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A 5 Step Guide to Choose the Perfect Marble Worktops

Home is the peace-abode which soothes the soul when it returns after a long, tiring day. Since it is the most favourite place for almost every human, they tend to decorate it in their own way and according to their taste.

Choosing designs, colours, furniture can be a tough call. But what can be more robust is to decide what type of marble worktops you want in your kitchen, bathroom or on the floors and ceilings. You may have a vision in your mind about the design you want to recreate at your place. Still, the moment you got to a shop or consulted any of the designers, the wide variety of the products with the best collections of designs for the decor is going to turn you mad.

But there is no point getting blown away as you need to find the one which you require, which will be the best for you and also will be in your budget. Also, you need to compare the different marble worktop prices in the market and check the difference in the quality with the price.


Knowing it can be a tough decision to incorporate, here we provide five easy tips for you to settle for the perfect marble worktops keeping in mind all the aspects.

  1. You must be clear in your head what you want in terms of design, texture, type and price. While you gaze through a marble place, it is more like taking a stroll in the art gallery where you tend to admire every piece of artwork as they are equally beautiful. It is alright if you manage to add a few unusual designs in your list to choose, but while walking in the studio, you should have the basic notions of your requirement clear. Seeing designs and colours according to the place and environment of your home is a wise choice. Also, you have to consider whether you want everything matched and similar so that your site looks like or if you will require some of the veinings. It is advisable to stick to your requirements and then take the decisions instead of getting all confused.
  2. Before visiting marble places personally, take a virtual tour on their website. Check whether they have all the materials that you are looking for and in various colours, shapes and designs. It may be so that they do not have all the elements in the display or they have not put it up on the website. In that case, you have to call the shop and ask them the details. Give them your requirement criteria like the square foot details and other necessary things. They will arrange accordingly so that the factory can have everything ready which you want to see.
  3. Before settling for one material, look into it properly. There might be broken sides, rough surface and faded texture due to manhandling or inadequate storage. If you are looking for something very smooth and sophisticated, then run your fingers across the surface and see whether it gets caught in any of the fissures. If it does, do not buy it. But if you are looking for a more rustic look surface and the marble worktop prices are within your budget, then a nominal crack or fissure should not bother you as it compliments along with the rustic look.
  4. Different marble worktops come from various parts of the world. The quality, texture, design and prices are different and unique according to the origin. You have to ensure the authenticity of the source. It may be so that the marble dealer is trying to make a sale by demanding a piece of marble originated from Calcutta but perhaps it is from china. You need to do your homework and understand the speciality of each marble pieces so that you can not be fooled.
  5. Look out for the marble worktop prices in the market. Do research while strolling through different marble shops. You will notice price difference. But make sure that you do not negate with the quality while trying to get things at cheap rates. It is always preferable to find marble worktops according to your taste and budget for best! 

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Many people in the country find it difficult to take a decision when confronted with quartzite and marble worktops. Don't worry if you are one of them. Here, we aim to explain certain differences between a marble and quartzite worktop in terms of their formation, durability, chemistry, viability, etc. Read on for more.

Difference Between Marble vs. Quartzite Worktops


Quartzite and marble are found in nature as metamorphic rocks. They are the result of numerous structural changes caused by pressure and heat. Marble has its origin in limestone or dolostone (dolomite mixed with limestone). Quartzite is formed from quartz sandstone wherein the grains of sandstone get fused together as a result of intense heat and pressure.

Chemical Composition

Marble is composed of a combination of calcite, which is a compound formed by calcium carbonate. Along with physical inclusions, certain chemical impurities get added to make the formula of marble complete. On the other hand, quartzite is formed from quartz sandstone, which is a sedimentary rock. While marble is a mineral, quartz is a stone found in its natural state. The basic chemical formula of quartz is SiO2 (silicon dioxide). It is common for a quartzite worktop to contain chemical and physical impurities like marble workstations.


Marble cannot be broken down into layers and is a non-foliated metamorphic rock. In its purest form, marble is white in colour or you can say white marble worktop. As marble comprises of weak and breakable chemical bonds, it is vulnerable to acid attacks. Very easy to polish and carve, marble is a popular choice for modern-day worktops in residential and commercial spaces. On the other hand, quartzite presents a tough surface and is highly resistant to mechanical as well as chemical weathering. Another distinctive feature of fused quartz in quartzite is that it is capable of breaking along the lines of quartz grains under pressure. This is not the case with quartz present in regular sandstones.


Quartzite worktops are useful as a construction material. It is used for building roof tiles, flooring material, steps, walling materials, and so forth. The purer quartzite forms are used for the building of ferrosilicon, silica sand, and silicon carbide. While marble is also useful for constructing buildings, it is desired for the construction of table tops, floor tiles, countertops, work stations, etc. Since time immemorial, marble has been used for the construction of monuments and sculpture, with white marble being the most significant of the lot.

Where are the stones found?

Marble is mainly attributed to Italy, Turkey, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Spain, China, Tyrol, Austria, Argentina, Mexico, Afghanistan, the United States, Canada, Norway, etc. Quartzite is found in the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Pakistan, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Canada, USA, etc.

Way Forward

The above differences between quartzite and marble will help you freeze your purchase on the best worktop for your home, shop, office or other commercial establishments. You may want to check out different types of worktops in marble and quartzite before deciding on one.

When you stay at your home with your family, you can never realise what all it takes to convert a house into a home. With all those availabilities, and luxuries around you, you can never be aware of the fact of how these things were brought to your home.

