of time. The loan tenure may extend up to 15 years. This is beneficial as the borrower’s premium, spread over the tenure will be low in comparison to the personal loan. This will create a less financial burden on the borrower.

Mortgage Different property Types

The loan against property can be availed on different types of property. The borrower can mortgage his self-occupied property, commercial property, rented residential property or piece of land owned by the borrower.


The borrower can close the loan agreement by paying the outstanding amount even before the term period ends. The pre-closure of a loan against property is free from any charges or penalty. But if the loan is on the fixed interest rate, then the borrower has to pay a nominal amount as repayment charges.

Top-up loan

One can take a top-up loan on the existing loan against property. Under this facility, the borrower can take another loan on the same property with minimal paperwork.


The loan against property creates less burden on the borrower. The low EMIs and the longer tenure lowers the financial burden. Together these offers under LAP make it more attractive than the personal loan.

Ownership Authority

Under loan against property, the borrower of the loan enjoys the continuous ownership of the property. Just the mother deed and the sale deed of the property will be under the custody of the lender until the loan is paid off.

Unlock Real Potential

Loan against property unlocks the real potential of the property. Loan against property offers the best value of the property with a lower interest rate.

Loan Amount

The loan against property depends on the price of the property. The borrower will get up to 70% of the property value. The loan amount can reach as high as 5 crores.

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The facilities and ease of getting the loan against property make this loan facility more attractive. Besides the benefits enjoyed by the borrower, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that if the loan amount is not paid, then one can lose his property. 

Capital Smart City is the new addition in unorthodox and advance housing communities. It adjudged to be first smart city of Pakistan. Capital Smart City is an up standard project accompanied with quality services. It is has long-lasting aim to provide the modern lifestyle to its residents.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is truly a trendsetter in real estate industry of Pakistan. It offers you all the exemplary features and living commodities for a happy, healthy and wealthy living style. Usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) ensured the better-quality functionality of its services.

Location of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City enjoys the perks of being located in prime location. Ideally situated on Motorway M2, it’s present in close proximity to Thallian Interchange. It has convenient reachability to Chakri Road. Moreover, the dedicated interchange leading to society already approved from

The most fascinating aspect about the location of Capital Smart City is its proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport. Also, it lies on western route of CPEC as well.

Rawalpindi Ring Road will be directly linked to Capital Smart City Location. After the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road, a major population shift will be witnessed in this zone.

Master Plan of Capital Smart City

The Master Plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad is designed by Surbana Jurong (SJ). This society with respect to area is largest with more than 55000 Kanals. It has Main Boulevard of 300 feet wide. Whole society is divided into different sectors namely

1. Gate Precinct

2. Panda District

3. Panda Reserve

4. Aviation District

5. Crystal Lake

6. Boulevard District

7. Financial Square

8. Healthcare district

9. Education district

10. Lake view District

11. The Terraces

12. Capital Hills

13. Overseas District

14. Residence Vista

15. Farm Vista

16. Hills View Vista

17. Culture District

18. Sports District

These district divisions further enhanced the efficiency of this society. Each district of Capital Smart City is equipped with related facilities. It is unique trend settled by Capital Smart City to increase ease and convenience for the visitors and residents.

It is offering residential plots in following category

• 5-Marla

• 7-Marla

• 1Marla

• 12-Marla

• 1-Kanal

• 2-Kanal

Meanwhile, commercial plots are available in following category

• 4-Marla

• 8-Marla

Capital Smart City offering farm houses in carious category including

• 5-Kanal

• 10-Kanal

Smart Facilities of Capital Smart City

This society is going to be a mega venture. It got all the essential features to make it matchless and suitable for hi-end buyers. Let’s have a glance over the smart features of Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City is providing 100% load-shedding free environment. It planned solar system to fulfill electricity needs. Underground provision of utilities are ensured to make ensure maximum visibility to sky. Best CCTV surveillance system installed. It has Facial-recognition feature to guarantee the security and safety.

If talk particularly about Traffic setup, it has automated traffic control system. BRT system also introduced for the first time in any housing society. Interchanges along with bus or train stations will fasten the commute across the society on daily basis.

It will have state of the art infrastructure including Golf Club, Hills View, Themed-park, Solar Parks and Safari Zoo. Furthermore, free Wi-Fi public zones, electric bikes and several other up standard amenities are waiting for you.

Price Plan of Capital Smart City

Payment Plan of Capital Smart City is available in quarterly installments. Unlike others, it is offering most luxury and unmatchable facilities in such affordable price. Booking starts from 20% down payment while remaining amount divided in to quarterly installments.

Cost and Installment Plans for Farm Houses:


Cost and Installment Plans for Commercial Plots


Cost and Installment Plans for Residential Plots


Authorized Sales Partner

Land Guider is a trustworthy and reliable property portal. We serve as an Authorized Sales Partner of Capital Smart City Multi Gardens B-17. In accordance to our core values, we provide most authentic and reliable information regarding the Capital Smart City. Being Authorized Sales Partner, all the latest updates of CSC are available here. With team of expert real estate agents, we ensured to facilitate our clients to every possible extent. Furthermore, in order to stay informed regarding latest news of CSCI, keep visiting Land Guiders.

Jewar Airport Projects will shun propelling private or business extends in the prompt future, as the close-by regions including Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Expressway still have all that anyone could need existing stock.

In any case, Jewar International Airport won't just straightforwardness traffic at Delhi's IGI Airport yet, in addition, make numerous openings for work and give OK stimulus to the property showcase in Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Expressway. These business sectors in Jewar Airport Projects have been reeling under enormous tension in the course of the last three to four years, and require a crisp infusion of chance and aim to beat this droop.


An eagerly awaited endeavor, Jewar Aerocity is masterminded in Prime zone – at Tappal Chowk, on Yamuna interstate, Greater Noida. The private plots, at Jewar Aerocity, are inside all around related and especially orchestrated near to private regions. All of the plots are phenomenally arranged and inside all around related. Aerocity has an interesting space that advances strong living. Likewise, these plots are well-related with Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra, Gurgaon, Aligarh, Bulandshehar and Palwal, etc.

Jewar Aerocity has worth-obtaining, moderate plots, with gated systems that will draw in its occupants while gaining an accommodating lifestyle to live in. Building dreams alive, Aerocity is your best town to appear!

For a territory to become end-client driven and liveable, like Jewar International Airport can have an immense effect. Such ventures including Jewar Aerocity are constantly trailed by increasingly land advancements a monstrous foundation venture including Plots Near Jewar Airport offering lodging, business places, and accommodation.

More noteworthy Noida and Yamuna Expressway to be moderate alternatives for first-time homebuyers:

With expanded availability and a few foundation overhauls on the blacksmith's iron, these two locales will see significant realty improvements in the occasions to come. The new air terminal will be a supporter shot. These areas close Jewar Airport Villages are more reasonable than Gurgaon or Delhi, where costs here and there soar into pinnacles of exorbitance. First-time homebuyers are adept to concentrate on these zones - not at all like before when financial specialists drove these business sectors.

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