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A Mice Invasion Nightmare That Came True

Story of Mouse From "Hubert Moore Exterminator"

The human mind has a strange fear of creatures like insects, pests, mice, and other crawling creatures. Although seemingly harmless, these creatures are capable of doing more harm that one can imagine. I am one of those people who has always been afraid of mice and any sort of pest that exists in this world. Even the thought of these things makes me shiver. Mice were the major reason for my fear because I had almost a phobia of mice running around my house.

 I can never think of staying in a place where I sense a mouse, so I had to be in regular touch with a good company that offers mice control in Glen Cove NY. I was always cautious of my surroundings whenever I was in any such place where mice were capable of entering but when your fate decides something for you, it happens no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

I went to stay at my aunt’s place for the vacations with my family, and that is where the misery started for my scared soul. Although my aunt was so careful about having proper pest control assessment in Glen Cove NY, the area was famous as the hub of mice; information that I didn’t know before I went there. I was always so distant from staying at other peoples’ houses because I found it hard to get used to change routines and sleeping places.

It was June of last year when I and my mother went to my aunt’s place for only a week, and that week was going to be the most disastrous of all my life. At first, I was extremely happy because we were meeting after a year. We had plans and decided the stuff that we will be doing during that week. We visited different places, watched movies, and I also learned to bake cakes from my aunt. It was all very enjoyable until the third night of our stay at their place.

We were watching a horror movie with all the lights off when suddenly I felt something tickling on my foot. I thought my aunt was trying to creep me out. As soon as I turned my head towards my aunt she was fast asleep during the movie. I was extremely scared because the tickling continued. I asked my mom to check, and it was a mouse. I just popped out of the bed screaming all over the house that woke up my aunt as well. I started crying while I screamed and jumped up on a sofa. 

My aunt tried to calm me down that they have professionals living in their neighborhood who provide easy pest control solutions in Glen Cove NY. She hurriedly called them, and they sealed the house of any opening from where the mice could have entered. I didn’t sleep the whole night and insisted to go back home the very next day. I knew it was rude, and not even possible, so we stayed there as we planned but my fun was all ruined.

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There is this one incident that my husband and I always tell our friends that happened when we went to spend a vacation in Locust Valley with our friends. I always remember that strange and funny day because it makes me laugh every time even though it was really annoying and infuriating at that time.

So, all of us gathered at my then-boyfriend-now-husband’s home for a cool slumber party. We had to go on a road trip the very next day. So, we all ironed our clothes for the next day because we knew that we would be too drunk to prepare for the journey the next day.

My husband opened the door of the basement which was locked for too long but it was still not in a very bad condition. It was livable. So, our girls threw our clothes and makeup in the dressing room and went to the living room in our pajamas. Jessica wanted to take a little rest because she was having a migraine so we left her in the room and came out. The boys were already there. We decided to watch a movie. While we were watching the movie, suddenly Jessica came out screaming that she felt something crawling on the floor.

We all started laughing because Jessica had a record of making foolish scenes and it was not the first time. No one believed Jessica and she too thought that maybe she mistook the noise coming from the movie with the voice of something crawling on the floor. We continued watching the movie.

After watching the movie, we drank and danced and partied until 4 in the morning. We all were very tired and we had to go on the trip next evening so we decided to retire to our decided sleeping rooms. We were not very worried because everything was prepared beforehand so we were ready for a peaceful hangover.

At almost 3 at noon the next day, I made an effort to open my eyes. I was the first one to make such an effort. Everything was spinning around in front of my eyes. I anyhow rushed to the dressing room so that I can dress up and then wake everyone up. I flossed and wore my beautiful jacket but when I saw my image in the mirror, I was shocked to death. My jacket was nibbled from arms and the collar. I could not believe it. Right at that time, I saw something crawling on the floor. I was sure that it was a mouse. Suddenly I saw two more of them.

I cried and ran to wake my girls who were still too reluctant. So, I came back and saw their clothes too. Alyssa’s skirt was in rags and Jessica’s scarf was unrecognizable. The makeup was also bitten!

I ran upstairs to call my husband to see the sight of him, wearing a shirt with a hole on its chest, already on phone calling pest control service. He saw me and then my jacket and we had meaningful eye contact about the thought of the trip. We decided not to wake others up till the available pest controllers of Locust Valley NY arrived.

I remember that I loved to spend my holidays at grandma’s home. Now that she is no more with me I miss those times. I was 18 when I spend the last holidays at her home. Yes the time has changed and there is a bulge of the population residing in the big states and big cities of the US but what I loved about my grandma’s home was a sense of openness. It was quite a spacious home in Queens NY. My grandma was in her late 70s. Her wrinkled skin, that cane she used to carry, a long skirt, and above all those twinkling grey eyes full of emotions and expressions are still fresh in my memory.

When I was young we used to paint together and I loved those short stories that she told me. I still remember the caterpillars, butterflies, buzzing honey bees, and dragonflies that used to hover in her lawn. I completed many assignments for my school by collecting plants and insects from her lawn. She was old yet an organized person. There were many types of plants and shrubs in her garden but they were managed and organized. She used to urge me to sow seeds with her. It was another activity that I loved. I remember my visits to chapel and that priest who was quite tall. I felt strange vibes from him and used to hide behind my grandma whenever I saw him.

One of the unforgettable memories related to my grandma’s home is the attack of bed bugs. Yes, it’s true I remember clearly that I reached her home in summers of 2010. I was unaware that a predicament is waiting for me at her home. I was dead tired and wanted to sleep as soon as I reached her home. We ate dinner and she wished me “Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite”. She smiled and turned towards her room. I knew what she is going to do. It was her favorite activity to collect my pictures and see them from time to time. She had my complete portfolio. She loved to see my photos at night.


Well, I was about to sleep when I felt itching at my neck, I scratched my neck and ignored. Once again, I was about to go in the arms of Morpheus when I felt itching at my knee. The itching didn’t stop and I was lying wide awake in my bed. I went to grandma’s room at 3 a.m. She was snoring and I felt that I was doomed. My room was not in use and bed bugs sneaked there finding a warm cozier space. Her goodnight wishes reverberated in my ears and I couldn’t help but smiled.

The next day the first thing that I did was to call bed bug control services in Queen NY. Thankfully, bed bugs were not spread in the entire place. Professionals purged our home of the bed bugs. Now I feel that it was good that I was there when that menace entered my grandma’s home. It would have been difficult for her to find reliable bed bug control services in Queen NY all alone. 

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