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My First Umrah: A Story Of My Blessed Trip

I always travel in different countries, once I was in the plane, and suddenly turbulence shake the plane, at that moment my first thought is if the plane crashes now, what am I going to say Allah? I can go to the end of the world but not to visit his house.

For this journey, I have to leave in good condition. As I was going alone, I did not want to miss this trip. However, I have no idea about the rituals and the necessary ability of Umrah visa. When my flight safely reaches the airport, I reached home safely and decided to book my journey first. I choose the Makkah Tour for making my Umrah journey possible. It was the starting of Ramadan.

Panning Of The Big Departure

I wanted to do the Umrah, during the month of Ramadan. I said to myself, "A blessed journey, in a blessed place during a blessed period," it could only be exceptional and I did the same thing. I book my Ramadan Umrah package through Makkah Tour and enjoy the most sacred journey. 



At first, among my entourage, I was told: "A single woman cannot do Umrah, it's become dangerous." My family worried about me. I then took the information to know the legal validity of my trip. The opinion of the majority of scientists indicates that a woman can travel as long as she is safe, including for Umrah. So, with this concept, I choose to travel alone.

When I arrived at the airport to check my luggage, I sympathized with a sister who was part of my group and who soon became a sister I loved. At the moment I realized that I was not alone because I am traveling in a group like a second family. I choose to book the last 10 days’ package of Ramadan.

Arrival In Medina

When we arrived in Saudi Arabia, we first visited the Medina-ul-Munawara that I also like to call "Medina the Sweet” because it is the city of our Beloved Prophet. Its inhabitants are gentle in behavior and words. We were fortunate to have our hotel a stone's throw from the mosque called as women's gate. We were privileged in this sense because we could come and go as we pleased.

The visit to Medina was very moving for me. It was a powerful and intense moment. To say that we are two steps away from Allah, a model for all humanity. There are no words to describe the feelings of visited our prophet place.

By the grace of God, I was impressed by the amplitude of the crowd who wanted to visit. The sweetness of this city and its inhabitants made me think that it was the blessing of our Prophet (PBUH), who welcome us.

On The Way To Mecca

To prepare our Umrah, the leader of the group had organized, before our departure from Medina. It’s become an intimate moment to explain the importance of Umrah and give us all the information on the rites to accomplish. I was arrived at night, in the morning, rather than going on a bus or taxi, I preferred to walk so that I remembered every single moment. Every kilometer that passes brings a little closer to the Kaaba. The intensity goes up a notch when one enters the sacred perimeter. Praise God, we arrived in Mecca early in the morning, when most of the pilgrims were resting. This allowed us to do Umrah, all together, in right conditions.

Mecca symbolizes the place of power and strength for me. I loved to see a single place of Mecca so that I will explain everything to my friends and family. It is like the meeting with the central point of the world, with the House of the Creator. The pilgrims as far as the eye can see that can only remember the day of the Last Judgment. A life punctuated only with Azan and prayers.

Meanwhile, the Kaaba is the house in which every Muslim is oriented to pray. What struck my mind, it was the light around the Kaaba, a light that I cannot describe.

Learn The Basic Meaning Of Perseverance

The journey circulated in the determination of learning. The senses are shaken, tested, and our ego is abused, strangely the heart wakes up and attaches itself to this place. The Umrah during Ramadan is the mask that falls and the revelation of the deep personality of the individual.

Finally, I assumed that performing Umrah in Ramadan is like gathering a lot of blessing from Allah.

In an attempt to resist and sometimes endure these awkward moments, I remembered a quote from the Quran that explains, "Do you think that we will bring you into paradise without experiencing you, it's only performing the religious obligations.

How much I cried when I learned that touching the Yemeni angle of the Kaaba makes all sins fall. I could touch it twice. Then I remembered the reward of this trip, "an Umrah during Ramadan is equivalent to a pilgrimage with the Prophet (SAWS)." Umrah is an award that purified the heart. At last, my journey is going to end, and I wished to come again.

Wrap Up Lines:

Umrah becomes the most important spiritual obligation for Muslims in Islam. As a result, everybody wishes to perform. I learned the value when I choose to complete my first Umrah. The experience was going excellent and rememberable. However, this journey will remain in my heart. Now, I understand why the brothers and sisters who have already made this trip, wanted to visit again. I loved to pray in the night of blessing. It's like getting the hidden blessing of Allah when we prefer to perform Umrah in Ramadan.

I also wish to perform again. It's a tough journey, so it's essential to have an excellent physical condition. Finally, thank you to the Makkah Tour supervisors who guide me in a single moment of my journey. I preferred their service and wanted to book their Umrah package deals again.

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