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How to Develop An Effective Messaging App: 4 Features to Consider

These are a few ideal features of an effective messaging app that make your app a successful one.

Messaging apps are growing with a great speed and getting popular among the people of every age group. No one can deny that these apps have transformed the way we communicate with one another beyond calling. More and more web development companies are getting developed to bring more innovation to these apps.

In 2016, approx 1.58 billion mobile phone users used over-the-top messaging apps to communicate with others and this figure is expected to grow to 2.48 billion users by 2021. The great example of these apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger that have become more popular than social media websites now.



But, the increasing number of these apps creates a great trouble for the startups because these messaging giants have already covered a huge market and it becomes extremely tough for the new apps to make their place. In such scenario being a startup, you need to make your app really attractive that quickly creates users interests. Here are the 4 features you can consider in your app.

Check out which features do your customers need?

Before developing a messaging app you must check what are the trending features that need to be integrated with that. Here is a list of some features:

Registration Page Integration

Its very important for an effective messaging app to authenticate its users’ details hence a registration page is a must have for all the chatting apps. Authentication can be done through several different methods via the phone number, email, and social media. Don’t forget to include social media because a maximum number of customers use their social accounts to sign in.

Contact Integration

Contact section is a place where users can import their contacts from the address book. This is the second most important feature your customers will look for in your app after registration and setting up their profiles. You will have to make sure that the import process is quick and easy. The contacts users import from their address book gives you a chance to invite more users by sending notifications to them.

Profile Customization

By providing a profile customization feature, you can give another great reason to the users to stay at your app. This feature helps the users set their profile look as per their interests. They can customize everything from the color theme, background design, font, and name. Don’t forget to allow users to view the status and last seen time of the other contacts while allowing them to see who all are online and who is typing a message to the users.

Video and Voice Calls

The full stack web development services are in demand because videos calling is trending. The video and voice call feature can give your users more interactive ways to communicate with one another for free. To use this feature, users just need a good Internet and network.

You can also make your messaging app more than a chatting app by integrating this amazing feature to it. Don’t forget to enable group call feature while integrating voice and video call feature. It will create more engagement within your app and will help you get more traffic instantly.


These are a few ideal features of an effective messaging app that make your app a successful one. By integrating these features into your texting app, you can easily win over your competitors and earn more profit.

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