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Outfits that are Perfect for a Winter Bride

I had my wedding in winters and I was confused about the outfit

This cool breeze feels so good and gives extremely good vibes for your winter marriage. Don't you feel you have a wedding like this where you can enjoy the wedding ceremonies indoor and outdoors? The night functions can be held in indoors and the afternoon ceremonies can be held outside.

Moving from wedding functions to what to wear on these is again a critical thing. You have to select an outfit in which you feel comfortable during your winter wedding. The woolen clothes does not look good on you as a bride, thus, you need to think some other outfits to wear in all of your wedding ceremonies. I had my wedding in winters and I was confused about the outfit, so, I have decided to use the shaadi appshaadi app. The team helped me out to choose an outfit that was perfect for me.

Inspired by those outfits, I have listed down some of the awesome collection for you-


For your pre-wedding ceremonies, you can use a jacket over your designer kurta. You can select the color combination as per your likings. You can either choose a plain jacket over a designer kurta with a contrast color or you can choose a designer jacket on a plain kurta. 



Layered Dupatta

At your wedding, you have to look glamorous, stylish and sweet at a time. For this, you can use a layered dupatta or a pashmina that will keep you warm during the wedding. Layered dupatta is in trend these days and looks stylish also.



Velvet Choli

For winters, velvet choli is good for you as a bride so that you cannot feel much cold. You can ask your tailor to design a stylish, floral designed choli for your wedding day. You can make it as full sleeves with round neck to protect yourself from cold. You can use shaadishaadi application with which you can manage the outfit arrangements for all your guests.



Whatever the season is, a bride always finds smart ways to dress up in a way no one else can. Using these winter bridal outfits ideas, you can look at your best n your D-day.

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