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This trained the attention, the imagination and the memory and offered little distraction. Today, on the other hand, children are growing with the use of digital devices, e.g. TV and internet on.

Analog vs. Digital

In previous generations children spent a lot of time reading. This trained the attention, the imagination and the memory and offered little distraction. Today, on the other hand, children are growing with the use of digital devices, e.g. TV and internet on. At the same time, distraction is the norm, continuous attention is impossible, and imagination simply is not necessary because the children are already given the pictures (Taylor, 2012).

Nicholas Carr (in Taylor, 2012) found that reading stimulates our brain to be focused and imaginative, while using the Internet supports our ability to quickly and efficiently scan information. This raises the question of whether the former is the better, or whether with the technological change of our time, the standards for recording information will also change.

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The advantages of books, reading aloud and reading in the development of children

There are many reasons why reading books plays such a big role in the development of a child: Listening to stories stimulates the child's imagination, supports the development of important social and language skills, and prepares the child for the written word to understand (Cullinan and Bagert, 2008).

Reading aloud can also strengthen the bond between parent and child. It gives parents the opportunity to teach the child adventure and experiences within the safe world of a story. In addition, books leave it to the reader to decide at what speed he wants to receive the information. This is a very important point for children as they often need more time to learn and understand.

Von Stockar (2006) points out that the story of a children's book can function like a mirror reflecting their feelings and conflicts, such as loneliness, fear, jealousy, and the need for love and acceptance. Books offer fictional possibilities and solutions that children can integrate into their lives.

According to a study by Pearson (2014), children who enjoy reading generally fare better in reading tests than children who do not. Regular reading also extends the attention span, increasing general knowledge and understanding of other cultures. Bali Rai (in Pearson, 2014) explained it this way:

"Reading for pleasure is the greatest success factor for later life, after school education. Study after study has shown that children who like to read are the ones who are most likely to achieve their goals. If your child reads, it will be successful - that's how easy it is. "

Technology enters the nursery

In our digital age, almost every child is surrounded by technical devices every day. These children are also called "digital natives" because they were born at a time when digital technologies emerged or were commonplace in our lives. They all have access to digital devices and the ability to use them.

Digital natives are always connected. They have a different understanding of privacy and friendship - because they share a lot of information online and have many friends in the real and virtual worlds. They are multi-tasking, are surrounded by visual stimuli, are easily distracted, and collect information differently than previous generations (Palfrey and Gasser, 2008). But does that affect the development of other important skills?

The effects of technology

In 2014, the AVG Internet Security Company (AVG, 2014) conducted a study on the effects of technology on childhood. The study's findings suggest that 66% of 3-5 year olds can play a simple online game and 47% know how to use a smartphone or tablet, while only 25% know what to do in an emergency and only 14% can tie their own shoes.

Williamson (2012) also explains that children who watch a lot of television, surf the net or play video games tend to get worse results at school. The reason for this is that the brain releases dopamine (the happiness hormone) when children watch TV or play video games. Too much time in front of the screen dulls the kids down and they can no longer focus on something that does not have the same extreme visual stimuli, such as: on reading a book.

Too much smartphone makes children sick

Unconcentrated, hyperactive, language-delayed: Excessive use of digital media harms children, a study shows. And demands more care from the parents.

The intensive use of digital media can lead to developmental disorders in children. This is the result of the Blikk Media Study 2017, which was presented by the Federal Government Drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler (CSU). 

However, the study will not be fully published until a few months later. The risks therefore range from feeding and falling asleep in babies over speech development disorders in infants to concentration problems at primary school age. According to paediatricians, the higher the media consumption is, the more marked are the above-mentioned abnormalities.

Mortler stressed that the investigation was "an absolute novelty". It shows "the health consequences children can suffer if they are left alone in the digital cosmos in the development of their own media literacy." It is necessary to take the health risks of digitization seriously. Parents needed guidance on media usage.

"Toddlers do not need a smartphone because they have to learn how to keep their feet safely in real life," said Mortler.

