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5 Awesome Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development

The massive demand for mobile apps has put pressure on mobile app development companies to build the app as quickly as possible. However, a mobile app development company can do little to build the app in short time, as there are multiple factors that need to be taken care of such as device compatibility and technology stack.

But recently, technology companies have tried to address this demand by building advanced mobile app development frameworks that allow the development of mobile apps, while focusing on device compatibility. It is beneficial for both the mobile app development companies with respect to reduced development time and for businesses considering the cost factor.

Building apps for multiple mobile platforms is called hybrid app development whereas building app for dedicated mobile platform such as Android or iOS is called native app development.

Although, hybrid app development is getting a lot of popularity these days, as top tech companies have invested in building frameworks for creating hybrid apps. Some of the top hybrid app development frameworks are React Native by Facebook, Xamarin by Microsoft, and PhoneGap by Adobe.

Yet many business leaders still prefer native app development. Here are the 5 key benefits of native mobile app development that will help you know why it is the preferred choice of mobile app owners.

Key Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

Demonstrate High Performance on the Dedicated Platform 

As the native app is optimized for the dedicated platform, it demonstrates outstanding performance on the platform for which it is built. This is because native apps are compiled using the core programming language and API of the mobile device and thus able to use the capabilities of the device features properly.

Results in Secure and Well-tested Software

Usually hybrid apps are written in frameworks. These frameworks are frequently updated and if a mobile app development company is not using an updated framework, it could result in security lapse. Native apps do not depend on the third-party frameworks, as for the development, official APIs are used across different system version.

Less Restriction of Scaling

App can use all the features of the platform, as there is no such issue for device dependencies. Every native app development project is unique and can freely use the features of the mobile device. This is not possible with the cross-platform development. Although many companies start their app development project natively and then move towards additional cross-platform coding.

Access to Larger Talent-base

Most of the programmers are dedicated to native app development projects. They are comfortable working either Android or iOS systems and with their specialized knowledge in a specific platform are capable of resolving technical, UI, and UX solutions. Due to this, it is easier to access larger talent base for native app development project.

Higher Stability

Dedicated platform apps are more stable than hybrid apps with respect to development and maintenance. Testing the native apps are much more convenient. And since there are fewer dependencies of bugs during native app development, native apps are stable. Also, application shortcuts and new APIs can be easily implemented as soon as they are released, provided your custom mobile app development company offers consistent support.


Even through cross-platform apps are quick to build, many companies still prefer native app development. In addition, most of the software development companies have the resources to develop native apps. Therefore choosing native app development might seem the best decision. 

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