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Are you tired of tormenting yourself through diets and giving up your favorite meals? You do not have to.

Conscious diet

Healthy nutrition means eating with measure and goal.


1st tip: Conscious diet

What could be better than having dinner with family or friends? But it also means that you have little to no control over the preparation and size of your meals.

That's not so bad. Because there is no "healthy" or "unhealthy" food. It depends only on the amount and the combination of food. Those who pay attention to their health, eat well and provide the body with important nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

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When visiting a restaurant, remember to remove only a piece of bread from the basket. Or prefer to eat healthy finger foods such as olives or other vegetables that are served. No matter what your mother taught you: you do not have to eat everything on your plate. Stop when you are full.


Healthy eating means drinking water.

Tip 2: Drink, drink, drink

A basic rule is that you should drink at least 1.5 liters a day. It is best to resort to tap water or still mineral water.

You think that water tastes too boring? With ginger pieces, lime slices or, for example, a dash of lemon and mint leaves, you can "spice up" and vary glass by glass.

 Incidentally, the true health guarantor is the cranberry juice - put a small amount into your glass of water. It even has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, according to studies. Consistently drink a glass of water with each meal - which is filling and contributes to a healthy diet.


In the morning you need fruits and vegetables.

3rd Tip: Start the day in a fit way

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," Mama said. And: she was right. In the morning you get the energy you need during the day. So: Always have a balanced breakfast.

Why is breakfast so healthy? In the morning - until about nine o'clock - our metabolism is very active. Take protein and carbohydrates for that. Your body needs energy now. For example, eat a wholemeal bread or a cereal with nuts and oatmeal.

How about your wholemeal bread with cream cheese and a sheet of Gouda? This ensures the necessary portion of protein. For those who prefer sweets, there is natural yoghurt with granola and fruits. Even in the morning, do not forget to drink. Our serving suggestion: Non-sugared teas or a freshly squeezed orange juice.

You are a breakfast mustache and get down to lunch no bite? Then try berry smoothies and green smoothies or vegetable and fruit juices. Just mix together what you like best. You can also put the juices in a bottle and treat yourself to a healthy snack while you work. But the most important tip: Give yourself and your body time to recharge your batteries and start the day in a comfortable way. Read the newspaper, gossip with your loved one - the breakfast is so much healthier and tastes a lot better.


Avocados are healthy figurines.

4th tip: Avotastisch

They are called "Figurwunder" and "Superfood": the avocado. It contributes to a healthier diet. Why? It contains many important vitamins (A and E), minerals and especially unsaturated fatty acids.

The avocado is also "universally" applicable. It tastes great on bread or pizza, in lettuce, as guacamole, in pasta or just like that.

Tip: Replace the butter that you otherwise smear on bread with an avocado. How it works: Simply pound avocado until a creamy mass is formed, add a little salt and you're done with your healthy and delicious spread. The avocado is perfect for breakfast, a lunchtime snack and a healthy snack in the evening.


The apple is a tasty and healthy snack in between.

Tip 5: The apple - a health Evergreen

We hereby officially select the apple as the best snack of all time. It makes our immune system fit and keeps our blood sugar stable. Apples are the ideal, natural appetite suppressants that prevent hunger cravings.

A healthy and balanced diet simply includes fruits and vegetables because they guarantee good health.

Enjoy up to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Whether as juice, cooked or raw - you provide your body with valuable vitamins, minerals and ballast and plant substances. That you eat healthy, will also notice your environment. The nutrients have a positive effect on the beauty of the skin and hair.

6th Tip: Prepare with brains

In general, it will certainly be easier for you to eat healthily if you start the stove yourself and cook food. You want to prepare vegetables for dinner? For example, a quinoa vegetable pan? Very well! But be careful not to overcook the valuable nutrients in the vegetables. This means: Cook at very low temperatures and with little water. Do you want to bake a cake? Sweet honey, syrup or stevia. So you do without the sugar, but not the wonderfully sweet taste.

Healthy quinoa recipe

Could we make you want healthy food? Very well. Here you will find a quinoa vegetable recipe that can be prepared very easily and is very healthy. First rinse the quinoa with lukewarm water. Then set up a pot of vegetable broth - let it boil. Only then add the quinoa and simmer for about 10 minutes. Then take everything off the stove.

In the meantime, you can wash and chop everything the vegetable heart desires. Tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, onion, broccoli, caramel - the imagination knows no bounds. Now heat olive oil in a pan. Add the garlic and onion first and let it turn glassy. Then comes the rest of the vegetables. After searing it, you can mix it with the quinoa. Finish with a dash of lemon juice and put avocado pieces over the serving. Good Appetite.

Tip 7: Resist the temptation during the holidays

The holidays are a time of relaxation and enjoyment. But try to keep an eye on the calories, otherwise you will be carrying unwanted memories long after your vacation.

Resist the temptation by measuring while eating, according to the motto "quality instead of quantity". Eat slowly and drink plenty of water to eat, then you'll be full sooner.

Mitigation is also a good idea when drinking alcohol because too much alcohol puts a strain on the liver. So that these limitations do not affect your mind, try to experience as much as possible. Go ahead and do something that is fun for you - then take the little sweet rewards off in between.

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