For the study funded by the Federal Ministry of Health, 5,573 parents and their children were interviewed about the handling of digital media. In addition, the results of the pediatrician screening examinations were used.

The researchers concluded that feeding and falling asleep can occur in infants when parents use digital media in parallel while being cared for. Here a significant connection can be established. Harmful consequences could also be detected in kindergarten children. 70 percent of them played with their parents' smartphones for more than half an hour every day. This could lead to motor hyperactivity, impaired concentration and speech development disorders. The children are restless and easily distractible.

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Statistically capturing globalization is not always easy, since statistics are usually tied to national borders. The globalization of the global economy therefore creates new statistical needs, and at the same time, the conditions for creating business statistics are changing. In this regard, the activities of multinational corporations, the outsourcing of activities, direct investment or other forms of foreign engagement are key elements. Eurostat, together with National Statistical Institutes and international organizations, is involved in a number of projects to develop new business statistics on globalization.

Business statistics on globalization

International goods trade

European statistics on international trade in goods measure the value and quantity of goods in trade between EU Member States (intra-EU trade) and in trade of EU Member States with non-EU countries (extra-EU trade). Goods are generally all movable goods including electricity.

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International trade in services

International trade in services covers trade in services in the form of transactions between residents and non-residents in a country. The term 'services' covers a wide range of intangible products and activities that are difficult to define with a simple definition. Services are the result of a production activity that changes the conditions of the consuming units (transformation services) or facilitates the exchange of products or financial assets (services with margin).

Foreign affiliates

Foreign Affiliate Statistics (FATS) record the structure and activity of companies that control other companies abroad (Outward FATS) or are under the control of foreign companies (Inward FATS). In this context, Company A is considered to be controlled by Company B if B - directly or indirectly - controls more than half of the shareholders' voting rights or more than half of the shares.

Foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is international investment that unites (direct investor) to acquire a long-term interest in a unit operating in a different economic area than the investor. Long-term participation is assumed if the investment equals at least 10% of the equity of a company.

International procurement

International Procurement statistics cover the transfer of certain operational functions previously performed by a resident company, either internally or domestically as a service, to either unrelated (outsourcing to external service providers) or affiliates (internalisation) overseas. International procurement is often referred to as outsourcing, global sourcing, nearshoring or outsourcing.

Indicators for the globalization of the economy

Reliable indicators - both at European and national level - are essential for shaping policy. In 2014, Eurostat published a series of Globalization of the Economy (EGI) indicators, which provide an overview of the main developments in globalization. They are based on data available in the Eurostat database and are structured to allow for relevant country comparisons. 

There are five groups here:

International trade

Foreign direct investment (FDI)


Research and Development (R & D)

value added

Euro Groups Register

The EuroGroups Register (EGR) is the central statistical register of Eurostat and the statistical authorities of the Member States of the EU and EFTA. It includes multinational enterprise groups operating in Europe. In order to compile the EGR, Eurostat collects data on the members of the group and their relationships as well as information on the groups of companies from the national statistical registers and adds commercial data. Based on this data, the EGR's global structures of multinationals become clear.

The structures and characteristics of the groups are passed on to the producers of national statistics in all EU and EFTA countries. These coordinated populations can serve as a basis for producing statistics at national level that involve or involve multinational groups. 

See how you can use Google Maps offline

Relying on a stable data connection is courageous already at home, let alone elsewhere. Apart from the unavailability of the signal, the price of data packages is also a big enemy of travelers.

The 2016 report revealed countries with the world's most expensive data Internet. The primacy belongs to Canada where you would pay almost $ 47 for a 2 to 5 GB package. At the same time, mobile internet prices have been shown to be based on availability - the less expensive a country has, the more expensive the internet is.

You do not need the Internet to view the maps, but yes to save them

In order to navigate offline through Google Maps, you must first manually download specific areas to your smartphone. It is best if you do so at home, because large locations can even exceed 1 GB in size after saving.

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So you need a stable internet connection to download the map. For example, your home Wi-Fi. If you forget about it, you can also use the internet connection at the hotel, shopping mall or airport.