It is all understood when you leave your home, and relocate to another city or another country. Getting a job is not that difficult, but the challenge these days is to find a liveable place for lease.

Sometimes you get a place that might be in a good locality, but not well constructed. At times all the things are acceptable, but it is not furnished, and you have to spend your time and money providing your home.

Well, if you are in search of a home in the US, you have the best solution for you, such as edgeon4.com.

How is edgeon4.com helpful in your house hunt?

Once you visit edgeon4.com, you would realise that it is the one-stop solution for your search for a home in an entirely unknown place.

You can easily find the well-furnished homes for the families, and bachelors. No matter if you are looking for a Single bedroom plan, two-bedroom floor plan, or looking for a three-bedroom set, you can find it all at a place.

Now, searching for the home of your need with the edge on 4 is as easy as ordering a pizza. You just have to visit the official website, look for the different floor plans available, check for the most suitable method for you, and look for the availability.

No more roaming from one street to another or searching the brokers who can help you find a suitable place for living. You can finalise your home as comfortable as ordering a pizza.

Just decide the requirement of space, and you can get complete assistance from the customer care. They will help you with scheduling your visit to the place, and you can finalise your stay after you are satisfied.

With edgeon4.com, you can get a place to live that is ready to move. You have to pack your bags of clothes and enjoy carefree living. If you want to live with your friends, colleagues or your family, this place is for you.

You will not have to face those quirky landlords who object on every small thing, who wish you to avail permission before doing anything.

Here, finalising your home, you not only get a fully furnished apartment but liberty accompanied. You can live as per your convenience with no restrictions.

All you have to make sure that you handle back home in the same condition, it was at the time of rent without any damage. For damages, the tenant either have to repair the things or have to pay for it. Unless until you do not involve any wear and tear or disturb the people living on other floors, you are not bound to anything.

You can feel at home. You can come as per your preference, and also leave home in case you have to relocate due to any circumstances. There is no lock-in period. Everything is planned as per the convenience of the tenants.

What All You Get With a Home Booked With edgeon4.com?

The priority of Edge on 4 is to offer complete comfort and satisfaction for living to the user. So, before discussing what the offerings are from edgeon4.com, the primary thing is what your expectation for a luxurious living is?

So, all of us might answer unanimously:

  • A well-furnished bedroom, with a comfortable bed and colossal storage space
  • A furnished kitchen to allow you to cook, clean, and eat comfortably
  • Clean, tidy, and well-built washrooms
  • Balconies to allow you to sip coffee amidst nature early in the morning

Well, you get it all. Apart from that, the location is centrally situated from where you can easily find public transport to reach your workplace. You have to walk no far to get the daily utilities for your home, as the market is within walking distance.

If you are in the mood for a party after work, then you will not have to travel far, everything is close to your home.

The location is chosen very wisely to maintain the work-life balance. The best part of these apartments is that in spite of offering all the comfort, it is available in an affordable range.

Final Words:

Edgeon4.com is an initiation to offer comfort to national and international relocators who struggle to find the right place for living. If you do not have the proper place for life, your personal and professional life both gets affected. So, stop your hassle, you can find the best home for lease sitting right from your home. 

Do you want to paint your home? Do you love the environment? Do want nature essence in your home and want to explore new paints that are natural as well as eco-friendly? This is for you!! This new type of paint will mock you with its healthy aroma and properties that eliminate germs from your home. These are the new category of paints that are invented to give a natural feeling with sanitising feature.

Benefits of eco-friendly paints are as follows:

• Very low VOC content that are volatile organic compounds harmful to humans. These paints are very less toxic in nature.

• These have a beautiful aroma. These absorb the foul smell and contain a good smell that gives a fresh feeling.

• These have a very lower health risk for members of family and for your health too.

• These are made up of biodegradable or natural materials which do not pollute the environment in any manner at all.

• Its production is also very economical and very much pollution-free.

• It is very much cost-efficient.

• It does not harm in any manner and also are very good for walls.

• Bio shield paints are very helpful if you want your home germ free. These paints have a coating that acts like a shield to germs.

• For each litre of oil-based or synthetic based paint it almost Creates 30 litres of toxic. So for the sake of environment choose eco-friendly paints.

These are the things you should check to ensure natural and good quality paints:

• Check the VOC levels of the paint. Lesser the VOC level better it is. Most of the VOCs are carcinogens and harm the human body and also they are linked to serious health problems like cancer.

• Milk paints are known as eco-friendly paints as these do not contain VOC. Other name for these is green paints.

• If you are purchasing paints with high VOC level it can release fumes that can harm your health.

• Wait for 2-3 days before moving in your home so that all the fumes are eliminated from the home.

• It should have very low odour.

Now read this following guide to give a touch of nature to your home with these paints:

• Choose a contractor who deals with natural paint and also love to contribute towards the environment. If you will discuss your needs he will definitely help you out.

• Choose a reputable and trustworthy contractor to have the best possible result of your plan for painting your home in new colours.

• Use green paint in your kitchen.

• Don’t care about the colours just check from the shades of colours from the book of a contractor to select colour very wisely.

• Instead of varnishing, polishing of furniture, you can use these eco-friendly paints to any surface and can give it a new look.

• Purchase paints of a good company to ensure its content and its natural essence.

Commercial painting contractors suggest that eco-friendly paints are the best for commercial spaces and hence must be chosen.

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