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Sexual Harassment can have a Major Financial Impact on your Business

Sexual harassment is present in most organizations today. And you as the employer might not be aware of it altogether. And it shouldn’t surprise you, employers are often unaware of sexual harassment in their organization because women who have been harassed do not report it.

But this can cost you.

Simply because you were not aware of what is happening in your organization. You might have to pay (a lot) for someone else’s crime.

Financial Impact of Sexual Harassment on the Employer

Sexual harassment claims - One of the youngest directors at Infosys, Phaneesh Murthy, was accused of sexual harassment by his executive secretary and was paid $3 million in the settlement. Imagine having to pay this big of an amount for someone else’s mistake? This could easily be your organization too. In fact, sexual harassment claims often go up to as much as $20 million.

Impact on goodwill - The brand image that you’ve worked on for years or even decades will crumble from only one sexual harassment incident in the workplace. It can negatively impact your organization and all the hard work that you’ve put in all of the years to build your business.

Impact on employees - It shouldn’t surprise you if your employees start to leave after an incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can make any workplace hostile, espicially for women. This decreases the job satisfaction among employees and they start looking for a better organization with a better workplace. Not just this, you will face difficulties in hiring new employees since your organization has a bad reputation due to that one sexual harassment case.

Non-Compliance to the PoSH Law

The PoSH law was enforced in 2013 to protect women against sexual harassment in the workplace. It has since made it compulsory for organizations with 10 (or more) employees to conduct anti-sexual harassment training to prevent any incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Is your organization PoSH compliant?

If not, there are going to be consequences.

Non-compliance on your behalf can lead to -

Non-compliance to the law can attract a financial penalty of Rs 50,000 which can go up to twenty-five lakhs or imprisonment or both. The term can last for as long as 3 years.

Once imprisoned for more than 9 months, a director cannot become a director again for a period of 5 years.

Is your Organization PoSH Compliant?

Sexual harassment and its impact on the organization can be prevented if organizations comply with the PoSH law and conduct anti-harassment training.

Organizations like Rainmaker are solely dedicated to reducing sexual harassment from the workplace and conduct engaging awareness training among employees, managers, and even employer.

Make your organization a safe working place with awareness training and prevent sexual harassment today.

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Many Australians at some stage have experienced an injury at work, either in the form of physical, psychological or emotional setbacks. Injuries not only have detrimental impacts to individuals that have suffered as a result, but also affect their network, including family, friends and colleagues. With a direct correlation between overall health and wellbeing, stresses can range from financial implications to social welfare. For this reason, if employees feel the least bit affected by their current working conditions, it is essential to understand they have rights and entitlements. One of the most common types of work-related injuries, that can often go amiss, is psychological health and safety.

Examples of Causes of Psychological Injury

Depending on the work type, load or location, there are a number of variables that contribute to an employees’ overall experience in the workplace. Examples include:

High demand vs. low demand jobs

In each of the instances, the workload, or lack thereof can effect the emotional wellbeing of individuals. For instance, having too much work can lead to stress-related matters, through feelings of being overwhelmed, or subject to strict time constraints. On the contrary however, doing too little or engaging in repetitive tasks, can contribute to feelings of not being stimulated, or even needed, which can have detrimental impacts.

Organisational structure or injustice

Being in an organisation where individuals feel like they are being treated unfairly, or in environments where there is little to no consideration of employees is also mentally harmful. For organisational structures, it is important to incorporate collaborative and fair structures, rather than strict hierarchical organisations with little to no communication. If employees feel they are being treated unfairly, it could impact their performance, their wellbeing and their psychological health.

Traumatic events

If employees have been victim to an event, such as a workplace hazard or robbery, it can lead to long-term mental implications. Workplace incidents that make employees feel like they are at harm, being threatened, or in an unsafe environment pose great harm to mental wellbeing. In addition, the effect of traumatic events, if not treated, can also be dangerous to a person’s psychological health.

Psychological health can at times be overlooked, as the signs and symptoms are not as visible as physical factors. They do however place many long-term stresses and impacts on individuals and must be treated. If employees feel they are victim to psychological injury as a result of work-related matters, they too have rights. Our team of workers compensation lawyers can work with individuals to ensure a seamless process. Most importantly, the main objective of a workers compensation lawyer is the overall health and wellbeing of individuals. This means eliminating the legal stress of complex cases, while they focus on their health. Read more at

With the passage of time and technology and advanced system, accidents are reported frequently at the spot. An accident is often occurred due to the negligence of the management or either mistake of the customer.

If you ever get involved in the accident at the bargain store then you should need to record and report the event as early as possible to remain eligible for making the compensation claim. This will help you to write down the detail event else other people will provide false details.

The fact is that more proofs you have for the event then it is easier for you to get the compensation for your injuries.

Things to consider when bargain store accident occurs

Companies have to follow the guidelines of the government and report the incident, injuries and dangerous to record details of the event. It is legally required law and help the health agencies to avoid these type of accidents in the future.

There are plenty of cases available that become a reason for the injury and all are associated with the bargain store. If you ever become the victim of injury then you need to report any fatality, injury as a result of a bargain store. You get injury either working at the store and surviving for over 3 days must be accounted in 10 days, any poor health condition linked to the workplace environment and any injury that happens due to the removal of harmful material or avoided injury.

There is a time limitation for accounting these injuries. The more critical the injury, the sooner it must be accounted. Employee's fatality or big injury has to be accounted right away with a submission of a printed report in 10 days. A similar condition applies when any visitor visits the store. Any health consequences caused due to work cannot be reported right away and for this reason generally, a time limit of 3 years is provided.

The fact is that these injuries should need to report the health agency whether it is the place of work, office, retail store or either bargain store. If you got an injury then you could either talk with the Incident Contact Contester or advise you about your case.

Health and safety supervisory should be accounted for your injury in a case; the accident happened in a hospital or rest home, heavy industrial area, building work sites, and so on. As a result, HSE deal with accident reports from high-level production areas.

The health and safety supervisory should be accounted for your injury in case, your place of accident, a reason of accident and timing of the accident. These all things are noted in the HSE as they only deal with this accident. You should need to write the correct information while filling the form and avoid less significant anything as it may decrease the amount of compensation.

So, you should need to act in a wise manner and fill out the right information to make the claim for your injuries. You should engage Personal Injury Blackburn Solicitor with your case to get compensation as early as possible to support you.

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