If the network is blocked, it doesn't matter. There is a map where you can find almost all Wi-Fi passwords at airports and VIP salons. We recommend saving it.

How to Save Google Maps Offline

Whether you are using an Android or iOS device. Storing offline maps has the same procedure.

1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone (or tablet).

2. If you're not signed in to your Google Account, sign in.

3. Find the location or location you want to download to your phone (for example, Barcelona).

4. If you were looking for a particular city, click the bar at the bottom of the screen. If you don't see the panel, place your finger on the place you want to save, then click on that panel.

5. You can enlarge or reduce the selected area before saving.

6. If you are satisfied with your selection, click the Download button.

Full-featured maps with less restrictions

Google Maps offline has full use, but some limitations. They do not contain, for example, detailed information about cycling and hiking trails. Neither do they contain news about the traffic situation.

If traffic columns surprise you on the road, the maps will not recommend any alternative routes or lane navigation. Also, you cannot choose to navigate the route without road charges while offline.

However, everything else is still available - you can navigate your maps, find directions for your car or the addresses you need. However, always only in the location you previously downloaded.

Save them to your SD card

Maps are automatically downloaded to the internal memory of your smartphone, which can be much smaller than the capacity of memory cards. However, this is no problem, because you can save offline maps directly to your SD card and save a lot of space on your smartphone. 

How to do it?

1. Select Offline Maps from the top menu.

2. Then click Settings.

3. Under Device, select SD card.

Regular updates needed

If your holiday abroad is to last longer than a month, be aware that the downloaded maps have a limited validity - 30 days after deposit.

The world is in constant development and the road or street, which is marked in the maps today, may not be there for a few weeks. Google simply wants you to go abroad based on current maps.

However, you don't need to worry that your offline maps will be completely erased. The application offers automatic updates of downloaded maps. However, set them to download only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

There are other maps without internet

Google is not the only one offering the ability to use maps without an internet connection. One alternative is the popular HERE WeGo application, which is updated every 2 months. This app is free and available for Android and iOS.

If you still need something else, try MAPS.ME - detailed offline maps, which, in addition to the classic roads, are also equipped with hiking trails and bike paths.

It's really hot outside right now - and sometimes the question is, what are we going to do now to offer the kids something despite the heat? We have some tips for you, maybe you can use them with your little ones.

Water fun in the pool

We have a pool in the garden, but it is not very big, about 3 meters in diameter, in our eyes absolutely sufficient for a fun or quiet cooling. Surely you can not swim in it, but in order to "dive" for an object, or "water dances" or just to relax, it is definitely enough.

One should not forget that also in the water to the sun protection must be thought. That means, as in the outdoor swimming pool: do not forget to apply creams. In the best case, the pool is in the shade or is protected by a larger parasol. Ours is in the sun - we hold the children in strong heat and sun to regular water breaks, so that they can then stay in the shade. Sometimes they do not see it directly, but with some persuasion and an ice cream or drinking break, it works.

Water fun without pool

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Not everyone is in possession of a pool, has no garden or simply lacks the money for the purchase. Alternatively - as with us earlier - a small pool of water or an old bathtub can be set up and filled or even just a bucket of water, where it quickly sets the fun, namely, if you use small syringes and injected each other wet.


Or fills bombs and plays catching, at some point they are sure to break and depending on how cold the water is, in some the screaming is certainly great.

Do you have gradients on the property? Then try a waterslide. A tarpaulin is laid out, at best a slightly longer one, filling a bucket of water and sliding down with or without a butt-end slide. Or build a shower or a sprinkler, where you can also refresh yourself wonderfully. However, this is more likely if you can take the water from a well or rainwater collection tank. Tap water is too expensive.

To eat and drink

You should always encourage the children to drink. Of course, they only do it when they are thirsty, and then it is already too late. There is then already a lack of fluid in the body. For example, 10-year-olds should drink around 1.2 liters a day. In case of heat, sports or illness this need increases. Outdoors, the glasses or cups should always be capped, as there is a risk that bees or wasps will fly in. The safest are lockable plastic water bottles.

