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Strategies To Follow To Take Up Advanced Nursing Practice

There is a distinct need for the modern day nurses to know about the health of the population as well as the new health technologies that can be applied for a faster, better, creative and more cost-effective solution.

In this age of uncertainty which is characterized by intense changes as well as a complex resizing that has affected the economic, political, social, cultural as well as the environmental scenarios. This has had a notable impact on all aspects of life.

• This has not only affected society in general but has particularly affected the lives of the people at large.

• These changes have also affected other areas of knowledge. It has broadened the communication mechanisms with technological advances and its use in the socio-cultural network.

• This approach has changed the way of understanding as well as the perception of this contemporary world dramatically.

• This new setting has created new challenges and thereby people are continuously searching for innovative ways to think and grasp the changes.

All these changes imply that there is a necessity to guarantee proper training of highly qualified human resources. This will help in a great way to:

• Construct and build knowledge through a democratic process

• Work in a highly committed and ethical environment

• Build humanist as well as egalitarian values and

• To create a more supportive and more constructive organizational environment.

All this can only be possible when there are a useful and productive partnership and collaboration both at the internal and external level. These necessities are vital to achieving the development goals of this millennium especially when it comes to health education.

Overcome the challenges

The partnership and collaboration will help in seeking the ways to overcome the challenges of qualification of the human resources in health. This will expand access to qualified health professionals in the health systems that are typically based on primary health. This highlights the significance of the performance of all advanced practice nurses and anchoring health systems.

It is true that many countries are highly committed to providing proper training to the nurses so that they can provide advanced practice nursing but it is also true that it is still necessary to expand the training strategies of such nurses so that they gain the most desired expertise in these areas of critical issues.

Advanced nursing practice is a popular and most sought after career in the health care industry. If you are thinking on the lines of taking it up and making big in this field then you will need to follow specific and productive strategies. You will not only need to build your knowledge but will also need to train yourself adequately for it.

Understanding the global trend

It is required that you first understand the global trend and the concept of the International Council of Nurses, ICN regarding advanced nursing practice.

Ideally, it requires all nurses to include skill, expertise, and decision making ability in their Advance Nursing Practices so that they can deal with the complex situations in varied scenarios of practice.

ICN says that the nurses need to extend their knowledge in several other fields as well such as:

• Family health care

• Individual adult care

• Primary care

• Specialized clinics

• Women in labor

• Anesthesia

• Community health

• Women's health

• Pediatrics

• Emergency

• Gerontology as well as

• The people who are in need of acute care.

Therefore, modern and advanced nursing education involves much more than the basics that involved following the doctor’s prescription and giving the medicines to the patients on time or simply passing on the knife and scalpel top the doctor during a surgical process.

You will now need to prepare for education at an advanced level that will involve much more than the knowledge of the KYLÉ CBD uses and effects. You will need formal recognition of the educational programs that offer specific courses with a specific objective and clearly defined content that is aimed at the advanced practice that may be accredited by the competent organizations.

Strategies to look out for

Therefore, you will have to look out for specific strategies that are adopted by different educational institutions. Look out for those that:

• Provide a broader approach of the content

• Covers critical areas

• Provides advanced practice in public health

• Add advanced nursing in social and behavioral science

• Training that is more focused on population

• Offer better theoretical models of nursing and

• Have an interdisciplinary team.

Also look at the course content that should be comprehensive and exhaustive teaching different areas such as:

• Leadership

• Epidemiology

• Environmental health

• Systematic thinking

• Biostatistics

• Health policy and management

• Health communication

• Cultural competence

• Health informatics

• Genomics

• Global health as well as

• Politics, law, and ethics in public health.

This means you should choose a course that is based on more robust evidence in public health and nursing. Such a wide and diverse knowledge and training will prepare you to establish your expertise, lead the interdisciplinary teams, and provide creative solutions that are effective as well as the low cost to the population.

You must know that as a nurse when you acquire competence and knowledge in these specific areas of critical content, you will be able to meet the challenges of today’s emerging health that are rapidly changing with the social structures. There is a distinct need for the modern day nurses to know about the health of the population as well as the new health technologies that can be applied for a faster, better, creative and more cost-effective solution.

Your benefit

Now, how can you benefit with such intensive training and knowledge of advanced practice nursing strategies in your professional practice? Well, there are several benefits and it all depends on the numerous situations.

• Assuming that you are working on a program of foot ulcers in a diabetes mellitus patient, you can ensure that there is a significant sign of improvement in a few health indicators such as decreasing the number of amputations, health cost, and hospitalization or

• If you are sharing the responsibility of monitoring pregnant women you can show your skill to reduce the number of needless cesareans.

There are lost of such examples that can be given to show how important advanced nursing practice is in this modern health care system that involves a lot more than just prescribing medicines for patients. 

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