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7 Amazing Space Saving Ideas for your Flat

Save Space


Space is a real constraint in today’s times. Gone are the days of large homes as smaller- more compact homes are here to stay. However, lesser space does should not stop you from leading a wholesome life and so, we are here to give you some brilliant space saving ideas that you can use to make the most of the space you have at home. These simple ideas will help you make your home more user-friendly and ensure that you are using every inch of the space you have to its maximum potential.

Expandable furniture

One can never have enough space to house all the furniture they want to in the best of their sizes. If you are living in flats in Calicut that are compact in size then expandable furniture can be a real savior. It is always wise to pick furniture that can be used to accommodate more people when the need arises and which can be folded in when you do not have the need for the same. The market is full of expandable furniture like dining tables, sofa cum beds, etc that can be altered to accommodate more people and to make sure that they do not eat into a lot of space.

Stackable furniture

This style of furnishing has been around for a long time now. Remember how we used to stack up stools and chairs in our old homes? Well, that’s something that comes in really handy to save up space. Ideal for compact homes- stacked furniture is a great option to resort to if you are a more social person. You can find a wide variety of stackable furniture today.

Multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional items are on top of the list for small homes. If you are living in flats in Calicut, you can opt for multifunctional furniture to save space and to make the most of the said furniture piece. A coffee table that can also store magazines or an ottoman that you can use for both seating and storage- you can get creative when it comes to adding multifunctional furniture as they are extremely useful and aesthetically appealing too.

Using vertical storage

Floating and light shelves are a great way to save precious floor space in your home. From displaying Knick knacks to storing books and other light items, you do not have to opt for bulky storage units as these do the job just fine. They are easy to dismantle, replace and reuse, making them a must-have for every small home.


Often believed to find a spot in large and luxurious homes, you would be surprised to know that a cart is a great addition. Movable carts are so versatile in their use; you will wish you had used them sooner. From acting as movable breakfast tables to storage on wheels- carts can be of great use with a little creativity. They can be used as a movable bar, for office supplies, kitchen or even bathroom supplies.

Hidden storage

The points above enunciate the importance of storage in every home. One can never have enough storage space for the ever-growing needs of a family. You can’t keep buying new furniture items because it is not feasible economically, and also because space is a constraint. Hidden storage is a must for every home be it big or small. Opt for items that come with storage options, eg. a bed with storage underneath, a bay window seating with a provision for not just seating, but storage too. Smart options like these will come in handy not just today but in the long run too.


Of course, this is not a furniture essential, but a practice that one must follow to save space! A clean and clutter-free home is not only appealing but has a lot of positive impact on the energy of the home. Save precious space by clearing unwanted clutter and either keep it minimal or use that space for something more utilitarian. Keeping your home free of clutter and unwanted items is a must if you wish to save space that is being eaten by unwanted items.

You can buy a home from a leading builder in Calicut, but it will be of no use if you do not know how to manage the space you have. Use these simple and amazing tips to save and utilize space in your home in the best of its capacity. 

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Anyone can tell you that buying a house is quite a big deal. First off, it’s a huge amount of investment. Second, it’s something you’ve worked for your entire life. The day you start earning something is probably the day you start planning what your dream home will look like.

For some, this planning begins even before that, at a very young age when during pretend-play we build castles in the cloud. Even if the property you are seeking to invest in isn’t your home, rather for investment purposes, it still is of course pretty important. You’d want returns from it and you’d be looking for value for money!

This is why a home specialist Melbourne is so significant! They can guide you and help you find just what you’re looking for.

Ten Things You Need to Keep in Mind!

Since buying new property is, of course, a significant amount of investment, this decision demands due care. There are many things that must be carefully considered before deciding on buying a property.

Here are ten points that absolutely must be scrutinized in depth:

Use a Trusted Realtor

Buying a house involves many decisions. Ideally, to make such decisions someone informed should be there by your side lending you good advice based on sound knowledge and experience. This would, of course, be a home specialist Melbourne.

Always make sure that the realtor or the home specialist you’re trusting is worth his/her mettle. Even more important is that they will be serving your interests well.

Be Mindful of the Contracts Involved

When buying any new property, there’s lots of paperwork that needs to be addressed. Many papers need to be signed, and a huge proportion of these are actually contracts.

While these contracts often look standardized things that just have to be signed and done away with, that’s simply not true. A lot of things can be negotiated. Hence, review and inspect every paper carefully before signing anything.

Keep in mind your Long Term Plans

There are many questions that need to be answered before committing to a new property. Where do you spot yourself in 10 years? If you’re buying a home, do you plan to get married? If you do plan to get married, how many kids would you want to have? Will you be staying at your current job for the foreseeable future?

Since buying property is one of the bigger financial commitments of anyone’s lifetime, all related aspects need to be addressed.

Consider the Commitment

I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist, but there’s so much at stake when you buy a property, especially when it’s with someone else as well.

For instance, if you’re married, there’s always a chance of divorce, and then there are laws governing the distribution of all assets. If you’re not married but are investing in a new property with your spouse, you need to understand things may go south and plan according to that as well. Best to get everything in writing!

Renovations needed?

Any renovations or changes you might want to make after investing in a new property needs particular attention. Don’t blindly assume the costs that will be involved, call in people, take estimates and only commit if you think you’ll be able to bear costs of all involved things.

These include materials, labor costs, consultants’ fees, and many others.

Keep your Budget in mind

It is comparatively cheaper to fix minor cosmetic issues in a new property. However, like any home specialist, Melbourne will tell you, it’s the major things that cause a financial burden.

This is not just cabinets, counters and appliances. Did you know that the cost of labor involved can almost triple your cost? No, right? Well, that’s the way it is. Always keep your budget in mind and plan everything according to that.

All the costs involved

The simple rule here is to buy the property you know you can afford. This decision should be made keeping several factors in minds such as your projected income, insurance, taxes and of course the dynamics of the market and the economy.

Maintenance costs should be considered as well. After all, it costs money!

Loans involved?

Lending laws are what needs to be understood here. There are many types of loans. For instance, a person a few years out of college might have student loans.

Prepare all your documents in an organized manner, so you know all loan related issues that need to be discussed.

Home Mortgage Deductions

Since home mortgage deductions are such a huge attraction, many buyers end up buying more than they can manage just for the sake of deductions. This is a huge mistake as other factors need to be attended to, as well.

Are you really ready?

Ask yourself if you’re really ready for such a serious commitment. Buying new property simply because you “should” have bought property, or because it’s the norm in your circle is simply not reason enough.

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