Our favorite drinks are:

  • water diluted with water
  • Springs of any kind
  • sometimes cold tea (fruit tea, slightly sweetened)
  • water

To eat at noon in such a heat often nothing hot, but rather fruit, pudding and cold dishes, cereals with fruit, yogurt, milk and other things, which falls into our hands.

What you can do with children when it's really hot

Summer is finally here, and that's right! In the meantime, if it's too hot outside for you, we have collected a lot of ideas for "cool" activities with big and small children - whether at home or on vacation.

If the outside temperature is more than 30 degrees Celsius and the sun is burning, you should do the same to the inhabitants of southern countries: stay inside during the day. Unfortunately, it is rarely as pleasantly cool in Central European apartments as in a Moroccan riad or Spanish patio.

Our hot-tip game tip: Turn on the fan and spray each other with a water atomizer - the wind adds a great deal of "glorious cool" factor and the spray is so fine that the floor does not get really wet (and slippery).

Funny for smaller children are also soap bubbles, tissue paper snippets or light cloths that can fly in the vortex of the fan; the elderly may try to keep folded aircraft in the air with the help of the fan.


Summer Idea Number one: bathing, splashing and swimming

On the beach and the sea you have to do without - or at least wait until it finally goes on vacation? Well, it would be too hot for your little ones anyway.

Even on the smallest balcony fits a wash basin for prattling. With watering can, pots and scooping tools, little children are busy for hours. And if it is too hot even there, just sit in the bathtub with your child.


Tip for shower-only users: An inflatable paddling pool can be squeezed into the lowest bath.


Do you have a yard or garden, where the temperatures are reasonably bearable, then you can declare this area to the water playground (a meadow in the park is of course also). A garden hose with spray attachment, a few water guns from the toy store (which should be sold out, Amazon often provides the very next day) and self-filled depth charges are the basic equipment for a day full of "Aqua Fun".

Your imagination knows no bounds: homemade glitter-glibber , bodypainting with finger paints or ice cube massage - you'll probably find more "cool stuff".


On the way in the city it gets really unbearable on hot days - the children sweat and nölen, playgrounds lie in the sun and on the slide one burns up the A ... In many cities public fountains offer a splendid refreshment.


Experience report thoroughly before you let your offspring climb into these facilities:

How is the soil under water - overgrown with slippery algae, sharp-edged or with tripping hazards?

What is the water quality? (if it is not drinking water, infants should not bathe here)

How strong are the fountains, is there a risk of injury or are the facilities even endangered by playing children? (You have the duty of supervision! If your children break something while you are supervising them, the liability insurance does not cover the damage.)

Are there signs or prohibitions for the use of the fountain? Where many tourists are traveling, bathing children are often not so welcome.

Is the fountain in the shade? When playing in the sun, while they are pleasantly wet, children do not notice the heat and get a quick sunburn or sunstroke.


For reasons you should not let your kids play naked in such actions; instead of a bathing suit or bikini, T-shirts and shorts get better, which you then exchange for dry ones. After all, you use the fountain quite by accident and not specifically as an outdoor pool, right?


By the way, much cooler than bathing lakes are brooks - if you come to one (in the city area many small watercourses are unfortunately completely embedded in concrete or laid underground), then enjoy the ice-cold foot bath.


If you really want to take a good bath, the early morning hours or the time just before the closing time are ideal for a visit to the outdoor pool. If you jump into the pool first, you will enjoy cool temperatures, more space and shade on the sunbathing lawn; the soil is not yet so heated and the ozone pollution of the air is still low.

After work or a kindergarten visit you are best left with a visit to the outdoor pool, even if you really want to swim. At 6 pm, most of the outdoor guests are slowly packing up, the area is empty and you can enjoy the water until the end.

Tip: pack a light picnic and have dinner in the bathroom. Then you can put your clean, well-fed and well-made children directly to bed at home.


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